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13 Facts You Should Know About Tea Cup Yorkies

Not only are Tea Cup Yorkies adorable, but they are also immensely loyal and attached to their human friends. If you haven’t had the chance to see these dogs, you should know that they have been specially bred to be significantly smaller than typical dogs and almost twice as small compared to purebred Yorkshire terriers. Since they are quite remarkable, there’s plenty to learn about them. Take a look at some of the most fascinating facts about Tea Cup Yorkies.

1. Tea Cup Yorkies Fit on the Palm of a Hand

Although all small dogs are tiny when born, these dogs are so small that you can fit them on the palm of your hand when puppies and carry them with one hand when they’re fully grown. 

2. Their Maximum Weight Reaches 4 lbs

Tea Cup Yorkies reach a maximum weight of around 4 lbs when they’re fully grown — after 12 to 18 months. When they’re born, they weigh around 1 to 2 lbs. They do not grow a lot, so their size does not exceed 8 to 9 inches.

3. Never Skip Their Meal

These Yorkies suffer from low blood sugar, so it is essential never to skip a meal. Tea Cup puppies should eat every three to four hours but only feed them 40 calories per pound of their body weight.

4. They Have Long Silk-Like Coat

Like their close relatives, Yorkshire terriers, Tea Cup Yorkies also have a long, silk-like coat requiring special attention. Their flowing, fine coat should be combed regularly to avoid any hair knots.

5.Tea Cup Yorkies Experience Health Problems

Due to their petite nature, these Yorkies experience many health problems. Some of the most notable issues include heart, liver, brain problems, low blood sugar, brittle bones, and psychological problems. 

6.Their Life Expectancy Is Around Eight Years

Since they have a lot of health issues, their life expectancy is shorter compared to Yorkshire terriers. Tea Cup Yorkies live seven to nine years, so make your time together count.

7.Best Suited to a Single-Pet Household

Since these Yorkies are quite fragile, there should be no other pets in the household. Plus, Yorkies are quite competitive, meaning they would likely attack another animal on their territory regardless of their small nature.

8.Mental Stimulation Is Key

Tea Cup Yorkies are quite lively for such small dogs, meaning you need to stimulate them mentally if you don’t want to come home and see chewed up shoes. Try to set aside an hour or two during the day to play games and keep them entertained.

9.No Need for Long Exercise Routines

Although Tea Cup Yorkies are quite lively, they do not need much exercise. A short 20- to 30-minute walk every day would be enough for a dog of this size. But be careful on walks, so they don’t trip and fall.

10.Clothing in Winter Months Is a Must

Cold weather and harsh conditions are tough on dogs of any size but even tougher on Yorkies. Not only are they small, but their health is an issue, so make sure you dress them appropriately when going on winter walks.

11.They Suffer From Separation Anxiety

Even though Tea Cup Yorkies are incredibly confident, they suffer from separation anxiety. Try not to leave them alone for too long as they might get scared or one of their health issues might activate.

12.They Love the Sound of Their Voice

Tea Cup Yorkies are quite feisty and cheerful, meaning they love to play around and bark. You will often hear them barking for attention, and they’ll definitely be yappy when you have visitors.

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13.Appropriate Crate Size Is 12”

If you’re buying a crate for your Tea Cup, you should opt for a 12-inch. Bigger crates might have too much room and can lead to unfortunate situations. If you already have an 18” to 22” dog crate, use a divider to make the space more comfortable for your Yorkie.

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