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Find Out if Yorkies Are a One Person Dogs

do yorkies get attached to one person

Yorkies are dogs with a huge personality, even if their size couldn’t present that. They are tiny balls of positivity, but they are also stubborn and possessive. Many people are not sure if a  Yorkie would fit their small family. Here is some info about their personality that would convince you not to have any second thoughts about these cute furry friends. Discover do Yorkies get attached to one person or all family members in your household.

Do yorkies get attached to one person? Things to keep in mind

Yorkies Have Such a Big Heart

People usually think that small dogs are nervous little creatures who bark and don’t act friendly towards anyone. But that’s a very wrong assumption, especially when it comes to Yorkies. Yorkies have been very popular for many years now, firstly because of their looks. They are just too cute, tiny, and you could cuddle them for days! But any Yorkie owner will assure you that what makes these little cuties even more irresistible is their personality! They think of themselves as big dogs, and therefore – they will love you so much that it couldn’t fit their small bodies! 

That means that sometimes they can get a little possessive. In general, Yorkies are territorial and very loyal dogs. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you live on your own. Yorkies love to have their owner as a central figure in their lives. It’s widespread that Yorkie bonds only with one person, even in large families. They are very protective, and they think and act like big guard dogs. 

We would say that Yorkie is a perfect one-person dog because they will enjoy your undivided attention. Because they have strong personalities, and they are intelligent, you have to invest time in training them from an early age. This is important for dogs socialization because only then you won’t have to worry about their stubbornness and possessiveness.

do yorkies get attached to one person

Yorkies are Low Maintenance Dogs

Another reason for Yorkies’ popularity is that they are not demanding dogs. It’s also an essential feature if you and Yorkie are only members of your small family. They adore living in an apartment, they don’t need a lot of space, and you can provide enough physical activity for them just by walking around the neighborhood. That’s very convenient if you tend to be the only owner of this smart firecracker. 

Yorkies need daily combing, but all your duties like bathing and feeding will take a minimum of your time. Due to its size, Yorkies are perfect for one-person dogs because you can take care of them on your own and not spend a lot of time like a prominent dog owner. You can also bring them everywhere around, so your tiny friend has to spend as much time with you as possible. That also minimizes the unhappy hours they live while you’re at work. We explained how long your Yorkie could stay alone in this article.

On the other hand, the main catch about this breed is training and learning to control their personalities. As we`ve already said, you need to think about this while your Yorkie is still a puppy, and you won’t have a single problem with them. Having all of these features in mind, Yorkies are low maintenance dogs, which makes them perfect. They are charming and friendly dogs who love to make friends with other dogs and other people. But they would be so happy at the end of the day when it’s just the two of you!

Don’t Fall Into the Cuteness Trap – Spoiled Dog Alarm!

When you’re the only person who takes care of a dog, it’s all on you – you are responsible for everything that happens to them, but also for everything they learn or do not learn. Training can be extremely challenging for just one owner, but keep in mind that Yorkies are special. They grow skills very fast, and they are brilliant. You won’t have to spend years trying to teach them the basics, but on the other hand – a spoiled Yorkie can be very tiring. 

Yorkies are so cute and tiny that we get you if you’re having a hard time being strict. I mean, who could resist those eyes and small, lovable faces? How to say no to that? It’s also easier to let them do whatever they want, but it can become a nightmare on longer terms. Being so tiny, people usually bring their Yorkies everywhere, buy them clothes and accessories, giving them snacks and cuddles. They also get carried away, forgetting that it’s just a dog who has to be disciplined and learned how to behave appropriately. 

The trap of having your dog being pampered and so attached to you can’t be good for them. The personality you want to build is: A healthy-minded dog who is confident, brave, and adores exploring the world on their own. 

Do yorkies get attached to one person if you live alone? Considering their possessive feature, you, as the only Yoirkes family member, will be the center of his universe. If not trained and socialized correctly, Yorkies can become very clingy and needy. Not only that, when they grow up, they could become aggressive towards other dogs or make your problems when some guests arrive at your home. Spoiled Yorkies will bark all day just to get attention, you will have to carry them around everywhere, and they can destroy some furniture while you’re away just for being revolted. 

Do Yorkies get attached to one person? Wrapping up

That’s an easily avoidable scenario, don`t be scared. With intelligent and adjustable breeds like Yorkie, you’ll be thrilled how quickly they learn things. All you need is a little time and effort to make your puppy one positive, happy dog with no socializing problems and possessive behavior.

In the end, it’s enough to say that Yorkies are perfect small fellows for one person only. Even though they are friendly and love to socialize, they will be so excited to have all the attention and love just for themselves. If you would like to become an owner of a Yorkie puppy but have second thoughts because you live on your own – don`t worry! Yorkies are very adaptable and appropriately trained, and they would make a great addition to your small family.

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