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Why Do Yorkies Bark a Lot, and How to Stop Yorkshire From Barking?

If you’re thinking about getting a Yorkie, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. Do Yorkies shed? Are they high-maintenance? Will a Yorkshire terrier get along with my other dog? Do Yorkies bark a lot?

To answer your last question, Yorkies do have a reputation of being bark-prone, loud dogs. Although quite petite, Yorkshire terriers are filled with energy and curiosity, so you’ll probably find them barking day and night. 

On top of that, their bark is especially high-pitched and attention-grabbing. Likewise, Yorkies tend to bark when they’re excited and happy, as well as bored or annoyed, so they get carried away quite easily. But is their energetic personality the only reason why they bark so much? 

One of the biggest reasons for Yorkshires’ constant barking habits might be due to their body shape and ear positioning. Namely, the position of their ears makes their hearing razor-sharp, allowing them to hear even the tiniest disturbances around them clearly. 

Considering all that, it’s not surprising that Yorkies were once used as watchdogs and mice hunters in factories. Even now, these dogs are excellent guard dogs, as they will surely warn you if there is an intruder or if an unknown person is approaching you.

Although Yorkies bark with the best of intentions, their owners often wonder what they can do to make them bark less. So, let’s see which methods have proven to be the most effective when training Yorkshire terriers not to bark.

Helpful Strategies to Train Yorkies Not to Bark

First of all, you don’t want to train your Yorkie to stop barking completely. Not only is it almost impossible to accomplish that, but barking is how dogs express themselves. That is why it might be silly to ask, “Do Yorkies bark a lot?” since all dogs tend to bark.

However, it’s natural to want your dog to stop barking as much, but bear in mind — your patience will be tested, as making a Yorkie control its barking is a challenging task.

Still, you might be able to help them calm down when they are agitated or excited by teaching them some key commands. After all, training should be necessary with any breed, not only Yorkies, as this is the key to balancing a dog’s mood. 

Similarly, walking your dog and exercising with it will help it release the built-up energy. However, if your Yorkie keeps barking even when you come back from a walk, you might want to try some intelligence games at home. These dogs are quite bright, so they need to be stimulated when bored.

If there aren’t any significant results, your Yorkie might just be testing you. Like children, dogs can be manipulative when they want you to pay attention to them, so when your Yorkie is barking without an obvious reason, try to act like nothing is going on. And remember, there’s no reason to feel guilty if you are certain all of its basic needs have been met.

Also, avoid petting them or giving them treats when they’re barking just to calm them down, as you’ll only be fueling their bad habits. Instead, give them what they want when they’re calm.

do yorkies bark a lot

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Distinguish Your Yorkie’s Barks

As you might have already noticed, Yorkies have different barks depending on what they want to tell you. It’s essential to learn how to distinguish their barks so you can come to their aid. Take a look at some of the most common noises your Yorkie makes:

  • High-pitched barking — Yorkie probably wants your attention. Perhaps it wants to relieve itself or is in the mood for some playtime or a walk.
  • Low-tone barking — Your dog is most likely warning you about a possible threat. It might also be barking because of a new environment or unfamiliar animal sounds.
  • Low-tone growling — Yorkies use this noise to warn others to stay away from their territory. You might also hear them snap their teeth when they are growling.

Whining noises — If you hear your Yorkie whining, it’s probably in physical or emotional distress, so act fast.

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