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How To Choose The Best Yorkie Car Seats? Top 4 Picks

yorkie car seats

We all face the age-old dilemma of traveling with a Yorkie. To let them sit on your lap and potentially distract you with their adorable antics, or to invest in a car seat that keeps them safe, secure, and still within petting distance. Choosing the perfect Yorkie car seats isn’t just about safety (although, let’s face it, that’s a biggie). It’s about ensuring your furry friend enjoys the ride as much as you do.

We will help you find the best car seat for your Yorkie so he/she can safely follow you on adventures.

yorkshire terrier in a cozy bed

What to Look for When Buying Yorkie Car Seats

Before you start imagining your Yorkie in a mini version of a racing seat, let’s talk about what you should actually look for in a Yorkie car seat.

Size Matters

Firstly, size. You don’t want your Yorkie swimming in a seat fit for a Great Dane, nor do you want them crammed into something that’s more suited for a hamster. A good rule of paw is to choose a seat that allows your Yorkie to sit, stand, and turn around comfortably.

Safety First

Safety is no joke, even though your Yorkie might look hilarious strapped into a tiny seat. Look for a seat with sturdy straps that can be easily attached to your car’s seat belt system. Also, a harness attachment point in the seat is a big plus, keeping your little buddy secure in case of sudden stops.

Comfort is Key

Remember, your Yorkie is royalty, and they expect to be treated as such. A comfy, cushioned seat will make their journey as cozy as their favorite spot on the couch. Bonus points if the cover is removable and washable because, let’s face it, accidents happen.

View is Everything

Yorkies, like most dogs, love to watch the world go by. A car seat that elevates them enough to gaze out the window will make their day, and you might just be rewarded with fewer yaps of impatience.

yorkshire terriers in the owners lap

Best Yorkie Car Seats on the Market

Now, let’s talk about some of the best Yorkie car seats out there. Keep in mind, the best seat is the one that suits your Yorkie’s size, your car, and your lifestyle.

1- Pet Expandable Carrier

Whether you’re hitting the road or just heading out for a stroll, your furry friend can tag along in style and safety.

First up, It’s Like a Transformer for Your Pet

Remember those Transformer toys? Well, this carrier is kind of like that, but for your Yorkie. It starts as a cozy, compact carrier, perfect for toting your pooch around. But wait, there’s more! It expands out, giving your Yorkie extra room to stretch their legs. It’s like going from economy to first-class in a snap.

car seat for a yorkshire terrier

Installation? A Piece of Cake!

If you’re thinking installing this thing in your car is going to be as hard as solving a 1000-piece puzzle, think again. It’s super easy to install. Just strap it into your car using the seat belt, and voilà – you’re ready to hit the road. No tools, no sweat, no swearing at incomprehensible instructions.

Safety First, But Make It Fashion

We all want our fur babies to be safe, and this carrier has got that covered with a built-in safety belt. Just hook it onto your Yorkie’s harness, and they’re snug as a bug. This carrier doesn’t just shine in the car. It’s lightweight and has a shoulder strap, so you can carry your Yorkie around with ease. Perfect for those quick trips to the vet or a day out in the town.

yorkie car seats

2- Yorkie Safety Belt

We all know Yorkies have personalities bigger than they are, and they love a bit of freedom. This safety belt strikes the perfect balance between keeping them secure and giving them enough wiggle room to not feel like they’re in doggy Alcatraz. It’s like having a personal safety bubble in the car.

Adjustability is Key

One size doesn’t fit all, especially in the world of Yorkies. The beauty of this safety belt is its adjustability. You can easily set the length to suit your Yorkie’s size and your car’s layout. Whether they’re a tiny pup or a bit of a chunk, this belt’s got them covered.

No need for a Ph.D. to figure this one out. The design is simple and effective. Clip one end to your Yorkie’s harness (because safety first, folks) and the other end into the seatbelt buckle. That’s it – you’re all set for a road trip, a quick drive to the park, or a vet visit by having a custom-made tool, but for safety.

yorkie car seats

3- Padded Yorkie Car Seat

This seat is designed with ultra-soft padding, so your furry friend will feel like royalty every time he rides. Besides being comfortable, the plush materials are also very stylish. This car seat truly brings a touch of class to its driver’s vehicle.

Safety First: Secure and Stable Travel

Placing the pet’s safety foremost, this car seat boasts strong safety design. The adjustable straps fasten the seat to your vehicle so that there is no shift during movement. What’s more, a built-in leash tether keeps your Yorkie safely in the seat so that pet and owner alike can rest assured.

Convenience Redefined: Easy to Use and Maintain

Knowing the busy lifestyles of pet owners, this car seat is constructed for convenience. It is light weight, and can be easily installed or removed. It is also a cinch to clean–the cover can be removed and machine washed, so your Yorkie has a fresh-smelling environment.

yorkie car seats

4- Yorkie Car Bed

Made of high-quality materials, it offers a warm, cushiony spot for your Yorkie to snuggle into on car rides. The feel of the padded, soft interior guarantees your pet travels in ultimate comfort on every trip.

Safety Meets Convenience: Secure and Practical Design

When traveling with your Yorkie, the safety always comes first. It also has a secure attachment, making it stable enough for travel without having your little Yorkie falling out. This design also incorporates pockets in which to store pet essentials, so it’s easy to take away and store.

yorkie car seats

Do Yorkies Love Car Rides?

Just like any other dog breed, Yorkies love to follow their owners wherever they go. That’s why we can say they love car rides. Each car ride is a new adventure for these pooches and their owners. That’s how they explore the world around us and get used to some new sounds and routines. Since we live busy lives, we often have to take our pets with us. So, to help your Yorkie to feel relaxe during var rides, you have to make him/her feel relaxed and comfortable.

Getting a car seat for your Yorkie is a big deal. It’s all for their safety. If you have to stop fast or there’s a crash, a car seat means your little buddy won’t get hurt. It’s their own safety zone. Plus, these seats let them see out the window, which can calm them down and stop them from feeling sick. 

Training Your Yorkie to Love Their Car Seat

Your Yorkie might initially look at the car seat like it’s an alien spaceship. Patience and treats are your best friends here.

  • Start Slow: Let them explore the seat in a familiar environment, like your living room.
  • Treats Galore: Reward them for interacting with the seat. If treats were money, consider this an investment.
  • Short Trips First: Begin with short journeys to fun places, like the park. They’ll associate the seat with positive experiences.


Choosing and using Yorkie car seats doesn’t have to be as complicated as teaching your Yorkie to fetch your slippers. Remember, the key factors are safety, comfort, and the right size. Once you’ve got those down, the rest is a walk in the park – a park where your Yorkie arrives in style, safely ensconced in their fabulous car seat. And for those casual strolls through the town, we recommend you check our blog post on the: Top 6 Yorkie Carriers And Backpacks For Safe Strolls

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