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Top 7 Picks of Yorkie Sweaters: How to Choose The Right One?

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions ‘’dog sweaters’’? If you ask us, it’s the winter and holiday seasons when not only humans but also their furry companions need warm layers. If you’re one of those dog owners who is looking for warm Yorkie sweaters, then you are in the right place. We made a list of the best sweaters for Yorkies and mentioned all the reasons why these dogs need them.

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Do Yorkies need to wear sweaters?

People often have different ideas about whether or not Yorkies need to wear sweaters. Yorkies don’t have thick fur to protect them from the weather like some breeds do. Instead, they have a fine, often frail coat. So, they may be more likely to get sick when it’s cold, especially during the winter or in places with hard winters. Also, because they are small, they don’t make as much body heat as bigger dogs, which makes them more likely to shiver.

Here are some reasons why sweaters might help Yorkies:

Temperature Control: When it’s cold, it’s hard for Yorkies to control their body temperature. A sweater that fits well can give them that extra layer of warmth they need to stay cozy and comfy. If you notice that your Yorkie is shaking when you take him/her for a winter stroll, then he definitely needs to wear clothes.

Protection that looks good: Yorkie sweaters are not only useful, but also stylish. Putting your dog in clothes is a fun and creative way to show off their personality and keep them warm.

Health Considerations: If your Yorkie is getting better from an illness or treatment, a sweater can give them an extra layer of protection and warmth while they heal.

Older Yorkies might have problems with their joints or arthritis, which makes them more sensitive to cold. A sweater can help ease some pain and make it easier to move around.

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When should I put a sweater on my Yorkie?

To keep your Yorkie happy and healthy, you need to know when to put a sweater on them. Even though each Yorkie can handle cold weather differently, here are some general rules to help you decide when to put a sweater on your furry friend:


The weather outside is the most important thing to consider when deciding whether or not to put a sweater on your Yorkie. If it’s cold outside, especially in the fall and winter, you should think about getting your dog a coat. Yorkies can feel the cold more because they are small and have fine fur. When the temperature goes below 50°F (10°C), they can start showing signs of hypothermia.

Some pooches can even show resistance to go outside. They will hide under the table or quickly go outside only to go to the bathroom and then run to get inside the home.

Short-Haired Yorkies: 

Your Yorkie will probably feel the cold more if its coat is shorter. Breeds that don’t have as much fur may need more safety from cold weather.

Senior Yorkies:

Yorkies who are older or who have been sick or had surgery may have a weaker immune system, which makes them more sensitive to changes in temperature. In these situations, a sweater can help keep you warm and cozy.

Indoor conditions:

Even though Yorkies are mostly indoor pets, they still go outside for walks and to go to the bathroom. If you have central heating or air conditioning, which makes your home cooler, your Yorkie might like to wear a sweater inside as well.

Wet Weather: 

Even when it’s not too cold, your Yorkie might feel colder than the weather says. If it’s raining or wet outside, you might want to put a jacket on your dog to help keep him dry and warm.

Extreme Cold:

A sweater might not be enough in places where the temperature drops well below freezing. If it’s very cold, you might want to pair the sweater with a waterproof Yorkie jacket to keep you as warm as possible.

Do Yorkies like to be dressed up?

Yorkies love to be dressed up but in certain conditions. Therefore, before you rush to buy tons of clothes for your pooch, make sure how he/she feels in specific temperatures. You should always keep an eye on your dog’s body language to determine how she/he feels.

What is the benefit of wearing Yorkie sweaters?

Besides previously mentioned facts, Yorkie sweaters can provide your pet with a dose of safety. This applies to pooches who suffer from separation anxiety or feel anxious in certain situations. Dog sweaters will give your Yorkie a snug, safe feeling because of the wrap effect they will get.

What to consider when buying Yorkie sweaters?

Tip 1

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing sweaters for your Yorkie is size. As we all know, they have tiny bodies, so wearing clothes that don’t fit them properly can make them feel uncomfortable. Your dog might start tripping, whining, and trying to take the clothes off.

Tip 2

Picking the right fabric is another important thing to keep in mind. Cotton and wool mixes are great choices because they keep your dog warm without causing irritation. Avoid items that shed a lot or cause your dog to get too hot.

