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10 Ideas for Grooming Yorkies That Will Make Them Cuter

As you probably know, Yorkies have a particular type of fur — silky, long, delicate, and growing in a single coat. Even though this means they don’t shed a lot, they need to go to the groomers regularly. Grooming Yorkies might be time-consuming and a bit on the pricier side, but there are plenty of grooming ideas you will want to explore. To help you pick your favorite styling option, take a look at ten ideas to start with.

1.Teddy Bear Cut

Since Yorkies are very affectionate and cuddly, this cut is perfect for them. To achieve this look, the Yorkie’s fur is trimmed to the same length all over the body, except the face. The hair around the face is longer but cut in a circular fashion, which gives out a cute teddy bear impression — thus the name. 

2. Short Puppy Cut

One of the most popular cuts for this breed is the short Yorkie cut or the puppy cut. This cut is perfect for Yorkies that love to be active as it allows them to move with ease. The coat is trimmed at two inches all over the body, including the head, legs, and ears. The look is easy to maintain, and you can even practice doing it yourself at home.

3.Show Cut

The show cut is a common choice for grooming Yorkies that attend dog shows. You can expect to see long hair, luxurious locks, and a top knot. The look is quite elegant but very challenging to maintain. You would need to invest a lot of time in washing, brushing, and untangling their hair.

4. Schnauzer Trim

This look was inspired by the classic Schnauzer look, as you can tell by the name. If you’re interested in your Yorkie sporting this look, you will need to trim the ears and mustache to be a bit longer, leaving a bit of hair on the bottom third of the body and legs. Don’t forget to leave half an inch of hair on their chest to get your Yorkie looking dignified.

5.Kennel Cut

The kennel cut is a popular option in the summer months because you want to avoid your Yorkie getting overheated. The coat is quite short while leaving the hair a bit longer on the legs, head, and tail. The paws are entirely trimmed, while the ears and the mustache are left with half an inch of hair.


If you opt for shaving your Yorkie, you have two options. The first one is to completely shave your Yorkie, while the second option leaves longer hair on the head. The head hair can be shaped and trimmed however you choose; it’s up to your personal preference.

Grooming Yorkies

7. Long Cut

The long cut is an excellent option if you like the show cut but want less maintenance. The hair is long and free-flowing, meaning you would need to comb your Yorkie every day and use a conditioner for detangling. However, the Yorkie can move around freely, showing off their beautiful colors.

8. Layered Cut

Since grooming Yorkies is challenging, a layered cut will get the job done for you. The layers are typically short, so maintenance is the least of your worries. It’s up to you to decide how the layers will look, but most owners choose longer hair on the bottom part of the body. This way, your dog will feel more comfortable.

9. Squared Puppy Cut

This is an advanced option of the puppy cut look, where you need to trim the facial hair to create a square bob. Forehead hairs are about one inch long, and, by using gel, they will stand up, making the square-cut look. This cut is tidy and neat, and there aren’t any tangles. 

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10. Shaved Flared Cut

This cut is perfect for female Yorkies as it’s more dramatic compared to other cuts. The body and upper legs are shaved close, and long flared hairs go from mid-forelegs down. The head can sport any length, but most owners opt for longer hair with a top knot and tumble over the ears.

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