Putting a coat or sweater on your yorkie during colder days is not a matter of collecting likes on Instagram – this dog breed really needs it. Yorkies are very sensitive to cold weather, as they have short hair and they’re small. Also, their snouts are too short to warm up the air they breathe in. So, having a coat or sweater for your yorkie is a must! We have selected the most beautiful designs that fit the yorkie’s body. Be sure to check our guide to measuring your Yorkie – this will ensure that you choose the perfect fit!

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PetLuxLV Double-Sided Coat Vest


Furdi Dog Sweater


Yorkshire Terrier Wool Sweater


Khaki Dog Designer GG Sweater


Pawcci Red Logo Sweater


100usd Dog Hoodie


 Chewy V Designer Dog Coat – Beige


Beige Dog Designer GG Sweater

When it comes to Yorkies, putting on a coat or sweater during colder days is more than just an Instagram-worthy fashion statement—it's a necessity. These adorable dogs are highly sensitive to cold weather due to their short hair and small size. Additionally, their snouts are too short to effectively warm up the air they breathe in. That's why it's crucial to prioritize their well-being by providing them with the warmth and protection they need. Explore our collection of cozy Yorkie sweaters and ensure your furry friend stays comfortable and safe in chilly temperatures.