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How Many Puppies Can a Yorkie Have?

If you’re reading this article, then it means that your Yorkie is either that she is already pregnant or she’s on her way to pregnancy. It’s good news for everyone – for her as a mom, since she’ll be giving birth to amazing puppies and you since your family is getting bigger. But how much bigger exactly? In this article, we’ll see how many puppies you can expect if you notice that your Yorkie is pregnant. Keep in mind that in a nutshell, it doesn’t matter, as you should treat all the puppies with love, no matter how many of them come to this world.

How many puppies can a Yorkie have? Giving Birth

There are a few things you should know before we dive into how many puppies a female Yorkie can give birth to. First of all, the number of puppies is directly related to some factors – the first one being the age of your Yorkie. This applies not only to Yorkies but to dogs in general. If the female is young and is just starting her adulthood, you can expect one or two puppies. If she’s in middle age or older than five years, you should expect a more significant number of puppies – 4 or five of them. 

As you can see, the older the dog, the “better,” meaning she’ll carry more puppies. Of course, if she gets pregnant while above ten years – that’s always a risk, and we can’t provide information about how many puppies she might give birth to in that situation. It depends from Yorkie to Yorkie.

The second thing you should keep in mind is the overall condition of your Yorkie and the state of her health. This is pretty self-explanatory. If your Yorkie is healthy and strong, there is a higher chance of her giving birth to more than just one puppy. However, if she isn’t in such a great physical condition, a higher number of puppies born isn’t very possible, and you may even want to consider delaying mating/pregnancy for another time when your Yorkie is healthier.

There are a lot more factors that you could take into consideration, such as the nutrition of your Yorkie, previous pregnancies, genetics and so on. But, if you ask us, all of that doesn’t play a massive role in the number of puppies that she can deliver, and you should really go with the flow and just expect one puppy. If she gives more – you’ll be that many times happier.  

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How many puppies can a Yorkie have?

In a nutshell, the consensus is that the amount of puppies varies from Yorkie to Yorkie. As with everything, we can say that the average number of puppies a Yorkie can deliver ranges from 2-4. Of course, she can give birth to one puppy or even five or more depending on the situation, but those cases aren’t usual. Whatever may be the case, you should be happy that little puppies will run around this world, and you should be proud that your little Yorkie will become a mom for the first time (or second or third).

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7 thoughts on “How Many Puppies Can a Yorkie Have?

  1. T says:

    My dog had 7 puppies in her first litter and she’s a yorkie she was 1 and half years old

    1. Mona says:

      WOW, awesome.

      I just had my Yorkie delivery 2, 1 boy/1 girl.

      Thank you for sharing…

    2. Sheridan Outlaw says:

      Wow!!!! Wow!!!’ That was something special

  2. Katisha says:

    My Yorkie delivered five healthy puppies her first time and she’s one and a half

  3. Jo says:

    Our family dog had 8 yorkiepoo pups; six girls, 2 boys, and they all survived. She was two years old when she had the litter.

  4. David Brown says:

    My yorkie had A litter of 9 She had 5 males and 4 females all doing good

  5. Angela Morris says:

    My Yorkie had 1 pup in her 1st litter, 4 pups (2 boys 2 girls) in her 2nd litter, & now she’s pregnant for a 3rd time. Excited to see what comes this time. I love them all, they’re so adorable.

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