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Find Out if Yorkies Are Aggressive

are yorkies aggressive

Many people have prejudice about small dogs. They often find them to be nervous, aggressive, antisocial, and spoiled. But aggressiveness has nothing to do with a dog’s size or any kind of breed’s external characteristics. Aggressive behavior is always a result of irresponsible dog owners. As much as people don’t like to take responsibility, dogs dont think like people, and you can’t expect dogs to know everything since day one magically. 

Yorkies have been one of the most popular dogs for many years – they are tiny and cute, and you just have the urge to carry them around all the time. But having a dog is so much more than just having a cute toy – that’s why it is essential to find out about some features of a dog breed you want as a pet. Aggressiveness is one of the most problematic features you can deal with as a dog owner. It is usually more expressed in bigger dogs, but small dogs can have aggressive behavior problems. If you are interested in making a Yorkie puppy your new family member and you’re having some second thoughts, then keep reading.

Yorkies’ personality is not an aggressive one.

People often think of small dogs like little noisemakers who start to get hysterical when they don’t get what they want. That would be the case only if your dog is spoiled, no matter its size. In general, Yorkies are loyal and committed dogs who are very intelligent and territorial, but also loving and cuddly. They are not typical “small and angry” dogs, as some may think of them. With proper training, your children will also adore them because they are energetic and love affection. It’s crucial to train them on time when they are puppies adequately. While training, you have to be consistent and strict – these intelligent dogs will just wait for an opportunity to outsmart you! 

Trained Yorkies can cope with their features, and it would be easier for them to control their energy and personality when they are all grown. It’s not in Yorkie’s nature to be aggressive, but if you let your dog be spoiled and untrained from an early age, they can become restless and not so friendly in some uncomfortable situations. 

Because Yorkies are low maintenance dogs, you have more time to invest in their training and resolving any potential problems with aggressive behavior. So take the time to train your dog and be sure that your family will get a lot more than just his adorable appearance with a Yorkie.

are yorkies aggressive

Potential problems with strangers and other dogs

Because Yorkies are so loyal and very attached to their owners, sometimes they can be a little possessive. You can notice some kind of behavior when new guests come to your house. At first, your Yorkie will probably be distanced and retrieved. Yorkies are not so happy when someone comes on their territory and especially if they think someone in their family could be threatened.

You have to be careful when it comes to strangers while walking outside because if Yorkie thinks that he is in particular danger, he will bark loudly for a long time. All of these scenarios can lead to aggressiveness, but if your dog is adequately trained and socialized on time, you won’t have a problem. 

Because of their big-dog-personality, Yorkies are known as little warrior dogs. They usually act like they are big and strong and unaware of their size. This feature has to do a lot with their past, but when it comes to aggressive behavior, it can have some impact there too. 

Yorkies love to feel powerful, and you’ll agree that there aren’t many occasions where little Yorkies can prove themselves. That’s why they can show aggressive behavior with some puppies or other dogs smaller than them. Or simply with any dog that has contact with their owners. 

Again with being territorial! This is also important when it comes to Yorkies’ safety because if they show some aggressive behavior towards a much bigger dog, they can be very much endangered! They would attack a much bigger dog just because they think they`re as strong as them. A leash is strongly recommended while walking with a Yorkie because of scenarios like these. 

Aggressiveness is just not healthy for any dog, and it can be hazardous. We will say again that you won’t have any problems, furthermore, with proper training and socialization with other people and dogs. Yorkies will just love you too much – and therefore perceive you as theirs and theirs only!

Running can minimize aggressive behavior.

Running is like mediation for Yorkies. They are like small balls of energy running around like pro athletes. And we all know how fast a Yorkie can run, right? But running does not contribute only to their physical form; it also helps them control their temper. With all of the excessive energy, Yorkies can quickly become restless and become aggressive to strangers or other dogs. If they don`t get to spend their energy on physical activity, Yorkies can have anxiety problems and bark all day long on purpose. The next day, your Yorkies anxiety will be even more emphasized if they don’t get the chance to cope with it the day before. 

Just like that, in a month, you can have an aggressive dog. Not because it’s mean, but simply because it is the only way to express their internal restlessness. And so, running comes to the rescue! To be precise, any kind of intense activity will help them stay calm and get rid of all that excess energy they have. When Yorkie is tired enough and relaxed, it won’t be aggressive, no matter what happens. They are not moody and angry dogs. On the contrary – their bubbly personality is very positive and mood-lifting. 

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Around 15 to 25 minutes of a long walk or running through a park is just enough to help your dog feel relaxed and at peace. When Yorkies have less energy, anxious episodes are less likely to occur – that means your dog’s personality can shine through, and you don’t have to be afraid if they’ll become aggressive. That’s especially important if you have kids because they are not as careful as grown-ups, so dogs can become aggressive more often around them even when they don’t have aggression issues. If you are a parent, here’s what you need to know about Yorkies and kids

Make sure your dog is healthy and not in pain.

If your dog suddenly becomes aggressive for no particular reason, your ways to influence it to become more obedient won’t help. When aggressive behavior is not typical for your dog, you must check on their health. Any dog, no matter how big or small can become aggressive when it is hurting. It’s just their natural defense mechanism – they feel endangered because they know that they’re weak. 

Like any other animal, they will prove that they are not easy prey by showing their aggressiveness. Yorkies are a dog breed who are healthy in general, but they can quickly catch a cold. Therefore, if their ears hurt or their bladder is bothering them, they can become anxious and aggressive. 

If your Yorkie is a small granny or grandpa, they can have a problem with bones hurting. If you can’t recognize what’s wrong with your Yorkie on your own, it’s always the best option to take them to a veterinarian. It can be as simple as a thorn stuck in their paw when you walked through the neighborhood that day. Injury or pain of any kind can contribute to mood changes and aggressiveness, so don`t panic and always consult a vet. 

It would be much easier if our dogs could talk, right? Just keep in mind that they don’t do that on purpose and don’t get angry. As soon as they feel better – your little energy ball will be jumping around cheerfully.

Are Yorkies aggressive? Wrapping up

To sum up, aggressiveness just doesn’t stand in the same sentence with Yorkies. Of course, every dog is a story for itself, and it has a different personality. We can only speak in general. Yorkies are lovable little dogs with an upbeat personality, and there aren’t so many things that can ruin their day. The most important fact is that without training, a Yorkie won’t be a comfortable dog. This bread just has a strong personality, and they are so intelligent and smart that they’ll try to manipulate you and get their way. 

That’s why it is essential always to stay consistent from their early days. Socialization with other dogs from an early age will also remove potential aggressive scenarios from the future. Don’t forget to be strict and even love them very much at the same time, because they need it. They are very attached to their family, and aggressive behavior will never be a problem if you invest your time showing them the right ways.

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