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8 Things Yorkies Like to Do for Fun

For petite dog lovers, Yorkshire Terriers refer to incredibly sweet, lovable, and gentle creatures. Although small in size, they have big hearts full of love and affection for their owners. They aren’t even scared of large dogs, and people – instead, represent quite loyal, brave, and protective pups.

There are many perks in having a Yorkie! Even if we tried, we couldn’t name them all. But Yorkies are a very energetic breed meaning you mustn’t forget about their entertainment and keep them amused.

What Yorkies Like To Do?

1.Exercise guys!

Yorkshire Terriers are pretty easy to train since they want to be in motion all the time and are quite energetic. Combined with their intelligence, and cooperation they express, training a Yorkie can be fun and productive at the same time. And dog lovers know that some breeds are tough to train. Well, not Yorkies!

Yorkies express a combination of unique traits. They represent small dogs that are smartclever, witty, intelligent, brave, fuzzy, cuddly, full of love, energetic, and always waiting for your attention. When talking about energy levels Yorkies posses, it is highly recommended that they train mentally and physically, and Yorkies enjoy exercise. Their physical activities are not so demanding as in larger dogs. Still, they love to be active. Whether you are taking them for a walk around the park or playing ball or even playing fetch Yorkies will enjoy nevertheless. Just be moderate, their tiny legs get tired fast. When talking about their daily exercise routine (which is necessary for any dog), a hidden perk is a mental stimulation from physical activity.

2.Mental stimulation through fun games!

There are several ways you can mentally stimulate your Yorkie and create a fun time for both of you. As mentioned above, exercise is one of them. But if you are feeling creative, making a dog search for their food is the right choice. You can use a food toy or a food-dispensing toy and since Yorkies are quite bright and creative, they will enjoy the fun of it and be delighted when they get their deserved treat. Targeting food can be highly beneficial for Yorkies. Doing simple practices such as searching for food, 10 minutes per day can improve their abilities. Since Yorkies have a hard temper, you can soothe it by combining two things dogs love: food and games, which is very important because they need all the fun they can get.

3. Let’s Sniff Around!

There isn’t a dog that doesn’t love exploring. It is probably the most significant part of the day for them, excluding snuggling. With Yorkies, this trait magnifies because they represent a super-smart breed. There are always exciting smells for them in every location. They won’t get bored even if you take them to the same places, but changing them will make your Yorkie very happy, excited, and sniffy. Plus, you can be creative and think of a fun route filled with smells, sights, and sounds and engage your dog in new surroundings.

4.Toys, toys, toys!

Explore what toy works for your dog. Keep in mind that dogs are individuals, as well as people. Not all dogs will like the same toys. Luckily today, there is plenty to choose from: chew toys, stuffed toys, all kinds of balls, puzzle toys, and many more. You can test your dog’s affinities by trying out different types of toys. You will see very quickly what the dog likes the most. However, interactive toys present excellent and smart choices. Why? Because your Yorkie will have lots of fun, exercise their focus, and learn quicker.

5.Dog Games!

You don’t want your Yorkie to be bored or sad. There is a wide range of games to choose from and make your dog happy all together. My favorite sport is playing hide and seek because it unites more than one benefit, including entertainment, training, exercise, and fun for the owner. Games of smells, frisbee, water games, and puzzles are also advised and entertaining. Puzzle games present a great way of magnifying your dog’s brain practice while making your dog happy and entertained.

what yorkies like to do

6. Can I Get Your Affection Please?

They adore snuggling and will light up your spirit whenever they see you. Whether you had a great day or nothing seems to be going the way you wanted. Coming home and seeing this fuzzy creature ready to cuddle and love you unconditionally will change your day and make your next one. Speaking of which Yorkies enjoy playtime, grooming, and hate being left alone. If you plan on getting a Yorkie, don’t forget to give it as much as attention, affection, and emotion it needs. They can enjoy cuddling for hours and are a breed that really needs lots of love. It is common in Yorkies to express affection only to the owner and are remarkably devoted to creating a deep connection with their human.


Let’s face it. Food is the favorite part of our day too. Yorkies enjoy snacks. As much as you like seeing your dog happy and full, pay attention to their diet. Keep it rich in protein, but don’t forget fruit, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Yorkies should eat four times a day since they are a small breed; it’s essential to keep their sugar levels low. An excellent method of balancing the dog’s food and fun aspect is to feed him after taking him for a walk or to the playground.

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There is a specific risk when meeting your dog with others. It can be very beneficial for them to socialize and make new friends as risky as it is. One way of securing a nice and easy playdate is that you estimate your Yorkies tolerance correctly. That way, your dog will have companionship and be able to have fun even when you’re not around. This is very important for Yorkies as they do not like to be alone, have anxiety, and get bored. With the right match, you will create a friendly and fun environment for your dog this way.

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