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Beat the Heat: Best Yorkie Summer Cut for a Stylish, Comfortable Pet

yorkie summer cut

Since the summer season is closer than ever, we all have to think about how to make our dogs staying cool and looking tidy. Grooming a Yorkie during the summer season might sound difficult. However, with the following tips, you’ll be able to give your pooch the best Yorkie summer cut and make him feel great during warm months.

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Things to Know About Yorkie Summer Cut

A Yorkie summer cut refers to a specific grooming style for Yorkshire Terriers that’s particularly popular during the warmer months. This haircut involves trimming the dog’s coat shorter than usual to help them stay cool as temperatures rise. 

The style can vary from a light trim to keep the fur manageable to a more drastic cut, which might involve shaving the hair quite close to the skin, although care must be taken to avoid exposing the skin to sunburn. This type of cut is not only practical for the season but also keeps your Yorkie looking smart and neat.

One big no-no is giving your Yorkie a haircut that’s too close to the skin—this can lead to nasty sunburns or annoying skin irritations, especially under that hot summer sun. Plus, skimping on the right tools or not quite getting the hang of those grooming techniques can end up with your pup sporting a rather uneven ‘do, which might be a bit uncomfortable for them. Keeping these mishaps in mind will help you provide a much safer and enjoyable grooming experience for your Yorkie.

Types of Yorkie Summer Cut

Yorkshire Terriers, known for their beautiful, silky coats, can sport several types of summer cuts that not only help them stay cool during warm weather but also keep their grooming manageable and stylish. Here are some popular types of Yorkie summer cuts:

  1. Puppy Cut: One of the most popular choices, the puppy cut involves trimming the entire coat to a uniform length, usually about one to two inches long. This cut is low maintenance and gives your Yorkie a youthful, teddy bear-like appearance.
  2. Teddy Bear Cut: Similar to the puppy cut but with the hair around the face and ears left slightly longer, the teddy bear cut emphasizes the cute, round face of the Yorkie, making them look like a plush toy.
  3. Kennel Cut: This is a practical, shorter cut, where the fur is clipped to about half an inch over the body, making it extremely easy to manage during the hotter months. This cut is especially good for Yorkies who spend a lot of time outdoors.
  4. Schnauzer Cut: Inspired by the traditional Schnauzer hairstyle, this cut features shorter hair on the body and longer hair on the legs, underbelly, and face. It’s a distinctive style that stands out in a crowd.
  5. Westie Cut: Although traditionally for West Highland White Terriers, some Yorkie owners opt for this style, which involves shaping the hair around the face into a round puff while keeping the body hair relatively short.
  6. Three-Layer Cut: This more elaborate style features three different lengths: it’s longest on the bottom (like a skirt), shorter on the middle layer, and very short on the top. This cut is quite stylish but requires more grooming effort to maintain.

Each of these cuts can be tailored to your Yorkie’s individual coat texture and your personal preferences. Whether you prefer a low-maintenance cut like the kennel cut or something cuter and fluffier like the teddy bear cut, there’s a summer style suitable for every Yorkie.

yorkie summer cut

Should Yorkies be shaved in summer?

Shaving a Yorkie during the summer is a topic of debate among many pet owners and groomers. Generally, it’s recommended not to shave Yorkies completely. Here’s why:

  1. Skin Protection: Yorkies have sensitive skin that can be prone to sunburn if exposed directly to sunlight, which can happen if they are shaved too closely. Their coat provides a natural barrier against the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  2. Regulation of Body Temperature: Although it might seem counterintuitive, a Yorkie’s coat not only keeps them warm in winter but also helps regulate their body temperature during summer by providing insulation against the heat. Removing this coat can make it harder for them to stay cool.
  3. Risk of Coat Damage: Yorkies have a fine, silky coat that can be damaged by shaving. The texture and growth patterns of their hair can change after shaving, which might result in a coat that is rougher, coarser, or patchy when it grows back.

Instead of shaving, opting for a shorter trim or a lightweight summer cut like a puppy cut or a teddy bear cut can be more beneficial. These styles keep the hair short enough to help the Yorkie stay cool without completely removing the protective layer of their fur. Always consult with a professional groomer to choose the best haircut for your Yorkie’s health, comfort, and lifestyle.

What is the best shampoo for your Yorkie?

During the summer season, your Yorkie would be thankful to have more baths. That’s why we recommend you to choose a high-quality and hypoallergenic Yorkie shampoo that won’t irritate their skin. Since bathing them with water only can lead to a well-known ‘’wet dog smell’’, choosing a dog shampoo for sensitive skin can help.

Yorkie Shampoo and conditioner features a gorgeous-smelling lavender essential oil and it’s free of sulfates. It’s suitable for frequent use and it won’t lead to itchiness in your pet.

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What is the best length for a Yorkie’s summer cut?

For a Yorkie’s summer cut, you typically want to keep it short enough to help them stay cool, but not so short that you risk sunburn or damage their silky coat. A good rule of thumb is to aim for about one to two inches of fur. This length is long enough to protect their skin from the sun and provide insulation, but short enough to significantly reduce the heat they feel and make their coat easier to manage during those hot summer months. Plus, it keeps them looking absolutely adorable—like a little plush toy on the go! Always chat with your groomer to tailor the cut to your Yorkie’s specific needs and lifestyle.

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