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8 Common Reasons For Yorkies Shaking & What to Do

yorkies shaking

As if their cute little bodies aren’t overwhelming enough, sometimes Yorkies can give you such a hard time by shaking and shivering. According to their personality, you may think they are seeking attention. Yet, there is always a reason behind that, and you should know how to handle these situations.

1. Yorkie Feels Chilly

The main reason for Yorkies shaking could be the cold. Yorkshire Terriers do not have an undercoat. There is only a fine, silky, steel blue coat, and underneath it, there is no wool-alike, fluffy protection. This is a good thing because it is preventing shedding and Yorkie probably won’t cause any allergies. Yet, it can cause some troubles for your Yorkshire Terrier. The lack of undercoat means the Yorkie is often cold. 

Consider the fact that your Yorkie may be cold even when you aren’t, and it may need a sweater or a blanket. If it’s raining outside, if the Yorkie gets wet, and especially after a bath, get your dog to a warm towel to dry off, and afterward cover it with a blanket. Make sure there is a place in your home where your Yorkie can get warm.

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2. Yorkie is Emotional

Sometimes it just gets too emotional for these little puppies… If you come home after a long day, the rush of feelings, love, and happiness can be so overwhelming, it makes the Yorkies shake. Generally speaking, happiness of any kind can cause shaking – if you have given your Yorkie its favorite food, or a new toy, etc. It depends on the personality of your dog, and of what does make it happy. There is not much you can do, except give the Yorkie love, attention, and a warm lap to rest of the rush of feelings.

In dangerous situations, the Yorkie will be afraid. Even if you are scared, or acting strange, dogs can feel it. Although these Terriers are really protective, competitive, and like to show off, there still are situations that are upsetting them. If they are attacked, or come to unknown situations, they can get scared. Firstly, you have to assess the situation. Is there really a danger? If not, try showing the Yorkie that everything is okay. 

Play together, put yourself in the situation that is scaring the Yorkie, show your energy and happiness. If you can’t identify the scary situation, try making Yorkies comfortable. Give them love and comfort. Occupy their attention with something they love, that is making them happy and playful. If there is a real problem, get your dog out of it. If the Yorkie is afraid of other dogs or people, try to socialize together.

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3. Yorkie is Stressed

Although they are real Terriers in their soul, Yorkies can get so sensitive sometimes. If they are dealing with a stressful situation for too long, you may see them shaking. If they have played and ran too intensively, or had any too stressful physical activity, their bodies can start shaking, because the muscles are getting extremely activated and used. It’s a body’s way of protecting and defending itself. 

Yorkies Shaking
Stressful Yorkie

Also, if they missed you too much, they can be stressed, because they are alone, or even uncertain about you coming back. If they are waiting for too long to go outside, or to have their meal, it can also be very stressful and cause shaking. Stress occurs when any need isn’t satisfied, because the body recognizes it as a danger, and tries to defend itself. You have to take care of your Yorkie and its needs and respect the schedule it is used to.

4. Yorkie is Hypoglycemic

Shivering is one of the symptoms of Hypoglycemia. It actually means that your dog is having low blood sugar. If you notice the lack of energy, the trembling and appetite loss, this condition can be the case. It often occurs as a consequence of inappropriate nutrition. Your common sense will tell you to give your dog high-sugar food. That is the truth, but don’t make any health care decisions before consulting the vet. Take this condition seriously. It can affect your dog on many levels.

5. Yorkie is Poisoned or Feeling Nauseous 

Nausea occurs if your dog had long car rides, had inappropriate nutrition, or other medical reasons. If your Yorkie is throwing up, yes, it was feeling nausea. Take this into consideration if your Yorkshire Terrier is shaking. If you are suspecting a medical condition such as poisoning or others, consult your vet. Do not make any decisions by yourself until your vet gives you the assessment. A scenario with the highest probability is that the vet will prescribe a special diet for your dog. If your dog is avoiding food, it’s okay for the first 24-48 hours. Be careful, and don’t allow your dog to get dehydrated.

Unfortunately, Yorkies can’t be responsible while sniffing and choosing what to swallow when you aren’t watching. Sometimes, you can’t be in control, and if Yorkie eats something from the outside, or something with the expired date, etc, it can cause poisoning, throwing up, and shaking. Don’t waste your time, get your dog appropriate medical help it needs.

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6. Yorkie is in Pain

Some dogs don’t like showing pain. Firstly, their pain tolerance is unexpectedly high. In the attempt of being brave Terriers, Yorkies maybe will remain quiet, but their bodies will give them away. Shaking is one of the severe pain symptoms. When it comes to any health issue, your vet is your one and only solution. You can’t be sure what is causing the pain, and if your dog is in pain at all.

7. Yorkie has Aged

Your Yorkie is getting old, and, unfortunately, this brings difficulties for the Yorkie and for you. Your Yorkshire Terrier may shiver when it gets old. There are various reasons for that. Firstly, muscles may be weakened, which results in shaking. On the other side, the Yorkie can be upset or afraid, feeling the changes, the pain, weakness. As always, give your Yorkie love and affection, and visit the vet as soon as possible.

8. Yorkie is Tired

When Yorkshire Terriers get tired, because of too extreme activities, not sleeping, not getting enough food, or because of any kind of exhausting effect, the natural response of their tiny bodies is shaking. As when it comes to being stressed, afraid, or cold, their bodies will defend themselves. Give your Yorkshire Terrier a warm place to hide, love, food, and make sure its needs are satisfied.

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In a nutshell, before concluding what is happening to your Yorkshire Terrier, and why it is shaking, you should at least consult your vet by the phone. On the other side, getting to know your dog and its needs will help you assess the situation and shaking causes. Establish good habits for your Yorkie, and respect them. Give it love and affection. If there aren’t any medical causes, that is the main thing you can do!

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