A collar for Yorkies is like a wallet for humans – every Yorkie should have its ID present at all times. Every collar typically includes an ID tag, a license, vaccination records, and a name tag. And of course, you can easily attach a leash to it. Yorkie collars have been tested and approved by our own Yorkie test pilots – and they all landed without any issues! 😎

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Flowers Yorkshire Terrier collar


Furberry Yorkie Leash and Bowtie Collar


No-Pull Yorkie Harness & Collar


Pearl & Leather Yorkie Collar


Personalized Yorkie Collar

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Personalized Yorkie ID Tag


Teddy Dream Yorkie Collar


Yorkie Collar with Diamond Zircon


How to choose the right collar for a Yorkie?

When selecting a collar for a Yorkie, it is important to opt for a comfortable fit that does not constrict their delicate neck. Since Yorkies are often more suited for harnesses due to their small and compact bodies, a Yorkie collars can serve as a means to provide essential information about your furry companion.

However, if your Yorkie is already well-trained and walks obediently by your side, a collar can be used for attaching a leash. While harnesses are more commonly used to prevent pulling, a collar can be suitable for a well-behaved Yorkie.

Additionally, durability is a key factor to consider. The Yorkies collar should be constructed from sturdy materials that can withstand your dog's playfulness and various activities.