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Teddy Bear Yorkie: Top 5 Things You Need To Know

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If you’re a lover of the Yorkie breed, then you would probably like to know something more about a Teddy Bear Yorkie as well. To be honest, even the name sounds cute. However, do you know why this type of Yorkie people called by this name? 

The Yorkie Standard: Setting the Scene

Let’s get our facts straight about what a Yorkshire Terrier should be, according to the folks who set the rules – the American Kennel Club (AKC). The Yorkie is a breed with a clear-cut standard. This includes everything from their weight cap of 7 pounds to their eye color and the elegant swish of their tail. It’s like having a blueprint for the quintessential Yorkie!

But here’s where it gets interesting. Unlike some breeds that come in different sizes (like the various versions of Beagles), Yorkies are a one-size-fits-all deal in the official dog world. So, when we chat about Teddy Bear Yorkies, remember, it’s more like an affectionate nickname rather than a category recognized by the AKC. Breeders started to produce ‘teddy bear’ types of Yorkies because people went crazy for dogs who look like living teddy bears. 

Well, even though it’s not a good practice with certain breeds, there’s nothing wrong with creating a more ‘teddy’ appearance in Yorkies. 

Luckily, they’re considered for healthier breeds, so there are small chances for some health issues to appear in the future. It’s also important to note that some breeders intentionally mate certain dog breeds with yorkies to clear them up from potential health issues. 

For example, if the parents of some Yorkie are not so healthy, a breeder will search for another dog of the same or another dog breed. 

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The Birth of the ‘Teddy Bear Yorkie’

So, how did this adorable term come into play? It’s a newbie in the dog lexicon.  A teddy bear Yorkie name is actually inspired by the Pomeranian breed called “Teddy Bear Poms.” This cute label made its way over to Yorkies. However, there’s the catch.  There’s no exact rule about what makes a Teddy Bear Yorkie. It’s a term that’s open to interpretation, and people have different views on it! And, to be honest, the world gone crazy for them.

The Many Faces of the Teddy Bear Yorkie

Let’s explore the various ways people interpret the ‘Teddy Bear Yorkie’:

1. A Matter of Size

Some breeders use this term for Yorkies smaller than the norm. But, given that the AKC doesn’t specify a minimum weight, every petite Yorkie technically fits the bill. So, the ‘Teddy Bear’ tag in terms of size might be a bit over the top.

2. The Cute Face Factor

A Teddy Bear Yorkie often means a pooch with a shorter snout, larger eyes, and a rounder head – a face that screams teddy bear! But remember, this isn’t an official breed feature. So, if you’re looking for a teddy type of Yorkie, make sure it looks fluffier than the standard one. 

3. Color Confusion

Some might define a Teddy Bear Yorkie by its color, especially the black and tan combo. However, all pure Yorkies start with these colors, and their coats evolve as they grow. So, color as a defining trait? Maybe not so much.

4. Coat Controversy

Yorkies with a wooly, non-silky coat sometimes get the Teddy Bear tag. But hold up – this goes against the breed’s standard for a silky coat. It’s a controversial take, often linked to less-than-ideal breeding practices.

According to some research, breeders usually mate a standard Yorkie with a Maltese, Pekingese, or Shi-Tzu. It’s one of the ways to get that ‘teddy bear’ appearance.

We also need to mention that the ‘teddy bear yorkie’ mark is based on the coat hues. Every purebred Yorkie has a black and tan coat when it’s born. However, the greatest change happens when the puppy reaches 8 months. At that time, coat colors of other dogs’ genes can show up. 

5. The Teddy Bear Cut

The most agreeable use of the term revolves around the haircut – a short, cute trim that amps up the cuddle factor. It’s practical, tangle-free, and oh-so-adorable.

Beyond the Name: The Essence of Teddy Bear Yorkies

What we’ve got here is a term that’s more about endearment than breed specifics. Whether it’s size, face shape, color, coat texture, or a fancy haircut, the ‘Teddy Bear’ label is all about upping the cuteness ante of the already delightful Yorkie.

A Cautionary Note for Prospective Owners

If a Teddy Bear Yorkie has caught your eye, remember, it’s a term not officially recognized. So, it’s vital to know what you’re looking for. Do your homework on breeders, and make sure they’re on the up and up with ethical practices. And no matter what Yorkie variant tugs at your heartstrings, they’re bound to be a source of joy and love.

Questions to ask a breeder when buying a Yorkie puppy:

  • What’s the health history of the puppy, and have you done any genetic testing? It’s like peeking into the pup’s medical file to ensure they’re starting off on the right paw.
  • How have the puppies been socialized, and what’s their daily routine like? This is key to understanding the little guy’s current lifestyle and how well they’re prepped for a social world.
  • Can I learn about the puppy’s parents? It’s like checking out the family tree, giving insights into what your future pooch might inherit in terms of looks and personality.
  • What vaccinations has the puppy had, and are there recent vet check-up records? This ensures your new buddy is up-to-date on health needs.
  • What are you currently feeding the puppies? This question is important because switching homes is a big deal. You certainly want to keep their diet consistent to avoid any tummy troubles.
  • What makes this Yorkie a Teddy Bear variety? Is it the size, the coat, the face? This helps you understand the unique qualities of your potential new pet.

Teddy Bear Yorkies and the Mixed Breed Scene

Now, let’s touch on those Yorkies that don’t quite fit the standard but still have that Teddy Bear allure. These often come from a mix of breeds. A bit of Shih Tzu here, a touch of Maltese there – it’s a creative blend. But keep in mind, these mixes won’t get the AKC’s seal of approval. 

If you’re eyeing a mixed breed that has that Teddy Bear look, be a savvy shopper. Understand their background and ensure you’re making an informed decision.

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Picking Your Perfect Teddy Bear Yorkie

Got your heart set on a Teddy Bear Yorkie? Think about what draws you to this term. Is it the size, the face shape, the color, or that irresistible haircut? Each aspect has its own considerations:

  • Size Matters? Maybe Not – For those eyeing the smaller Yorkies, remember, tiny doesn’t always mean trouble-free. Smaller dogs can have unique health issues, so it’s important to keep that in mind.
  • The Face of the Matter – If it’s the teddy bear-like face that’s got you hooked, remember that extreme changes in a dog’s facial structure can sometimes lead to health issues. Prioritizing the pup’s health over a specific look is key.
  • A Colorful Decision – Tempted by the color? Yorkies’ coats change as they grow. That adorable puppy with the perfect Teddy Bear hues might evolve in color as they age.
  • The Cut of the Matter – If it’s all about that Teddy Bear haircut, find a skilled groomer who knows their way around a Yorkie’s locks. The right trim can make all the difference, without compromising the dog’s comfort and health.

Loving Your Yorkie: Teddy Bear or Not

At the end of the day, whether they’re Teddy Bear Yorkies or your standard Yorkies, these dogs are the perfect pick for any type of family. They’re the pals who’ll stick by you, make you laugh, and shower you with affection. When buying a puppy, the only thing to keep in mind is to choose the one with healthy genes. The rest is up to you. It’s not important how your pup looks like, but only with how much love and care you shower him/her. 

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