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Biewer Yorkies: Top 7 Things To Know About Them

biewer yorkies

Biewer Yorkies, an adorable variant of the Yorkshire Terrier breed, attract people’s attention wherever they go thanks to their unique beauty and charm. The regular Yorkshire terrier has a plain black, blue or brown coat to display its prettiness but the Biewer Yorkies have an appealing tricolor furs. It incorporates black, white and tan in such a way that everything is perfect.

This abnormal coloration is not only a characteristic of this breed but also accentuates the view on their peculiar, smooth fur. Besides their appearance, Biewer Yorkies have a very active, joyful character and personality that brings joy to any family.

They epitomize the perfect blend between mischievous attitude and smart behaviour, setting them apart from other breeds within the Yorkie family. This is not only because of its being small but more so for its active character, it has been treasured as a dear friend and companion in homes from all around the world.

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The History of Biewer Yorkies and Their Journey to AKC Recognition

Biewer Yorkies are believed to have their origin from Germany in the 1980s, through a genetic mutation. At the center of this European heartland, on 20th November 1984, a Yorkshire Terrier couple belonging to Werner and Gertrud Biewer whelped an atypical but beautiful piebald puppy.

This unusual appearance, with white spots interspersed between the Yorkie standard colors, became the basis for the Biewer Yorkie breed. Biewer Yorkies were named after the people who discovered them and began to develop as an independent breed, gradually conquering hearts with an individual appearance and a delightful character.

In 2021, their success came when the American Kennel Club (AKC) fully recognized them, and this was a major milestone as it indicated their acceptance as an independent breed.

This AKC recognition not only confirmed their status as a distinct breed but also allowed Biewer Yorkies to get access to elite dog shows and events, which solidified their place in the world of canines. 

Distinguishing Between Standard and Biewer Yorkies: Key Differences

The differences between Standard Yorkies and Biewer Yorkies are not in their appearance only but also in lineage and breed standards. The traditional Yorkies, which are considered as the aristocrats among companion breeds due to their great historical background, are usually blue and tan. The signature coat of this cat is a long, silky and straight coat which often grows quite long so needs grooming on a regular basis. On the other hand, Biewer Yorkies come with a distinctive coat that is tricolored black, white and tan. This peculiar coloration is the most obvious visual variation that makes them standout at first sight.

The difference in their genes

Apart from their fur, the Biewer Yorkies have one more thing that separates them from the Standard Yorkie breed and it is their breed history. As Standard Yorkies have been known for more than a hundred years, Biewer Yorkie is a quite young dog breed that appeared in Germany only in the 1980s. The Biewer Yorkie was created when one of the litters of Standard Yorkies in history had a mutation in its gene, producing puppies with unusual white patterns but still appealing to the naked human eye.

Temperament of a standard Yorkie and Biewer Yorkies

In temperamental characteristics, both breeds have much in common intelligence, affectionate nature and high spirits. Nonetheless, some Biewer Yorkie fans argue that the overall character of a biewer can be a little more docile and relaxed compared to typical yorkies which are often spunky and bolh. 

Comparison of their size

In terms of size, both breeds are the same and do not usually get heavier than seven pounds although sometimes, Biewer Yorkie may seem a little bit smaller because of an optical illusion created by their unique colors.

Ultimately, although sharing the same ancestral origin, Biewer Yorkie is distinctive due to its tri-color coat, peculiar history of creation and perhaps some slightly different temperamental traits making it a unique and charming breed.

Owner Information: Registering Your Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and Ensuring Breed Authenticity

The question of whether to register or not to register a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is one that many pet owners have had to contemplate on. The need for registration is largely dependent on the source of the puppy. 

In the case of Biewer Yorkies that first came from Germany, it is a tradition to have them registered at an established dog club in the country. As an applicant, you will be given the registration and pedigree of the dog before acquisition.

Despite popular opinion, the International Biewer Club (IBC) of Germany is not the only official organization that registers Biewer Yorkies. Even though IBC is a recognizable body, an unregistered puppy with it does not necessarily lose its value.

In the situation of buying a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier puppy from an American breeder, it has to be registered with some reliable registry that is accepted in America. However, it is very important to get the papers of registration and pedigree before proceeding with the purchase. A reputable breeder will also give credible details of where the puppy came from and its parents, including the sire (father) and dam (mother).

It would be wise to register your Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. Registration guarantees that the breeding pair is recorded officially, and thus it becomes possible to trace back the lineage of the dog. It is all these generations of recorders that make the pedigree a compilation, which is considered a useful information resource regarding the dog’s ancestors. This is essential documentation for the breed’s future acceptance by groups such as American Kennel Club (AKC) and it helps to legitimize and advance this breed.

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Buyer Beware: Avoiding Unscrupulous Breeding Practices of Biewer Yorkies

Considering that Biewer Yorkies are a rare breed, the prospective owners need to be cautious with backyard breeders who want quick money. Others dishonestly mate two regular Yorkies or even mix a Yorkie with another breed such as Shih Tzu and Maltese then market the pups as Biewer Yorkies. These quick and poorly thought-out methods of breeding lead to dogs which are subpar.

