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Definitive Guide to Yorkie Puppy Care

Yorkies belong to a breed of dogs that are incredibly fragile and prone to a large number of diseases. And they do have some soft spots that need some extra attention from the owners. That’s even more important when these cuties are just small puppies. Since we all want to keep our pets healthy, we decided to provide you with the ultimate guide on Yorkie puppy care.

Puppies are generally more sensitive and gentle, which is logical because they depend on their mother and their human family as well. Suppose you’re about to get a Yorkie puppy, or your female Yorike is expecting some babies. In that case, you definitely need to be well prepared. 

We all want our puppies to be healthy and strong so that they could become happy grown dogs someday. That’s why you need to learn everything on this topic. By reading this definitive guide to Yorkie puppy care, there won’t be any surprises. So, let’s start!

Yorkie puppies are very sensitive to cold

The primary health issues that your Yorkie can suffer from, develops when they’re feeling cold. Low temperatures, freezing water, wet hair and clothes which are not warm enough can provoke many problems. It usually all starts with cold, but Yorkies can also have problems with their bladder, bones, lungs and so on. Therefore, you need to keep your Yorkies dry and warm at every moment, which is even more important while they are puppies. 

While babies, they are even more sensitive to cold, as well as their mother. So, when you’re preparing for Yorkie puppy arrival, a warm and cosy bed should be the first one to buy. It can also be a basket, larger cushion or anything you like, but it must be soft and customized for puppies. You should also make sure that you keep the puppy bed in a warm and calm place where it can relax and sleep without distractions. 

yorkie puppy care

It’s also recommended to have a blanket or cover ready for your puppy if needed. When they’re old enough and the time for a first walk comes, warm Yorkie outfits are a must!

A safe and calm environment is essential

As we’ve said, you need to provide a calm environment for your new furry family member. But that doesn’t only consider the location of their sleeping place in your household. First of all, puppies should be apart from their mother at least for the first 8 weeks of their life. After that, the next few months of their life is the time when your puppy will explore everything around and be learning about their environment. 

Because your household will be the first glimpse of the outer world for Yorkies puppies, you need to make this process as stress-free as possible. That means that too much noise and a large group of people are not so pleasant in the first couple of weeks. However, it’s actually good for small Yorkies to be able to hear everyday noises that come from footsteps, traffic sounds, doors opening and all the other everyday noises. 

Make sure your puppy gets to know the world gradually, and you’ll see how they become more confident and more curious about everything around them. Yorkies have enthusiastic personalities that will shine through in their very young age, so it will get cuter every single day.

How long does a Yorkie puppy need to sleep?

Talking about a calm and cosy environment, you must know why puppies need so much sleep. Like human babies, puppies grow the most while they are sleeping. It is actually normal for a dog that young to spend around 15 hours per day sleeping. Yorkies are very energetic dogs, and you can see that from the first days of their life. 

At first, puppies don’t get a feeling that it’s sleeping time when the sun goes down (unlike people.) Therefore, you may spend a few sleepless nights with your puppy until they learn to sleep along with the rest of the family. 

As we mentioned, it’s crucial to invest in a warm puppy bed, which will be their first territory and safe place. If you suspect that your puppy has a low energy lever, or is sleeping for more than 18 to 19 hours per day, consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. That’s usually not normal, so let the professional examine them and see what’s the problem.

What kinds of toys Yorkie puppy needs?

This information may seem as not so complicated – you may think that you can’t go wrong with any toy you buy, but dogs will love it anyway. But, while Yorkies are puppies, toys are not only used to play, they also become the primary tool for learning and exercise. 

First of all, toys for puppies need to be educational and useful for them to develop some skills and strength. Puppy toys should also be adequate for their fragile teeth, and also provide them help while their teeth are growing. This process can be painful for a puppy, so you should buy unique teething toys that are intended to put in the fridge and get cold. When you give your puppy a toy like that, it will help them with gum pain while they chew it. 

Toys that will help puppies to develop balance and agility are also beneficial, and you can find various kinds of those. Toys are an excellent way to make your puppy active while they are entertaining and having fun. While they are running after some squishy small ball or any other toy, they will reach the activity amount that is needed. 

Exercise is vital for Yorkies from the youngest age. It helps them not only with their vitality and weight but also with anxiety and nervousness. So, use the toys as a fun way to make sure your puppy is a strong and healthy little one.

If you are not sure what types of toys you are looking for, we picked out the best puppy toys that you and your Yorkie will find interesting

What is the best food for Yorkie puppies?

