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Reasons Why Yorkies Keep Their Tongue Out

As dog lovers, we are usually drawn to a dog once we see it and we often find ourselves just admiring the little fur babies. We admire their personalities, tricks, forms of communication and even their little quirks. For example, most people that come across a Yorkie notice they often have their tongues sticking out. Ever wonder why? Is it just a part of their personality or does it go deeper than that? 

Why do Yorkies Stick Their Tongue Out?

Yorkies do tend to stick out their tongues more frequently than any other dog breed, as you may have noticed. Nevertheless, the reasons behind why Yorkies do this are quite diverse. Sticking their tongues out could be a result of many things such as an illness, hanging tongue syndrome,  dental issues, etc. That’s not to say that all situations are health-related in all Yorkies – it could be a sign of underlying health problems or it could just be their way of showing you their emotions. 

Yorkie tongue out: Illness

Determining whether or not a dog is sick isn’t as simple as it is for humans. Humans just simply vent about not feeling well while dogs have to find alternative ways of showing their illness. One way Yorkies show this is by simply sticking out their tongues. However, that doesn’t mean they are ill every time their tongue is out. This is when it’s necessary to explore other possible symptoms. 

For example, excessive panting is a common illness symptom in Yorkies. This panting, along with yelping, is typically a sign that they are injured, ill or in pain and that the vet should be contacted immediately. Also be sure to keep an eye on the dogs tongue as it can become dry and start cracking. At this time your Yorkie should be provided with lots of fresh water for constant hydration until a vet appointment is set. 

Emotions and Communication

As mentioned before, not all circumstances where a Yorkies tongue is out are signs of health problems – they could just be communicating with you! Obviously dogs cannot speak as a human would so they must use their body language to communicate with us. Now, sticking their tongue out could mean one of two things; they’re just being silly and playful or they’re actually trying to tell you something. But how can we tell the difference?

Yorkies have a, let’s say, “code action” they use to help us learn about their problems. Sticking their tongue out and then retracting it back into their mouth repeatedly is their way of conveying that they are anxious, nervous, or stressed. A build-up of emotions can affect a dog just as it can affect a human, therefore noticing their trauma and removing them from the environment is ideal. 

If you’re still unsure if your Yorkie is being affected, another key way to understand them is by focusing on other body movements. Movements such as head tilting and excessive yawning and blinking are all indications that they are uncomfortable or scared. If you are concerned that your Yorkies behavior is becoming excessive, contact your vet or a behavior specialist for more information. 

Yorkie tongue out – Hanging Tongue Syndrome 

Although this reason may seem obvious, it’s one that not many Yorkie owners keep in mind. Hanging tongue syndrome is a condition where a Yorkies tongue continuously hangs out of their mouth without their control. This condition can be genetically or non-genetically generated and is most common within small Yorkies. 

The most common way for a Yorkie to get Hanging Tongue Syndrome non-genetically is from losing their lower canine teeth. These teeth are essentially a blocker for the tongue to remain in the mouth, therefore losing them causes the tongue to just slip out. If your dog has been afflicted with this condition, keep a close eye on their tongue and gums as they could become susceptible to infection during cold weather. As well as this, be sure to keep fresh water at their disposal all day. 

Yorkie tongue Out: Conclusion

Bottom line is, Yorkies stick their tongues out for many reasons that I didn’t cover in this article. However, it is my hope that this article has provided you with a better understanding as to why your Yorkie may stick out their tongue. Remember, contacting your vet or a behavior specialist is the best option if you are still concerned. The vets are there for you and your Yorkies!

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