The Yorkshire terriers are the kind of dogs that require much grooming and care, however, thanks to their affectionate personality, these cute little furry friends are rather dear to cuddle, groom, brush, and even bathe.

The Yorkie’s silky-soft coat tends to get dirty more often than you think and it requires a lot of care and attention. 

Most dogs’ fur consists of thick, coarse, and short strands, however, Yorkie’s coat is rather different, made of fine, silky hair that is longer than average dog fur. This hair grows at the same rate throughout the year, and as a result, Yorkies don’t have the same growth and shedding cycles like other dogs. It is more similar to those of humans. If their fur coat is neglected, Yorkie’s can develop a ton of skin and hair problems, including allergies, tangles, and others. 

Nevertheless, there are simple ways to prevent these problems, and some of those are grooming and bathing.

How Often Should You Bathe a Yorkie?

All Yorkies are individual and you will need to analyze the situation and the needs of your dog to determine how often you should bathe your pet. However, with their silky coat that ends just an inch or less above the ground, your pet will need a bath at least twice a month, though it can also be bathed every week or every three weeks

However, be aware that dogs need time to replenish natural oils in between the baths and keep their skin and coat healthy, shiny, and soft. If bathed too often, shampoo can dry out Yorkie’s skin, which will further lead to skin allergies. 

If you notice your dog itching too much and developing dry patches or even dandruff on the current bathing schedule, then try reducing baths and the most beneficial approach is to perform bathing on a need basis once your dog gets dirty.

What If You Bathe Your Yorkie Too much?

You might fall in love with bathing your Yorkie and perform it too often. However, it isn’t always good and it can be counterproductive at times. A few things can happen when your Yorkie spends too much time under running water and with shampoo all over its tiny body.

1. One thing that can happen is that your pet gets itchy skin over excessive use of shampoo. The shampoo can strip your dog off the natural oil on their skin, which is needed for healthy skin and coat.

2. The second thing that can happen is that if you shrub too much while bathing, it can weaken the silky and shiny coat of your pet, reducing its strength.

What If You Don’t Bathe Yorkie

Not bathing your Yorkie regularly can also cause some serious problems.

1. First, your Yorkie can develop a poop-like odor or even worse as the excessive dirt and sweat on skin combine to create a new aroma, and no one would like that to happen.

2. The second thing, if not treated with water and shampoo, your pet might begin to sweat more, and dirt that stays on the coat will make your dog dirtier faster than ever before.

Bathing Supplies

Before starting a bathing process, you will need several items that will help Yorkie receive a proper bath.


The first thing you will need is the comb to properly remove all the tangles that have happened since the last grooming. Be sure to separate out the hair before the baths and after the bath as well.


The next thing you need is the brush to get deeper into the Yorkie’s coat and remove all the invisible tangles, but also to smooth the coat and remove the loose hair that is stuck in the coat.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Don’t ever use human shampoo on your Yorkie as the dogs have different pH hair and skin level than the humans and it will dry out the skin and make your Yorkie rather itchy. Be sure to use a non-toxic shampoo and conditioner with a pH level of 6.5 to 7.5.

Leave-in Spray

Their silky hair and sensitive skin need some effort from the owner to maintain its high quality, and one of the most important things is the proper leave-in spray. It benefits the coat and skin in many ways, so don’t be shy about using it.

Scissors or Clippers

Another thing that you might need are scissors or clippers, but only if you plan on trim down your dog’s face and sanitary areas following the bath.

Hair Catcher for Drain

Last but not least, you will need a hair catcher to keep all the hair in one place that falls off from your dog. You don’t want your sink and pipes clogged.

Bathing Process

Bathing a Yorkie is not an ordeal but a fun and amusing experience in which both your pet and you can enjoy. It is rather simple and you won’t have any major problems if you follow these instructions.

Step 1.

Before putting your pet into a bathtub, be sure to brush out your dog completely. Remove all the tangles and snarls, which will ease out the bathing process and ensure that the hairs are separated for a more thorough cleaning. It is very important to remove all the tangles since if bathed with tangled hair your Yorkie is in danger of developing tight knots which can later be tough to remove.

Step 2.

Next, place cotton balls inside the ears of your pet as you don’t want your pet’s ears filled with water. This can only increase the chance of an ear infection, and you don’t want that.

Step 3.

Put your dog into the tub or sink and before you shower them with water, make sure the water is at the right temperature. It should be warm enough but not too hot, and even a bit colder water than regular can be used if your dog has skin problems as you don’t want further inflammation. To wash the dog’s feet, pour some shampoo into the tub or sink and spray water over it and wait for foam and rub the dog’s feet with it.

Step 4.

Spray your dog over with water and try to be as gentle as you can and apply dog shampoo after wetting your Yorkie. Run your fingers from his head to back using firm downward strokes and try not to wash up and down, since this will tangle up its coat. Make sure all the water is drained before you start the rinse process and read on the back of the shampoo label whether it needs to sit or not. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the shampoo off your dog as you don’t want any shampoo left on its coat and skin since it can cause dry skin and itching. Talk to your dog through this as they are mostly not fans of having hot water splashed all over their tiny bodies.

Step 5.

After you have rinsed away all the shampoo, it is time to apply the conditioner. Spread the oil-based crème conditioner all over your pet’s hair, which helps moisturize the skin and hair, while also preventing future tangles. Now, rinse that away as well.

Step 6.

It is time again to comb out your dog’s coat as it will free him from all the tangles that might have occurred during the shampooing. This will also help stimulate the skin and those natural oils flowing once again following a good bath.

Step 7.

Now it is time to dry your puppy. Use the towel first and gently rub its body until your dog becomes mostly dry. Now, while its hair is still mildly wet, spray the leave in conditioner and comb it through rather gently. You can now use the blow dryer to dry out your puppy or leave them in a warm environment to air dry.

Step 8.

Once you have completed the bathing process, you can now trim down the fast-growing hair on problematic areas, around eyes, on the back and tail, but also around ears. A gentle and firm grip should do the trick so that your dog keeps its head very still. Don’t make any sudden moves and be sure to always clip the hair in the growth direction. If you trim it the other way around you risk forming bald spots on your sweet pet.

Step 9.

Now, once the trimming is done, and your dog completely dry, it is time to comb and brush its fur once again. Prone to tangling and knotting, it is important that you use careful and gentle moves when combing the fur to give it back that silky smooth look and feel.

Keeping Yorkie Fresh Between Baths

Yorkies are fierce little animals and love running and exploring around the area, which gets them into a few troubles. This can get them all sweaty and dirty. So, how to keep it looking fresh between baths. 

There are a few ways for Yorkies to retain a fresh look, and one of them is dry shampoos, which allow you to shampoo your dog without making a big fuss. Another way is the leave-in conditioner, as when applied to Yorkie’s fur, it gives it back its smooth look and a nice smell. It’s also highly recommended to use a sleek comb in order to keep the fur shiny and fresh.