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Crate Training a Yorkie: The Complete Guide

When people think of sticking their dog in a crate, they often believe that it is rude or being used as a form of neglect. While that belief may sound partially logical to some, it is not entirely true. Crating your dog, when done correctly, does not feel like abandonment to them, they actually enjoy it at times. 

However, crate training a dog, a Yorkie in this case, is not a simple task. Yorkies are bossy, independent little pups that would rather live their lives by their own rules. What they don’t realize is how beneficial being crate trained can be for them. And, at times, owners may not realize it either. 

If you’re looking to properly crate train your yorkie or even just understand how healthy it actually is, this article will provide you with lots of helpful information to do so. Enjoy!

Why Should You Crate Train Your Yorkie?

Believe it or not, the act of crate training is actually highly recommended by experts. But usually when the Yorkie is still in their puppy years. Although you can still do so when they’re older. When adopting a puppy, crate training is an essential part of raising them. 

This training process gives them a sense of stability and independence, which is very helpful during times when you need to leave them at home. Not to mention it helps keep owners from feeling like they’re about to go crazy with a tiny Yorkie zooming around the house. 

The rest of this article will inform you on additional reasons to take part in crate training, along with how to do it properly and much more.

Benefits Of Crate Training

Aside from what’s been mentioned earlier about crate training establishing stability and independence for yorkies, there are a range of other benefits as well. Some of those great benefits are as follows:

  • It makes for a relaxing space for them 

Yorkies are very sensitive and emotional dogs, along with being bold in situations. Due to this, if something happens to upset or anger them, they may resort to dominance or possible violence as protection. This could be anything from voting to scratching and more. In addition, yorkies strongly dislike being told no, so in these instances, a commanding ‘NO’ is not a good idea. Instead, they could have a sanctioned crate to return to until they feel comfortable again. 

Training a dog to not make messes in the house a challenge. Especially with yorkies, given their “I can do what I want” kind of attitudes. Luckily crate training your Yorkie can help with that problem tremendously. Being crate trained will help your Yorkie understand that doing this indoors is not right. If you think about it, no dog wants to sleep in a mess they’ve made, knowing they’ll be in the crate for a few hours. Because they won’t want to mess up their temporary living space, they will be more likely to wait until you’re able to take them outside.

  • It acts as a safe haven for them.

Those times when owners need to leave their dog home while they go to work or run errands can be kind of intimidating for a Yorkie. Being a small dog home alone for hours, every little noise, voice, care, etc. can make them worrisome. However, if they’re in a crate, they’re more likely to feel a sense of security. Especially if you add in their favorite toys, blankets, or something that has your scent to it. This way, when you leave the house, they can still feel like you’re there protecting them. 

Is Crating A Yorkie Considered Abuse Or Neglect? 

Definitely not! Although this question may come up quite a bit, there is nothing wrong or neglecting about crate training your Yorkie. Experts wouldn’t recommend you to do it if it were. Providing your Yorkie a crate is not meant to be an act of punishment, just a safe place for them to collect themselves and relax. 

If you’re worried about a crate making your Yorkie feel unwanted or unloved, take the necessary steps needed to gradually introduce them to the crate. Assure them that it isn’t a bad thing and soon after they should feel more at ease when it comes time to be put in the crate. 

Beginning Your Crate Training Journey

Now that you’re more informed on how crate training is an essential step of owning a dog, it’s time to jump right into the process. The next few paragraphs of this article will help guide you into choosing the perfect crate and setting it up to begin training. This article will also provide an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide to training your Yorkie. 

Choosing A Crate Size

The very first step into crate training your Yorkie is choosing the correct sized crate, of course. As mentioned before, you can train any aged Yorkie, from puppies to seniors. Therefore, choosing your crate should be based on their size and how much room will be needed for supplies. Your Yorkie should, at the very least, be able to lie down, stretch, stand up, turn around, etc. in their crate. If the crate chosen is too small, they will be irritable and uncomfortable. If the crate chosen is too big, they will neglect the act of settling down in there and will likely begin making messes. 

How To Crate Train A Yorkie

Step 1: Always remember to take off your yorkies collar prior to putting them in the crate. Leaving their collars on makes for a greater chance of them getting stuck to the crates sides or door. This is bad in general, but it’s especially dangerous when you’re leaving your home.

Step 2: Make the crate feel homey to your Yorkie. (Later on in this article, we’ll get to what more should be included in the crate). At this time, you should be placing down extra absorbent training potty pads. Choose the best, neutral space for the crate to sit and add in any of those comforting toys, blankets, etc. that were mentioned earlier.

Step 3: Introduce your Yorkie to its crate. Help them understand that it is a cozy place for them to feel safe in. It is recommended to provide a command to teach them when it is time to get in the crate. The more comfortable and understanding they get, give them a treat and let them know they’re doing good.

Step 4: Leave the door of the crate open for a few days so that they can get used to walking in there themselves. This will give them the necessary time to snoop around and grow a liking to the area. 

Step 5: After a few days of them getting used to it, start closing them in there for fall increments of time. To really get them used to being alone in there, you can peace the room for a chunk of time. Soon after, they will catch on that this is a daily habit. And that’s all there is to it!

How Long Should A Yorkie Remain In A Crate?

A common question owners have when it comes to crate training is how long their Yorkie should remain in the crate. For Yorkies, once trained, they enjoy the independent time they get to themselves. However, they should never be left in a crate for longer than 8 hours without being checked on. 

This amount of time also depends on the age and health history of your yorkies. For example, older Yorkies should only be kept in a crate for 4-5 hours tops. With that being said, if you know you will not be home for more than 8 hours, you will need to have someone come in to check on them and let them outside. 

What Should Be Provided Inside The Crate?

  • Waterproof Bedding

Bedding is an essential supply needed in their crate. It is useful for both comfort and to soothe them. It is recommended to use a chunkier, non-stuffed bed that is waterproof. Being waterproof will make for easier clean-ups if they do have accidents. 

  • Food And Water

These items are not exactly recommended to be put in their crates due to it leading to more messes. However, not giving them food and water for 8 hours a day is depriving them. Plus some dogs need water constantly due to their health. Thus being why it would be good to purchase bowls that can be secured to the door of the crate. 

  • Toys

Being in a crate for hours is bound to get both boring and stressful, but toys can help with that. Like the bedding, the toys should never be stuffed toys. Unless they’re stuffed with treats! Any toys provided should not be delicate enough for them to chew through, as that could become a choking hazard. 

Overall, crate training your yorkies can be a highly beneficial action for you and them. It may be hard to do or it may feel wrong at first, but they will learn to love it. And they’ll appreciate you for introducing it! Keep in mind that crate training a Yorkie is not going to be simple by any means, but hopefully this article has helped make it a bit less stressful for you. Good luck and happy training!

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