In addition, a real Biewer terrier can only be obtained by the crossing of two parents that are both pure breeds. Among the most prominent features indicating that a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is genuine are the color of its coat, which is described by banded hairs and clear color panels across its body. This particular characteristic is important in determining a true Biewer that will help potential owners to continue searching for a genuine and pedigree line Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.

Possible Health Issues in Biewer Yorkies

Biewer Yorkshire Terriers, often referred to as rare Yorkies or rare Yorkshire Terriers, are generally a healthy breed but, like all dogs, they are prone to certain health issues. Here’s a list of common health concerns associated with this breed, each described in detail:

Teeth Issues in Yorkies:

This is a factor that puts Biewer Yorkies at risk of dental problems because their mouths are small. This often results in overcrowding of teeth and the inevitable development of periodontal disease. As far as dental health is concerned, regular dental check-ups and maintaining proper oral hygiene are essential for them.

Sensitive Digestion in Biewer Yorkies:

These Yorkshire Terriers also tend to have sensitive stomachs, which leaves them at risk for gastrointestinal problems. The most important factor is a balanced diet and not making sudden changes in their food as digestive systems are very delicate.

Patellar Luxation in Biewer Yorkies:

Patellar luxation is also a common problem in small breeds where the knee joint moves, particularly the kneecap that slides in and out of place leading to pain. This can vary from slight pain to total immobility, and this will necessitate an animal’s visit to a vet.

Hypoglycemia in Biewer Yorkies:

Hypoglycemia, especially in the newer Biewer Yorkies is a worry. This can be prevented by monitoring their diet and ensuring that they eat regular meals. Besides in Yorkies, hypoglycemia is also common in Chihuahuas and other small breeds.

Tracheal Collapse in Biewer Yorkies:

This breed can develop tracheal collapse, a condition where the rings of the trachea become weak and the airway becomes narrow which causes difficulty in breathing. This condition is treatable through the use of drugs and changes in lifestyle but will sometimes necessitate surgical operations if it is severe.

Portosystemic Shunt (PSS) in Biewer Yorkies:

PSS is a condition that bypasses blood flow to the liver and in Biewer Yorkshire Terriers. Signs may manifest through failure to thrive and neurologic abnormalities, and therapy can be surgical or dietary.

Every Biewer Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie owner needs to understand these potential health problems. Providing these adorable companions with regular veterinary check-ups and taking a proactive approach to their health will see them live longer and happier.

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The Guide To Buying Biewer Yorkies

Knowing where to find your Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is essential when it comes to bringing one into your home. Although finding breed-specific rescues could be a challenge due to the Biewer Terrier’s rareness, there are still reputable options available. Biewer Terriers sometimes find themselves in local shelters and Yorkshire Terrier breed specific rescues so one should not disregard them.

When you definitively decide that a puppy is something you want, the search for safe and considered breeder becomes a mission of top level priority. A good breeder’s commitment is to the health of the dogs and as such has no genetic problem and will be well-socialized. They conduct complete health screenings on their breeding stock and rear their pups in conducive environments. This kind of care leads to the production of puppies that are not only physically healthy but also well adapted, and can be good friends for anyone.

On the other hand, backyard breeders are motivated more by money and do not pay sufficient attention to such vital components of breeding as health testing or early socialization. The puppies that come from these environs are more likely to suffer health issues and behavioural complications. Thus, it is important to distinguish a responsible breeder from an irresponsible one.

Where To Find Biewer Yorkie Puppies For Sale?

If you want to purchase a Biewer Yorkie, there are many trustworthy sources available. A good starting point is the American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace. They offer adoption listings on Biewer Terrier puppies for sale from AKC-registered parents, thus guaranteeing a level of breeding and care.

The other alternative includes Greenfield Puppies website that has Biewer Terrier puppies. They provide information in terms of the temperament and other features characteristic to the breed that can be useful for those who are thinking about getting a dog from this breed.

Good Dog is a system that will allow you to find Biewer Terrier puppies from reputable breeders. They stress the fact that it is important to acquire well-socialized puppies from reliable sources.

Heartland Biewer Terriers is an independent breeder specializing in producing healthy and well-rounded Biewer Terriers adhering to the breed standard. They have been associated with Biewer Terrier breeding since 2010 and are dedicated to improving the breed.

Alternatively, you can find listings for Biewer Terrier puppies on the Lancaster Puppies website. They offer a wide range of listings and also have guides on how to take care of puppies and choose the right breed.

The Biewer Terrier Club of America has a list of different breeders in the United States with contacts and information about each breeder. This is a very good way to get a reputable breeder around you.

BiewerWorld.com presents some of the Biewer puppies available and provides information about every puppy, including status for travel and prices.

At Southern Star Yorkies, found in the West Georgia area, one can get top-quality Biewer and Yorkshire Terrier puppies. They are specialized in Biewers and Traditional Yorkshire Terriers champion line, the attention is paid to health and standards.

Although, every of these sources provides different opportunities and data for those who are considering to get a Biewer Yorkie, it is worthy to look through them in order to find the best puppy for your house.

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