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How To Shave a Yorkie? Your Ultimate Guide to Shaving a Yorkie

As temperatures begin to rise and the days start getting warmer, dogs will be seen panting and guzzling down water to keep cool. Due to having thick coats of fur, dogs get much warmer than humans do. Dog owners can help them but only to a certain extent. Keeping them inside more often, giving them a cool bath, or even purchasing a small pool for them to play in are some great ways to help them. Since how to shave a Yorkie is one of the most common questions we hear from dog owners, we decided to reveal this topic.

Depending on the amount of fur dog possess, those options may not be enough to keep them cool during the warmer months. That’s when owners look into shaving their dogs and having them shaved professionally. But some dog breeds aren’t meant to be shaved for health-concerning reasons. A dog’s fur can be too thick or too delicate to trim and shaving them is a task that requires accuracy. 

For instance, dog owners of yorkies often question how to shave their dogs due to their fur being so delicate. Luckily, this article is here to help. 

Hair Profile Of A Yorkie

First things first, yorkies are referred to as having hair, rather than fur. And it’s actually pretty similar to human hair, being soft, thin, and delicate. Like human hair, a yorkie’s hair must be kept-up on with grooming and care to avoid excessive tangling. However, with there being three different coats, there are care instructions tailored to each style. 

  1. Silky coat: This Yorkie haircut is considered to look like a skirt. It involves longer hair that is straight and requires frequent brushing and grooming to avoid tangles.
  2. Puppy coat: This is the style yorkies are seen having while they are growing up. This style is much shorter and appears to be thicker as well. Classic grooming and cleanliness is fine for this coat, but it should never be shaved as it is a protectant for them. 
  3. Cotton coat: Similar to the puppy coat style, the cotton coat style is shorter as well. It’s referred to as a cotton coat because it is smooth and looks like curly wool. This hair is thicker, making a higher chance of tangles, and requires frequent grooming every few days.

A lack of weekly grooming can make your yorkies hair a mangled mess and make it more prone to damage. However, this can become time consuming and includes creating a routine of hair care. Of course, if you don’t have time or a simple brushing does not seem to help, you could consider shaving them.

Should Yorkies Be Shaved?

The short answer is yes, but only during the summertime.

As mentioned earlier, shaving a yorkie requires precision and time. Along with having delicate hair, yorkies also have susceptible skin that needs that hair to protect it. Yorkies are highly sensitive dogs and should not be exposed to the outdoors with little to no hair. However, if you want to shave your Yorkie, it is alright to do so during the summer. 

If you choose to do this, only keep your Yorkie outside for a minimal length of time with fresh water. If you do choose to shave them from home, be extra patient and shave them slowly to avoid skin irritation. Later on in this article, you will have a guide to help you through the shaving process in a safe way. 

Nevertheless, if you don’t feel confident in attempting this task, locate a grooming service to do it for you. 

Best Clippers For Shaving Yorkies

For those Yorkie owners wanting to try shaving them from home, knowing which tools to use can be difficult. If you do a quick Google search for pet-safe clippers, you will be shown a wide variety of different brands. But how do you know which ones will work best on your Yorkie without trying them first? 

There is a pretty good-sized list of the best clippers to use on a Yorkie, but for the sake of keeping this short and sweet, I have provided insight on the top two. 

  1. Andis Proclip Professional Animal Grooming Clippers

These clippers provide a safe, high-speed professional shaving experience for you and your Yorkie. This design has been made to reduce hair getting clogged during trimming and is equipped with a switch that locks in place while the clippers are on. Included with 4 different sized blade guards, this is a perfect option for first-time users.

  1. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

This set of clippers provides a durable, snag-free blade set that is great for trimming your Yorkie with precision. The design is strong enough to cut through all coats, including thicker and longer ones. The Lithium Ion battery makes for uninterrupted shaving sessions due to the charge holding for up to two hours. With this set of clippers, you never have to worry about painful shaves or dull blades.

What Are The Best Yorkie Brushes to Groom Their Coat?

When the shaving is done, you need to have the appropriate yorkie brushes by your side. Depending on the haircut, your Yorkie’s hair should be combed daily or at least 3 times a week.

Professional Yorkie Brush is designed for pooches with longer coats. It effectively removes dead hair and detangles the knots. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you’ll easily reach all the spots on your Yorkie’s skin.


If your Yorkie has bands, then the Sleek Comb for Yorkshire Terriers should become your must-have item. It features a long handle and will help you gently fix your dog’s bands and attach an accessory to her head.


Our third pick of Yorkie brushes will be suitable to use on any type of yorkie’s coat. Self-Cleaning Yorkie Brush features a button on the back that allows you to clean the hair from the pins easily. Therefore, the brush will be ready for the next use in a few seconds.


How To Shave A Yorkie?

Once you’ve decided on the right clippers to use and the length of hair you’d like to cut off, you’re ready to prepare for shaving. Before shaving, you’ll need to bathe and brush your Yorkie. Be sure they have no skin irritations and that all tangles are removed. Then you’re ready to begin! Just keep in mind that shaving needs to be done slowly. 

  1. When starting out, you should use the clipper guard labeled as a half-inch. Apply the provided oil to the blade and turn on the clippers. Show the clippers to your Yorkie so they can get used to the sound and avoid getting scared. Provide treats throughout the session for comfort. 
  2. As seen done at professional groomers, leash up your Yorkie and secure the leash to something sturdy. Keep the leash short so they don’t try to run off mid-shaving. It can be helpful to hold part of the leash so they understand that they are safe with you.
  3. Begin shaving your Yorkie. Gently glide the clippers down your yorkies back, starting at the neck and working your way down. 
  4. Using the same with-the-grain, downwards technique, continue shaving the remainder of your dog. Be sure to go slow when nearing their legs or use scissors to trim lightly. 
  5. Once you’ve completed shaving them to the length desired, you can turn off the clippers and give them another treat for good behavior.
  6. Now that you’ve shaved their body, you can use some safety scissors to trim around their face. Special pet grooming scissors would be best for this portion. 
  7. Bathe them to remove any excess hair and brush them afterwards. Make sure you dry them as much as possible to avoid them getting cold.

How to shave a Yorkie? Wrapping up

To conclude, shaving your Yorkie is not necessary but it is safe (and recommended) to do during the summer. Always use pet-safe tools and assure your pup that they are safe around the clippers. It is my hope that this guide has helped you understand the proper way to shave your Yorkie from home. Nonetheless, if you’re still unsure about the process, consider taking your Yorkie to a professional groomer instead. 

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