When it gets colder, it’s important to dress your yorkie in a coat or sweater, and it’s not just for Instagram likes. Yorkies are particularly susceptible to cold weather due to their short hair and small size. Additionally, their snouts are too short to heat up the air they breathe in. Therefore, it’s essential to have a coat or sweater for your yorkie. We have curated a collection of stylish designs that are well-suited for yorkies. Make sure to consult our measurement guide for yorkies to ensure you find the perfect fit.

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100usd Dog Hoodie


A Barking Pup Camo Dog Windbreaker


B.A.T.N. Dog Windbreaker

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Christmas Yorkie Jacket Coat

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Diordog Windbeaker

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Dog Designer Yorkie GG Vest Hoodie

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Pawcci Red Logo Sweater


Reflective Safety Yorkie Raincoat

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The Dog Face Windbreaker


Transparent Waterproof Dog Raincoat


Yorkie Coats: Stylish Protection for Your Beloved Yorkie

When the weather takes a turn, Yorkies need more than just a quick dash outside. Ensure your precious Yorkshire Terrier stays warm, dry, and fashionable with our exceptional collection of coats designed specifically for Yorkies. At Yorkies Gram, we understand the unique needs of these petite pups, and our selection of Yorkie coats, including raincoats and waterproof options, is here to provide the ultimate blend of style and protection.

Why Choose Yorkie Coats?

1. Are Yorkie Coats Essential for Your Pup?
- Absolutely! Yorkies have short hair, which leaves them vulnerable to the cold and rain. Our Yorkie coats provide the insulation and waterproofing necessary to keep your pup comfortable in all conditions.

2. What Makes Our Collection Stand Out?
- Tailored for Yorkies: Our coats are meticulously designed with the unique proportions of Yorkshire Terriers in mind, ensuring a snug fit that prioritizes both style and functionality.

Discover the Must-Have Yorkie Coats

Explore our carefully curated selection of Yorkie coats at Yorkies Gram, and keep your furry friend cozy and dry in any weather. Here are some recommendations to consider:

1. Chewy V Designer Dog Coat – Brown: This stylish coat offers both warmth and flair. Its chic design ensures your Yorkie stands out on every walk while staying snug.

2. PetLuxLV Double-Sided Coat Vest: Versatility meets functionality with this reversible coat. Your Yorkie can enjoy two distinct looks and stay protected from the elements.

Don't let the weather dampen your Yorkie's spirit. Elevate their outdoor experience with Yorkies Gram's exclusive Yorkie coats, including raincoats and waterproof options. Each coat is a testament to the perfect fusion of style and protection, ensuring your beloved pup is always comfortable and fashion-forward.