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14 Facts About Yorkies You Should Know

Learning new facts is always fun, especially when the subjects of the lesson are adorable balls of fur. Whether you are already the owner of a lovable Yorkshire Terrier or you are still thinking about getting one, these facts about Yorkies will be helpful to you. 

The basic care for all dog breeds is the same: feed them, give them a place to sleep, groom them regularly based on their needs, ensure their exercise, and give them plenty of love. However, when it comes to, let’s say more special breeds, like Yorkies, extra bullet points should be added to that list. 

Small breeds like Yorkies, pugs, English bulldogs, etc., require more attention in order to live a healthy life, but learning some meaningful facts about them is the first step in the right direction.

Facts About Yorkies

When it comes to Yorkies, you cannot just “let them be”. This is a breed that cannot survive on its own, even if you ensure their food supply. Yorkshire Terriers need constant attention, love, and lots of training. On top of this, they are also prone to medical issues, and their coat needs regular grooming to maintain their quality of life. 

But why are Yorkies so hard to take care of when they are so small? 

Well, just because a dog is tiny, does not mean that it needs less care. No matter the size of the dog breed, they will have different needs that need to be met. 

So, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Yorkies, which might help you out in the long run. This list contains both practical and interesting facts that might come in handy.

Yorkies Require Constant Grooming

The texture and length of Yorkie coats mean that they need regular maintenance. If their daily grooming is neglected, their fur will become matted – at that stage, only scissors will help and a shaved Yorkie is not a pretty sight. Brush through their coasts every day. To ensure that your pet does not take it as a sign of hostility, be sure to incorporate this into their routine at an early stage. 

Make sure to read our detailed guide on how to groom Yorkie at home. It’s a constant thing, you want to know how to do it right.

Yorkie Fur is Like Human Hair

Yorkie fur has a similar texture to human hair. While they are beautiful dogs, they need constant grooming. If you have ever curled human hair, you know the struggle. Taking care of the coat of a Yorkshire Terrier is difficult and time-consuming, which is why groomers can be expensive. 

Still, their fur needs to be brushed daily to upkeep it like your own hair. Luckily, Yorkies don’t have an undercoat, so they won’t be shedding much. We have a great Yorkie brush available in our store, feel free to check it out if you need one.

Yorkies are Difficult to Train

Like many small dog breeds, Yorkies are known to be stubborn. This is especially true when housebreaking them, in order words, when you are creating their potty schedule. They are small and stubborn, which leads to them not wanting or being able to hold “it” based on the set routine. However, they tend to learn and/or outgrow this by the time they are about 6 months old. Until then, doggy diapers, floor diapers, or litter boxes will be your friend.

You can hop over and see our guide on the best training treats for Yorkies. They make the whole process a lot easier. 

Patience is Key With Yorkies

From the early stages, Yorkies are clingy. They need constant attention, love, regular grooming, and adequate training. Yet, their need for the attention of their owners can be a bit difficult with some working schedules. Be sure to be fair with your pet, while still letting them know that you love them. You cannot leave your chores behind, but cuddle time should also not be skipped.

Cuddling is Everything to Yorkies

If there is a breed that is the perfect lap dog, it is the Yorkshire Terrier. They live for comfort and love attention. Combine those two needs and you get a pet that enjoys cuddling with you. While they prefer human interaction, getting them to lay around on soft pillows is also an easy way to ensure that they are enjoying themselves.

Yorkies Can Have Many Medical Problems

Unfortunately, Yorkies, like many small dog breeds, are prone to medical issues and diseases. Their small frames often cannot support them correctly. For that reason, it is important to take them regularly to your veterinarian. Go to all necessary appointments and be sure to contact your vet whenever you notice some issues with your Yorkie. Identifying issues on time is half the battle won.

Older Yorkies are especially prone to getting sick. You can prevent some of the illnesses by reacting on time. That’s why we made a guide on older Yorkie health problems.

Yorkie Puppies Have Low Blood Sugar

Blood uses sugar to fuel the body, in both humans and dogs. Due to their small frames and enormous energy expenditure in their puppy stage, Yorkie puppies can develop low blood sugar levels. Thankfully, they usually outgrow this problem by 12 weeks, but if you notice the puppy is lethargic and drinks lots of water, add a tiny bit of sugar to their water to balance out their blood sugar levels. 

Yorkie Diets are a Thing

Yorkies are tiny. They cannot eat a lot and it is basically a death sentence if they get obese – not to mention the multiple health problems that obesity brings for them. Therefore, Yorkies need to be on a low-fat, high nutrition diet in order to keep them fit and energized. Additionally, opting for soft dog foods is also a good idea, to ensure the health of their teeth.

Yorkie Heroes Exist

While there are numerous famous Yorkies in history, not one of them is as fearless as Smoky – a WWII veteran. Smoky was found by an American soldier in 1944 in Papua New Guinea and was adopted by their battalion. This small creature went on to serve in the US military. He was more than just a mascot and an entertainment dog, he also went on missions together with his fellow soldiers.

Yorkies Don’t Know How Truly Small They Are

Small dog breeds are well-known for their attitudes. Yorkies are no different. These tiny dogs are easy to fight off, but they are not conscious of their actual size. They are fearless and will bark at anything and everything if they deem it a threat. Yorkshire Terrier puppies should be trained regularly to decrease the frequency of their warning bark. This courageous personality has also earned them the nickname “the tomboy toy”.

Yorkies Used to be Rat Catchers

Yes, these adorable lapdogs used to work for their living. The first Yorkshire Terriers did not enjoy the luxury of the human home. They were bred and trained as skilled rats and other rodent catchers. This was possible thanks to their short legs, excellent nose, and fearless nature. Only when they became popular in the Victorian era, did Yorkies become the cuddle-bunnies they are today.

Yorkies are Possessive Little Creatures

A problem that can arise with your Yorkie is their possessiveness of food or toy. This can become a problem if you own other pets too or if you have children. You need to be stern with your Yorkie to let them know such behavior will not be tolerated. It is a good thing that they wish to please their owner to earn the magical cuddles.

Yorkies Can’t Stand the Cold

Dog coats are popular for a reason. Yorkshire Terriers do not have thick fur like some other breeds, and their fur will not protect them when the temperature drops. Additionally, they do not want to walk on wet or snowy roads. So investing in a dog coat and maybe some doggy boots (if your dog allows you to put the booties on them) might be a good idea.

Dorothy, Oz, and Yorkie – I mean Toto

We all know the children’s classic that tells the tale of a young girl Dorothy who, along with her dog Toto, ended up in the land of Oz. Well, it is believed that L. Frank Baum’s inspiration for Toto from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz came from a Yorkie. The description of Toto does resemble a Yorkie, which makes sense since Baum’s illustrator W.W. Denslow owned one at the time the book was written.

Facts about Yorkies: Wrapping up

From the fun to the functional, now you know all the interesting facts about Yorkies. Learning more about a dog breed is never a bad thing. The more you know, the better you can take care of them and provide the quality of life they deserve. 

While these small creatures are a bit hard to train, when given the proper attention they will be the perfect companion for you and your family. Keep them close to your heart and they will thank you for it with love and affection.

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