Yorkie Sweaters: Elevate Your Pup’s Winter Wardrobe

When the chilly winds start to blow, it’s time to cozy up your beloved Yorkshire Terrier in style with our exquisite collection of Yorkie sweaters. At Yorkies Gram, we understand that these petite pups need more than just warmth; they deserve a touch of elegance in their winter attire. Discover the world of Yorkie sweaters, where comfort, fashion, and practicality meet harmoniously.

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Beige Dog Designer GG Sweater

Original price was: $57.Current price is: $39.

Designer Yorkie GG Sweater


Diordog Sweater

Original price was: $57.Current price is: $44.

Dogior Dog Sweater

Original price was: $57.Current price is: $42.

Fancy Dog Pucci GG Sweater

Original price was: $57.Current price is: $39.

Fur Baby Coffee Dog Sweater

Original price was: $57.Current price is: $39.

Furdi Dog Sweater

Original price was: $53.Current price is: $43.

Khaki Dog Designer GG Sweater


Pawcci Multicolor Striped Small Dog Sweater


Soft Holiday Yorkie Sweater


Soft Yorkie Sweater


Warm Christmas Yorkie Sweater


Why Choose Yorkie Sweaters?

Are Yorkie Sweaters Essential for Winter?
Absolutely! Yorkies have short hair, which makes them susceptible to the cold. Our Yorkie sweaters provide the extra warmth and insulation your pup needs during colder months.

What Sets Our Collection Apart?
Tailored for Yorkies: Our sweaters are specially designed for Yorkshire Terriers, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances both style and functionality.

Discover the Perfect Yorkie Sweater

Explore our handpicked selection of Yorkie sweaters at Yorkies Gram and make a statement with your pup's winter wardrobe. As a recommendation, consider the following must-have Yorkie sweaters:

1. Fur Baby Coffee Dog Sweater: Perfect for adding a touch of charm to your Yorkie's attire, this sweater combines style and warmth effortlessly.

2. Diordog Sweater: Elevate your pup's fashion game with this elegant sweater, ensuring your Yorkie stands out in any winter gathering.

3. Yorkshire Terrier Wool Sweater: Crafted from high-quality wool, this sweater is designed to provide optimum warmth and comfort for your furry friend.

Don't let your Yorkie shiver in the cold. Elevate their winter wardrobe with Yorkies Gram's specially curated Yorkie sweaters, where every piece is a celebration of warmth, fashion, and your affection for your beloved pet.

A Touch of Elegance for Your Yorkie

When it comes to keeping your Yorkie warm and stylish, our Yorkie sweaters are second to none. These charming garments not only provide essential insulation during colder months but also make your furry friend a fashion sensation. Each sweater in our collection is designed with utmost care, ensuring it not only fits your Yorkie perfectly but also showcases their unique personality. Choose from an array of colors, patterns, and materials to match your pup's style, and make winter walks and cozy evenings by the fire more delightful than ever.

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