Another usual question about Yorkie puppies is about their diet. This subject creates so many doubts because small Yorkies have problems with their blood sugar level. That’s why a well balanced and frequent diet is very important for Yorkie puppies because they can quickly develop problems with hypoglycemia which can be very dangerous. For the first 3 months, you should let your puppy eat as much as they like. 

Of course, you don’t let them eat enormous amounts of food, but their meals should always be prepared and available to them at any time. That’s a food method that will help them avoid sudden drops of sugar in their blood.

On the other hand, while puppies are very young, you will usually need to remind them to eat. By showing them their food or feeding them for the first few times, they will soon learn where to go when hunger strikes. Fresh water should also be available at any time because you don’t want your puppy to get dehydrated. 

When your puppy reaches 3 months, and you see them as well-fed and slightly grown, you can start with a 3 meals schedule. Yorkies are generally small dogs, so they don’t need much food, especially while being so young. But if you can see the ribs of your puppy, it’s a clear sign they need more food.

How often do you need to bathe Yorkie puppies?

While they are newborns, Yorkie puppies will be adequately cleaned by their mother. You can help when needed, but this puppy bath doesn’t include water and shampoo – it would be too aggressive. If needed, you can only clean Yorkie puppy by gently wiping them with slightly moistened cotton pads. So, just a bit of water and any soft material is enough for the early days of their life. 

After that, while your puppy isn’t allowed to go for a walk, it can’t get too dirty running around the house. But, if you see the food or any other dirt in their hair, you can give them a gentle bath. That means you’ll use warm water because too hot water temperature can dry out their sensitive skin. 

There are also a lot of puppy shampoos available on the market, but keep in mind that only a few drops will be enough. Also, don’t over bathe your puppy, it can also cause some skin problems and irritations. It would be recommended that you let at least several weeks pass until you bath them again. 

The significant part of the bathing experience is also the puppy’s fear of water and new sound, so be patient and show them there’s nothing dangerous for them. You can use some treats or anything that will help your puppy overcome the nervousness of their first bath.

When is the right time for the first walk?

The first walk is always connected with all the health measurements you need to take before letting your little one explore the outside. You shouldn’t let Yorkie puppies walk free around and meet a larger group of people until they get all of the puppy vaccinations. You must choose a veterinarian you trust, and he will examine your puppy and recommend what the best steps for making them healthy and progressive are. 

Your vet will also give you a schedule when it is recommended for your dog to receive all the protection shots needed. First vaccinations are given to puppies when they are 6-8 weeks old, and the last one is after week 16. These shots are significant because they protect a puppy from many diseases, and a large number of those can be fatal. 

Therefore, you can’t let your Yorkie walk around the park or any rooms where other dogs may have been. They’re just not ready, and it would be putting them into danger. The safest way is to get all the shots at your vet, wait at least for 7 days and then enjoy watching your puppy get excited when running around the grass.

Socializing with people and other dogs

After the first walk, your Yorkie puppy is ready to meet other furry friends. Because Yorkies are the happiest and friendly dogs, you won’t have a problem with meeting your puppy with your neighbourhood. 

From a young age, Yorkie’s personality is very vivid, so they will want to play even with much larger dogs. There, you need to be careful because large dogs can hurt them unintentionally. Contact with other dogs on daily bases from Yorkie’s puppy age is necessary for them to become friendly grown ones. The reason for potential problems lies in their possessive personality. Therefore, they can become very protective of their owners which means they will be unfriendly and even aggressive to any dogs that come nearby. 

The same pattern can be applied to other humans, for example, when some guests arrive at your home or when you meet someone on the street. Yorkies who aren’t socialized adequately can become very loud, nervous and not pleasant at all. However, it’s not in Yorkie’s personality to be unhappy and angry, so if you start the socialization process on time with your puppy, there won’t be any problems in future.

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Why is training extremely important even for puppies?

Another thing that has to do with discipline and socialization is training. Yorkies have not only the cutest little faces, but they also have genuinely outstanding personalities. However, when not trained adequately, you can have problems with them when they grow up. 

First of all, they are very stubborn, and they think of themselves as leaders. Also, they think like big dogs, which means they think it’s their role to protect their owners. Yorkies are very attached to their human family, so they can become aggressive when another dog or person comes across. 

Untrained Yorkies can also have problems with their high energy level, which makes them feel very restless and nervous. Owners who spoil their Yorkies can’t let them near other dogs, and they have problems with them barking and seeking attention all day long. Yorkies are not that bad, on the contrary! 

These are extreme cases, but the fact is that you need to start training your Yorkie puppy as soon as possible. They are the kindest little leaders who will give you so much love and happiness. You just need to have patience and discipline in the first few months. They are brilliant and fast learners, so with the minimum effort, you’ll make your puppy healthy and well trained Yorkie.

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