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Yorkies & Kids: All You Need to Know

Having a pet is more than just owning an animal. Whether you are adopting an animal from a shelter or buying it from a breeder, thinking that you are only going to affect the pet and change his life is entirely wrong. Owning a dog, cat, parrot or even fish in an aquarium is a big responsibility. Today, we will reveal you the essential facts on the topic ”Are Yorkies good with kids?” Discover whether these little pooches will be a good fit for your family.

Are Yorkies good with kids?

When you take in a pet, you sign an imaginary verbal agreement, a social contract in a way that bestows upon you a duty to the said animal. But it doesn’t end there as we said, in the beginning, the animals have a significant impact on you. Love and care, like in any relationship, is mutual.

For that reason we have compiled a shortlist describing the benefits of owning a pet:

  • ☑️ They make sure you’re never lonely.
  • ☑️ They can help you make friends.
  • ☑️ They can teach kids responsibility.
  • ☑️ They make you feel safe.
  • ☑️ They can provide companionship to children with learning difficulties.

They make sure you’re never lonely

Dog Lover or cat lover, the fact stays the same. When you are having a bad day, getting home and getting greeted by a happy pet is a feeling like no other. Day after day, they will be doing the same thing with an everlasting smile on their faces. Their energy is contagious.

They can help you make friends

Having a pet is a great way to meet people, and don’t think it can only happen while you are walking your dog in the park. There are a lot of Facebook groups that are very active and dedicated to their ideas.

Group for beagles, dogs, parrots – places where people share pictures of their most cherished moments with their pets, or speak about their concerns and mourn the loss of their pets.

They can teach kids responsibility

If a parent is reading this, you probably heard the same question every parent hears at some point in their life. “Can I please have a pet, I will be responsible!” Teaching kids responsibility comes from parents, but empathy skills can directly be linked to a pet.

They make you feel safe

Not everyone feels at home as they should be. Pets are there to bridge that gap between how it feels and how it should be.

They can provide companionship to children with learning difficulties

It is a proven fact that kids with high amounts of stress, mental illnesses and similar adverse history are having a much easier time dealing with the outside world if they have a trusty companion with themselves at all times.

Facts You Need to Know When Getting a Yorkie for Your Kids

While we are discussing the benefits of having a pet, this next part holds a special place in our hearts. Yorkies are amazing tiny dogs, and we are ecstatic to share some facts about the Yorkshire Terrier.

These guys are one of the smallest dogs out there, both by size and by how much they weigh. But they are not allowing that fact to change who they are. In their hearts, they are big dogs, and in that manner, they act.

Yorkie Red Flag

Even though these dogs are quite small, they can be a little aggressive towards animals of the same or smaller size. It is believed that these dogs were bred in the 1800s to catch rodents in factories and explain their occasionally aggressive nature.

However, even if they can be aggressive sometimes, it is essential to reprimand them immediately to not allow them to think for a second that their action had any positive impacts. Habits acquired in their puppy phase tend to stick with them throughout their lives.

Training a Yorkie is a must, they can quickly become very spoiled turning into very picky eaters which leads into developing digestive problems. It could have also evolved from Yorkies having issues with their gums or teeth. If they are having these kinds of problems, call the Vet immediately. 

Another common issue among the Yorkie kind is that of chills and Yorkies being cold. If they get wet, they most likely develop chills and it can be hard for them to get warm again, especially in cold climates. This might make your Yorkie shake, and if you are not sure what to do, visit this article we wrote on that subject.

Tea Cup Yorkies

Yorkies are a subcategory of tiny itsy bitsy puppy that stays almost the same size for their whole life. It’s a sure thing that having a teacup dog is cute and will get all the looks in the world, but these dogs are maybe too small and are under an almost continuous health risk.

They tend to develop genetic disorders and are more prone to health issues because of the way they are bred – mixing two runts, which is one of the reasons they can experience more health issues than other dogs.

are yorkies good with kids

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Are Yorkies good with kids? Wrapping up

They can be a little hard to train in a house environment. But being persistent and showing all daycare towards them will not allow them to become selfish dogs. It is not that they can’t be trained, it is just that sometimes they require extra persuasion and it can be a little exhausting to teach them. 

If you have kids the training doesn’t end with the dog. You must show your kids how to act with the Yorkie as they are the same size when they are younger and the Yorkie might look at the child as hostile. If you start from scratch it is not an issue at all, practice makes perfect as they say.

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