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Do Yorkies do Better in Pairs?

Yorkies are tiny dogs with prominent personalities! They love being in the center of attention and even better – being the only dog that is loved by their owners. When people think of small dogs, they are usually considered aggressive toward other people and other dogs, so they don’t seem like friendly pets. With Yorkies, it’s just the opposite! 

They love other dogs, and they are perfect if you’d like to enlarge your family for another furry member. But there are some steps you need to take while your Yorkie is a puppy if you want it to be adaptable and socialized. Here’s what you need to know about Yorkies as companions:

Yorkies have a friendly personality.

These cute tiny dogs think of themselves as significant and powerful housekeepers. They are confident, and they love attention. That could be a problem when another Yorkie comes to your household. Being so protective and attached to their owners, they would have you for themselves only. On the other side, Yorkies are very energetic and curious dogs who love to make friends and have fun with others. 

When in pairs, Yorkies can be the best friends forever, but they would still seek your undivided attention. If you have a grown Yorkie and bring a puppy into your family, a small one will likely imitate your older Yorkies. That means that your first one will be a role model to a pup, which can be very flattering for Yorkies’ personality. 

They love being validated and having all eyes on them. Two Yorkies in one household also means that the action and energy level is very high during the day. But it also means you’ll receive double the amount of love! With the cuteness level of two Yorkies, we’re sure that you’ll have a blast with these two little bosses.

What if your second dog isn’t a Yorkie too

You don’t have to worry about compatibility with other breeds. Yorkie can be a best friend to any dog, no matter how big or small. The only catch with larger dogs is that they can be unwillingly harsh while playing or running around with a tiny buddy. Also, if you are rarely by your Yorkies side, you should think about getting him a companion, because Yorkies can develop separation anxiety.

Dogs don’t have presumptions of how fragile small dogs can be, and so, they can hurt them in the heat of a moment. They`ll just play with Yorkie like with someone of their owns size. That can create some fear in your smaller dog or even aggressive behavior toward their clumsy big friend. If you are already an owner of any giant breed, it’s up to you to make a decision based on your dog’s personality. Some large dogs just don’t like the small ones for many reasons, but every dog has its character. 

On the other hand, many big dogs treat smaller ones like their most precious friend,  and they like having the role of their protectors and role models. When it comes to Yorkies, you don’t have to worry about them – they are adjustable and full of love. In general, Yorkies are very friendly, and they`ll be a great fellow to someone as twice as big. They are just unaware of their size, and they’ll think of their big friend as equal. It doesn’t get cuter than that, right?

Trained Yorkie makes the best companion.

Training and making sure that you don`t let a Yorkie do as he likes is something you must do as the owner of this little energy ball. No matter if you plan another dog in your household or not, spoiled Yorkie is just very tiring. When Yorkies don’t know their boundaries from an early age, they`ll be too needy and nervous dogs. 

This behavior can be very harmful to themselves, other dogs, and the people around them. That also means that they`ll be so attached to their owner that they won’t have an interest in other people, and most importantly, other dogs. They can also become aggressive and clingy. 

Training your Yorkie puppy also means socialization because they tend to be very possessive and protective towards their owners. In that case, if you bring another Yorkie or any other dog to your household, you can have problems with accommodation of both sides – it will be hard for your first and your new dog as well.

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As all of that said, we can only tell you one more thing – enjoy the magnified amount of love from your two dogs and have no worries about your Yorkie. Being consistent with them will lead you to enjoy their big personality, which will shine through even stronger when they are not the only dog in your family. Yorkies do better in pairs – you get twice the amount of cuteness, love, positivity, and energy!

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