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9 Yorkie Mixes That Will Steal Your Heart

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most confident and lovable small dog breeds. This energetic and affectionate dog is a common choice for pet owners looking for a smaller dog that will keep them company at all times. But what about Yorkie mixes? There are numerous Yorkie crosses that are just as affectionate as Yorkies. If a few Yorkie mix puppies at the dog park caught your eye, take a look at these nine adorable crosses that will steal your heart.

  1. Chorkie 

This Yorkie and Chihuahua mix is a tiny dog with a loud and snappy bark. If you’re looking for a small dog to keep in your apartment, but one that will let you know about possible stranger danger, a Chorkie is the right choice. With positive reinforcement and patience in training, you’ll end up with an excellent watchdog.

  1. Snorkie

A possibly unusual Yorkie mix will turn out to be an outgoing and loyal companion. A Yorkshire terrier and Miniature Schnauzer cross is easily trainable, meaning learning commands will be a piece of cake for them. These pups are quite cheerful and well-behaved as well. Also, they’re much healthier and stronger than their parents, so you’ll be able to keep them around children.

  1. Morkie 

Morkies are not as emotionally attached as other Yorkie breeds, so they’ll be okay when left alone at home. On the other hand, they will also have no problem sitting in your lap for extended periods. The Yorkie and Maltese mix quickly adapts to any environment but also has a tough side when it comes to strangers. That’s why training from an early age is necessary.

  1. Yorkiepoo

One of the most adorable Yorkie mixes is the cross between a Yorkie and a Poodle. Yorkiepoos are quite intelligent and docile, so you won’t experience any problems during training. They also love being the center of attention. However, they’re a bit foolish, so they might get in trouble with bigger dogs when you’re not looking.

  1. Dorkie

Dorkies make perfect lap dogs due to their calm and lovable nature. Their parents are equally adorable, so a Yorkie and Dachshund mix results in a cute and emotionally needy puppy. For that reason, make sure you don’t leave them alone for too long. However, they are sociable, so they’ll get along with almost any other animal if you have more pets.

If you’re lucky enough to share your home with other pets, you’ll find that Dorkies are quite sociable and tend to get along swimmingly with other animals. This makes them a fantastic addition to multi-pet households, spreading their cheerful and friendly vibes to all.

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  1. Yorkie Pin

One of the most energetic and active Yorkie mixes, a Yorkie Pin is the perfect dog for outgoing, outdoorsy people. This Yorkie and Miniature Pinscher cross loves attention and praise. You won’t have any issues when training your Yorkie Pin, but be sure to be attentive with them. They also hate being left alone, so avoid this breed if you’re out of the house most hours of the day.

  1. Corkie 

This Yorkshire terrier and Cocker Spaniel cross is one of the larger mixes on our list. Corkies are extremely happy and playful, so they’re great with children. They love to play catch and run around, so a house with a yard is the perfect option for them. Since Corkies have a dense coat, they require a lot of maintenance and grooming.

  1. Yorkipom

Another Yorkie mix that radiates big-dog energy is the cross between a Yorkie and Pomeranian. One of the smallest dogs on this list, the Yorkipom, has a strong character and lots of attitude. You’ll need to take them out on daily walks and provide a lot of room for their exercise. Don’t forget to train with them to keep their attitude under wraps.

  1. Crustie 

One of the most loyal Yorkie mixes is the cross between a Chinese Crested and Yorkshire terrier. Crusties are quite resilient, and they don’t catch diseases easily. On top of that, they have excellent vision, and they’re quite alert. Although extremely tough, they love getting attention from almost anyone.

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