A harness will provide you with 100% control over your Yorkie. While a basic collar and leash may suffice for well-behaved dogs, a harness is highly recommended for more spirited and mischievous Yorkies. By using a Yorkie harness, you can prevent any potential harm to their delicate necks caused by pulling, as the harness evenly distributes the tension across their body. Not only does a harness discourage pulling, but it also ensures your Yorkie’s utmost comfort throughout their adventures.

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LV Small Dog Yorkie Harness + Leash Set


Breathable Mesh Yorkie Harness


Yorkie Vest Harness and Leash Set


Hearts Play Harness + Leash


Fashion Adjustable GG Harness + Leash


Pawcci Designer Harness With Leash Set – Pink


Five Star Harness With Leash Set


Pink Unicorn NicNic Harness


Blue Unicorn NicNic Harness


Should I choose a soft padded, mesh, or nylon harness?

If you are looking for the most comfortable and versatile harness option, the Pawcci harness is your best bet. It offers a luxurious softness and coziness while maintaining firmness and durability.

Our best-selling soft-padded harness has received rave reviews from our customers, which you can read below the product. What's more, it comes at a great price!

During the summer months, a lighter mesh Yorkie harness is recommended to prevent your Yorkie from overheating.

We suggest checking out the Yorkie Vest Harness, which offers 10 different designs to choose from.

Why is a harness the best choice for a Yorkie?

Opting for a harness helps to alleviate pressure from their necks and redistributes the weight across a wider body surface, reducing the risk of spine and neck injuries. Additionally, a harness allows your Yorkie harness to move freely and comfortably.