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Can Yorkshire Terriers Live Outside?

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds, known as a toy-size breed. They are demanding little creatures, giving and taking love in enormous and inexhaustible cycles. Therefore, Yorkies are perfect for pets! Not only that they will be such great company for yourself, but it is the essence of their beings – to be protected, in a warm place with their human friend. Yorkies are friendly and needy as much as you can imagine. However, have you ever wondered can Yorkshire terriers live outside?

can yorkshire terriers live outside

Can Yorkshire terriers live outside? Revealed

So, getting another Yorkie for their company is an often situation and a great choice. Leaving them indoor, with a friend to play with, especially with another Yorkie when you are not around, is the best decision to make if this little one is a part of your household. Although they like being indoors, in a warm and cozy place, napping on your lap, Yorkies still are pretty active and energetic.

They are tireless and fast little whirligigs, with an impressive amount of energy. Yorkies need a day full of outdoor activities, and you should take them outside as much as possible! But it doesn’t mean they can live outside.

Imagine being so small, gentle, and fragile as a Yorkshire Terrier. Being alone, outside, especially in the dark, can make the Yorkies feel unprotected and scared. They need proper care, nutrition, warm places, baths, grooming, etc. Sometimes, they get too competitive, because of their Terrier nature, and can get themselves in trouble. They like chasing little creatures or showing themselves off. If there isn’t anybody around to protect them, Yorkies can become targets or even loot for bigger, angry dogs and predators. 

If you are living in a house with a yard there is not a single reason not to let your Yorkie be outside as long as it wants. Of course, if it’s warm and dry outside. Yorkshire Terriers are very sensitive when it comes to low temperatures because they don’t have an undercoat to protect them. Being outside, running, playing, resting in the sun is great for Yorkshire Terriers. But only if there is a warm home and an indoor place to stay the night.

Can Yorkshire Terriers Live Outside?

Try to give your Yorkshire Terriers an active life, as much as you can.

So, the answer to the question is – No, Yorkshire Terriers can not live outside! It is too dangerous for them. Maybe you are thinking – nature should be their natural habitat since they are animals. They do need outdoor activities, a few hours a day; they need the sun, playing with other dogs, playing with you, running… Yorkies can get easily bored. Their day must be organized. But, who will organize their day?

They need somebody to take care of them, to throw the ball, or pretend to throw it. Somebody to brush their beautiful coats, to calm them down when they are scared or cold. Try to give your Yorkshire Terriers an active life, as much as you can. Organize Yorkies and your days and activities mostly outdoors. But, at the end of the day, come home and be protected together. Yorkshire Terriers need affection, love, security, and protection as much as you do.

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