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Reasons Behind Yorkie Licking Everything

Yorkies are the cutest little furry fellows who love their human family beyond anything else. Sometimes, they show their affection by constantly licking their favorite persons. That makes them even more lovable, but there are some scenarios when licking can signalize much more than some harmless habit of your Yorkies. Licking everything is an expected behavior for many dog breeds. Excessive licking of themselves, furniture, or their owner can be a sign that there is something wrong. If you’ve always wondered why your Yorkie is licking everything, here are some of the usual reasons behind : 

Nervous Yorkie licks everything around them 

Yorkies are small dog breeds that can have a problem with anxiety or constant restlessness due to their personality. They are like little balls of energy – they are ready for some action at any time. Therefore, physical activity does not contribute only to their physical form, but it also helps them control their temper. With all of the excessive energy, Yorkies can quickly become restless. Yorkies may become aggressive to strangers or other dogs. Suppose they don’t get to spend their energy on any kind of physical activity. In that case, Yorkies can have anxiety problems and bark all day long, just on purpose.

yorkie licks everything

Excessive licking is also a way for them to deal with tense situations or stressful triggering scenarios. The point is if you notice your Yorkies licking themselves or stuff around for many minutes a day, even for hours, consider providing more active days for them. When Yorkies are calm and tired at the end of a busy day, the excessive licking won’t be on their mind at all.

Excessive licking and Yorkies dental health are connected? 

Yorkies can have some teeth problems during their lifetime. Because of their small jaws, they are prone to dental issues. You should always take care of your dog’s teeth, especially with these cute tiny firecrackers. If your Yorkie licks everything all day long, dental issues might be the cause. When dogs lick excessively, it’s their way of dealing with tartar buildup in their mouth. As in humans, in that case, dogs can develop bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease in time.  

If you didn’t start with regular teeth cleaning right after your Yorkie started eating solid food, think no more! Tartar buildup will be the most likely reason why the dog is licking everything. To prevent this, you should wash your dog’s teeth every few days and provide professional cleaning of tartar at least once a month. There are also various dog treats on the market with cleansing substances that help dogs with their dental health.  

Is your Yorkie licking its paws?   

Dogs love licking and cleaning their paws; it’s their naturally congenital need and habit. However, noticing that your Yorkie is excessively licking their paws can sign a specific health issue – allergies. Yorkies are a healthy but sensitive breed, so that they can be prone to allergies of any kind. Excessive paws licking can show an allergic reaction either to some food or environment. Dogs usually suffer from specific grass allergies or any kind of fertilizers, artificial substances, or aggressive chemicals out there.  

You must have heard often that dog saliva has a healing impact. That’s why every dog is intensely licking the irritated or itchy body part. But, saliva isn’t enough in an allergy scenario because of the constant presence of triggering allergens. If your Yorkie starts with paw licking right after you come back home or after any meal, that can be a red alert signal. A consultation with your veterinarian is a must, and don’t wait for too long! In the long term, allergies can provoke much more severe health issues than the habit of licking everything.  

yorkie licks everything

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Your Yorkie licks everything and you certainly want to help him…

No matter the cause of your dog’s excessive licking behavior, you shouldn’t hesitate to find help as soon as possible. Yorkies are intelligent dogs that don’t go around drooling on everything or everyone. Every owner knows their dog best, so if you start noticing excessive licking that doesn’t pass after a while, consult your veterinarian. There are so many potential causes, and sometimes owners can’t recognize the seriousness of a problem. Remember that only a healthy dog can lead a happy life, so take care of your furry family members with responsibility. 

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