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Does the Yorkshire Terrier Breed Get Well With Other Yorkies?

One of the most common questions we get from Yorkshire terrier owners is whether their Yorkies would get along with dogs of similar breeds. If you want to bring home another Yorkie or a Yorkie mix, you might be wondering how that change will affect your dog. Generally, Yorkies get on well with other dog breeds, so they shouldn’t create a problem when it comes to their own breed. However, some Yorkshire terrier mixes can be snappy and territorial, so it’s better to be cautious.

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Aside from that, there are plenty of other things that you should pay attention to when introducing your Yorkie to another Yorkshire terrier breed. Let’s dig deeper and see which things you should look out for and how to smoothly make a new introduction.

Precautionary Measures

There are a few steps you should take before bringing another dog into your home. Although you can’t predict your future pup’s behavior, you can see how your current Yorkie behaves around other dogs. 

For example, whether you plan on bringing another Yorkshire terrier or a Yorkie mix into your home, you should have a rough idea of your potential dog’s size. That will help you test your current Yorkie’s tolerance level. Schedule a few playdates with other dogs of similar size to see how your dog will react.

Start by setting up the first two play dates on a neutral territory, like the dog park, and then bring the other dog into your home. This way, you’ll have a chance to see your Yorkie’s reaction when other dogs step onto its territory. This is considered a necessary step because Yorkies might drastically change their behavior when other dogs invade their personal space.

What to Consider With Two or More Yorkshire Terriers

If you’ve sure that your Yorkie won’t have any issues with another dog invading its territory, you might be ready to introduce a new pup into your home. Before you do that, though, we recommend consulting with your future pup’s breeder to learn more about its personality. They might give you insight into how the pup behaves around other dogs and whether you should get a male or female friend for your Yorkshire terrier.

Even if you have made up your mind, you might still have some doubts. That’s entirely normal with many dog owners, so there’s nothing to be worried about. If you’re still on the fence, take a look at some pros and cons that might help you make an informed decision.

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In case you’ve noticed that your current dog feels lonely when you’re out of the house, you might want to do something to cure that separation anxiety. Both Yorkies and their mixes are quite emotionally clingy, so having another dog to keep your pet’s company is an excellent solution.

Plus, you’ll have twice as much love once you come home. You’ll be greeted by affectionate and happy dogs every day, so unconditional love is guaranteed. 

However, you should also be aware that bringing another Yorkie into your home will increase your costs. All Yorkshire terrier breeds require a lot of care, high-quality nutrition, and frequent vet visits. 

You should also keep in mind the potential incompatibility issues. For example, if your current Yorkie is an older dog, you might cause problems by bringing a younger dog into the mix. Older dogs, especially the ones with health issues, love their peace and quiet, so if you bring a puppy that requires a lot of attention and playtime, you might irritate your current dog. In addition, such a change can prove to be quite stressful for an older Yorkie.

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However, a small age gap shouldn’t represent a problem for most dogs. But make sure you follow our guide to help your dog socialize with others before you bring their future brother or sister home.

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