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Your Guide to Yorkies Potty Training

Yorkies are by their nature very stubborn. Despite that, they are as hard to train as any other dog breed. If you are wondering how much it will take for you to train your Yorkie? 

The estimated time would be around 7 months. This can vary from dog to dog, depending on their personality, and how much work you put into the process. 

By the time your Yorkie hits 7 months, you can expect your dog to be what is called “housebroken”, but you should not expect perfection. Your Yorkie will make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. 

If you are taking your dog from a breeder, it is expected that the breeder took the first steps in pad training, making your process easier.

It is suggested that the training process should take place in both outdoor or indoor environments. This is all personal preference. You should choose what fits your lifestyle best. Indoor training is better for people that live in more urban places, in apartment buildings, with no easy access to dog-friendly parks. 

On the other hand, outdoor training is better for owners who live in more rural places, with easier access to dog-friendly parks, and for owners that can often take their pets on walks. If you do not want to have pee pads in your house, this might be the best option.

yorkies potty training

Training your Yorkie how to potty is the best option. Here are some tips:

Potty Placement

The best place to put all the necessary equipment that your Yorkie will use is the bathroom. The bathroom is easy to access and it is far away from the walking area. 

The bathroom is also easy to clean if it gets messy. You do not want your new carpet to be covered with urine.

For an outdoor environment, choose a place away from the rain. It is known that dogs do not like getting wet. When you put your dog in the area where you taught him to potty, your Yorkie will know that it is time that he needs to relieve himself.

Be Prepared For Potty Time

To train your Yorkie, you first need to know when your puppy has to relieve himself. Usually, it is after eating, playing, sleeping, in the morning, or before bed. 

Take your puppy to a potty place ten minutes after these events. After a couple of times, you will know when is the perfect timing for your dog to potty.

Area Should Be Limited

Constant supervision is a very important aspect of training your Yorkie to potty. Because of their busy lifestyle, owners usually do not have all time of the day to invest in constant supervision of their Yorkie. 

The baby gate method is a great way of limiting the area during the training period. With a baby gate, you won’t need to constantly watch out for your dog. You can freely do your job, not worrying about your puppy. 

In the limited area, place water and food for your Yorkie. If your pet uses a pee pad, place it on the opposite side of the area, away from food and water. 

The baby gate is also a great way of minimizing mess during Yorkies potty training. It won’t ruin your new carpet, and it is easy to clean. Also, you can easily monitor your dog, and when he decides it is time, you can react fast.

When your puppy makes indicators like squatting or lifting a leg, you have to interrupt by saying “no”. That sign should be simple and clear letting your Yorkie know that he should not do that there. You should quickly lift your Yorkie, and place him on the potty area. 

You should choose a simple command that you will constantly repeat while he is pottying. Constantly repeating this command will teach your dog when it is the time to potty. The designed area should be just large enough for your dog to sit or lie down. Including food and water bowls. 

If you have decided to use this method during Yorkies potty training, you will need to track the time since your dog last pottied. Then you can decide when to play or baby gate time. 

yorkies potty training

Taking Your Dog Outside, Verbal Command during Yorkies potty training

When it comes to outdoor training, there are some things you need to know. 

Firstly, never let your dog go outside on their own, because training will not be as effective. Put your dog in the area that you chose for a potty spot, and give them a verbal command. 

While he is relieving himself, you should constantly repeat the command. As more often you say the command, the faster your Yorkie will begin to recognize it. 

Sometimes, it can take a while for your Yorkie to choose the right potty spot. Oftentimes, up to 20 minutes. You should be very patient when it comes to waiting, so be prepared. Do not rush your dog, because it will lead to unsuccessful training. 

Your Yorkie will sniff around, mapping out the territory. Also, this is their way of relaxing before they potty. 

If, for some reason, your dog walks away from the potty spot, pick him up and put him on the same spot, giving him a verbal command. Most likely this will happen again, so be very patient, because a key to success is patience. 

Congratulate Your Dog For Doing A Good Job

Whenever your Yorkie does a good job, you should always give them a positive reaction and some form of physical interaction like scratching their back. 

Also, a treat can be a form of congratulation to your dog, but be careful. You should slice a treat into smaller pieces so your dog won’t get overloaded. 

Whatever you choose, it will need to be something that your puppy will love, so he will want to repeat it. Constantly doing this when they do a great job, will teach them what is right to do when it comes to pottying.

yorkies potty training

Be Prepared For Accidents During Yorkies Potty training

Accidents will happen, and you should be mentally prepared. You should never yell at them when they do not do as you expected. 

The only solution to an accident is to clean up the mess and continue as if nothing happened. 

Yelling at them won’t teach them what is wrong and what is right. If you see them getting ready to do that, simply say no and put them on a designated potty spot. 

After they do their job, praise them for doing such a great job. If a mess happens on your new carpet, there is always a solution. But under no circumstances should you yell at them or get physical. 

If an accident happens you should clean it with special detergents that remove the smell, because dogs usually potty where the smell is familiar. 

Remember that, whenever they do a good job you should praise them, and when they make a mess, never yell at them or get physical.

Pee Pad Training At Night

A pee pad should always be available to your dog 24/7 every day. You never know when your puppy has to relieve himself. 

If you are training your dog to potty outside, you should also use pee pads that your Yorkie can use during the night. When they are just beginning with training, during the night they will go multiple times to pee and you will not know when is the time. 

Yorkies potty training: wrapping up

To train your Yorkie to sleep through the night, first, you will have to ignore their barking, which is their way of trying to get your attention. Unless you know for sure that he has to potty, always ignore his calls.

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Further in the training, you will try to take your dog outside during the night. Your dog will think that it is playtime. Ignore that and only say a verbal command letting him know that it is not playtime, but potty. After he finishes potty time, return him to sleep instantly, avoiding your Yorkie getting playful.

The key to successful training is patience and consistency. There will always be a mess and a lot of accidents will happen, but never lose temper. 

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