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4 Best Yorkies Accessories You Must Have

yorkie accessories

Yorkies are great pets on their own. They are one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world – some sites state that they are among the top 10 kinds in terms of popularity in Europe! All of that comes with a significant burden to handle. Being such a cool, sweet and popular dog must be exhausting. Jokes aside, as with any other dog, there are some accessories you can use to make your and the life of your pet a bit easier. Those Yorkie accessories can be anything – from collars, leashes, feeders and so on. 

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best accessories out there, specifically for Yorkies. Now, all those accessories aren’t meant to be used only for Yorkies, so if you own a small dog, which isn’t a Yorkie, you should look into them as well. But, if you own a Yorkie, then some of these accessories are a no brainer. They will make your Yorkie feel like a whole new dog, and you’ll be asking yourself why haven’t you got them a while ago! So, enough of mumbling. Let’s dive into the world of accessories and see which ones are on the top of our list. 


If you have an Instagram profile, then you probably saw that many dog owners buy sweaters for their dogs. It might sound a bit silly, but truth be told, the dogs look super sweet in those and on the plus side, sweaters aren’t there only for cosmetic reasons. First of all, small dogs, such as Yorkies, can get cold pretty fast. If you’ve ever stumbled across a little dog on the street, you might see it shivering even if the outside temperature isn’t so low. That’s something which is typical for such breeds and shouldn’t worry you. But, since the shivering is a clear indicator that the dog is feeling cold, buying a sweater or jacket might be the right choice. It will give your sweet Yorkie an even cuter look, but it will also protect it from the cold outside.

Sweaters are also a godsend if your Yorkie likes to roll on the grass or just want to jump in puddles. We all know how dirty a dog can get, but thanks to the sweater, you can target the mess you’ll have when you get home. Instead of your dog’s fur, the sweater is the one which will become dirty, and you just put it in the washing machine to clean it. Simple as that!

Yorkie Toys

Toys are something that every dog needs, especially if your dog is still a baby. As with humans, dogs also like having fun with something, and while for us, this might be playing computer games, for them, it’s chewing a toy. Nowadays, you can get toys in various looks and sizes. From a beer bottle, carrot, bone or something else, toys have become extremely versatile, and we can guarantee that you’ll find the one which your dog will love. 

But, toys are way more than toys. We can pretty much call them a necessity for almost all dogs. Why? Because of many reasons. First of all, toys keep your dog occupied, so if it might chew your shoes or a couch, it will prey on the toy instead. Secondly, toys are usually made from hard materials such as cotton rope, which cleans the teeth of your dog and adds strength to them. Toys also make the dog tired, which is something you will thank god for happening since they will fall asleep more quickly, and you won’t have to bother to put them to sleep like a baby (which they are!).

Yorkie grooming: How to comb their hair?

Yorkies have pretty unique fur. While other dogs have a coat, which is durable and pretty sturdy, Yorkies have silky, longish hair that you continuously need to groom and comb. Yorkies generally don’t shed a lot (although this depends from dog to dog), but still, you need to groom them from time to time. For this, a conventional comb might do the trick, but it won’t be ideal. Mainly because Yorkies are very sensitive, and you need a comb that is made precisely for their type of skin and hair. You can get such a comb online since nowadays many manufacturers make comb specifically for almost every single race. 

Combining your Yorkie is also very relaxing for him/her. When you comb their fur, you are also massaging their back so they’ll get a pretty good feeling from all that scratching and rubbing. 


Every dog likes to have that small part of the house, which is for them their safe space. Some people might face some trouble with this, as dogs might get very territorial, and it turns out as they possess the whole house. While Yorkies aren’t exactly like this since they aren’t predator dogs, it would still be a good idea to get your Yorkie a bed. These small beds are very soft, so your dog will love sleeping in them. They are also made specifically for small dogs such as Yorkies, so you don’t have to question if they’ll fit. 

Another thing why beds for dogs are critical is that if your dog doesn’t have a place to sleep, it might want to sleep with you in bed. While some people don’t have a problem with this, in most cases, this isn’t very hygienic, so you should get your dog a bed which he/she will use as their luxury throne and place to sleep. 

Love Your Yorkie

As you have seen, there are a lot of accessories which you can get for your Yorkie to feel and live better. Most of them aren’t so costly, so if you want to make your Yorkies life fuller, we say go for it and buy some of the life-changing accessories. Your Yorkie will undoubtedly be thankful!

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