A wild shirt on your Yorkie adds an extra layer of laid-back, summer coolness to your already uber-cool dog, how cool is that?! Just look at these beautiful yorkie shirts and t-shirts… these designs instantly make passers-by notice and smile – whenever you go out with your yorkshire terrier.

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British Plaid Yorkie Shirt

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Cotton Dog T-Shirt for Yorkies


Pawchino Terrier Tee Collection


Pawenciaga Black Designer Dog T-Shirt

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Pawenciaga Premium Dog Shirt

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Summer Cooling Yorkie Vest


Yorkie Summer Casual T-shirt


Yorkie Summer Cool Dog Vest


Yorkies Gram® Hawaiian Shirts


Yorkshire Terrier Denim Shirt


Yorkie Tees and Shirts: Where Style Meets Comfort and Functionality

Are you ready to elevate your Yorkie's fashion quotient while ensuring their well-being? At Yorkies Gram, we introduce you to our exclusive line of Yorkie t-shirts and shirts, where style marries practicality. These chic clothing pieces not only add a layer of relaxed sophistication to your furry companion but also address the essential need for warmth, especially due to their short-haired coats. Let's delve deeper into the world of Yorkie tees and shirts, where every piece combines flair and functionality seamlessly.

Why Prioritize Yorkie Tees and Shirts?

1. Are Yorkie Tees and Shirts Just About Fashion?
- Absolutely not. While they certainly boost your Yorkie's style, these garments are primarily designed to provide the extra warmth and comfort that Yorkies often require due to their shorter hair.

2. What Sets Our Collection Apart?
-  Tailored Perfection: Our Yorkie tees and shirts are exclusively designed to ensure a snug, comfortable fit, enhancing both style and functionality for your furry friend.

Explore Our Fashion-Forward Yorkie Tees and Shirts Today.

Don't let your Yorkie compromise on comfort or style—opt for the perfect blend of both with our Yorkie tees and shirts. Watch your furry companion become the center of attention wherever you go. Step out confidently, knowing your Yorkie's unique charm is shining through their fashionable attire. Elevate your Yorkie's wardrobe with Yorkies Gram, where every piece seamlessly combines warmth, fashion, and practicality.