Tip 3

Make sure that the neck and leg openings of the Yorkie sweater feel good and fit well. These places should be tight enough to keep out cold air but not so tight that they are uncomfortable.

Tip 4

Think about how easy it is to take care of the sweater. Choose clothes that can be washed in the washing machine or that are easy to clean to keep your Yorkie’s clothing fresh and clean. We recommend you wash your Yorkie’s sweaters and hoodies after 5 wears or earlier if they get smelly or dirty.

What are the best picks for Yorkie sweaters?

Since we all adore dressing our pooches in trendy clothing, we selected the 7 best Yorkie sweaters that will turn them into fashion icons. They are carefully crafted to suit their little bodies and support their need during harsh weather. 

Furdi Dog Sweater

Winter winds can be harsh, and your Yorkie needs the best way to stay warm. The Furdi Dog Sweater is made to keep your dog warm and comfortable, so even on the coldest days, you can take your dog for walks or play outside. This sweater is made from high-quality, soft materials. It fits snugly and helps keep your dog’s body heat in. With the Furdi Dog Sweater, you can make sure your pet is warm and comfortable while showing off their style. Since it’s inspired by the Fendi human brand, we bet your pooch will become spotted on every pawdventure.

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Khaki Dog Designer GG Sweater

Who wouldn’t love to see their dog dressed in a sweater like this one? The design of this dog sweater is inspired by the Gucci luxury fashion brand, while the brown color adds a dash of glam to your Yorkie’s outfit.

The button closure on the Khaki Dog Designer GG Sweater lends both functionality and style. The carefully knitted hem and cuffs guarantee a snug fit and add a touch of elegance while keeping your dog warm. Each button on the sweater is a testament to its impeccable design, while the knitted details demonstrate the effort put into creating a garment that emanates both fashion and comfort.

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Yorkshire Terrier Wool Sweater

Nothing can replace a warm and thick dog sweater during the winter months. This pick of Yorkie sweaters features a turtle neckline to provide extra warmth, while vast color options give you endless possibilities to style your furry friend. Whether you want to go for a classic and refined look with deep blues and rich reds, or you’re leaning towards vibrant and playful hues like sunny yellows and grassy greens, these sweaters have them all!

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Pawcci Red Logo Sweater

If you’re a lover of Mickey Mouse and one of the most popular human fashion brands, then this is the sweater for your Yorkie!

We adore the vibrant red color and how it makes dogs stand out from the crowd! The sweater is elastic and equipped with ribbed hems and cuffs for a better feeling of warmth! Your dog can wear it both on special and everyday occasions thanks to the eye-catching print on the back!

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Beige Dog Designer GG Sweater

Who can resist this cuteness? This sweater for Yorkies simply screams style and fashion. If you want to make your dog noticed and also feel snug in cold weather, then this should become an essential part of their wardrobe. 

The carefully selected blend of fabrics assures a soft touch against your dog’s delicate fur, providing an unparalleled level of comfort. Whether your furry companion is accompanying you on a winter stroll or simply relaxing indoors, this sweater is the ideal combination of warmth and style.

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Fancy Dog Pucci GG Sweater

For those moments when you want to show everyone that your dog deserves to get the role of the biggest star of the neighborhood, dress it in Fancy Dog Pucci GG Sweater.

Made from azzure green acrylic wool, and decorated with elegant buttons, this pick will be perfect to wear on celebrations and special gatherings.

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Diordog Sweater

When it comes to choosing a classic and trendy pattern, this Yorkie Sweater will be one of the best items to match with different outfits. The sweater features a turtle neckline, warm acrylic wool, and trendy pattern inspired by the Dior fashion brand. 

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Wisely invest in your Yorkie’s clothing

We all agree with the fact that one smart shopping choice can save us from unnecessary waste of money. That’s why Yorkies Gram has decided to offer only clothes of the highest quality, designed to showcase love for these pooches in every stitch. To assist every dog owner seeking both comfort and fashion for their pet, we have compiled a list of items that will leave no one indifferent.

As a responsible owner, make sure you always put your dog’s safety and comfort at the first place!

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