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9 Reasons Why Your Yorkie Smells Like Fish

yorkie smells like fish

Ever gone in for a snuggle with your pint-sized pooch, only to pull back and go, “Hold up, is that eau de ‘day-old seafood’ I’m sniffing?” Yeah, if your Yorkie’s rocking a fishy fragrance, chances are you’re not exactly eager to share your couch—or your lap—with them. To help your pooch smell like a flower again, we decided to reveal the top 9 reasons why your Yorkie smells like fish.

yorkie smells like fish

1- Understanding the Yorkie’s Unique Scent Palette

Yorkshire Terriers, like all canines, have a natural scent. This scent is a combination of oils produced by their skin and their individual pheromones. Normally, a Yorkie’s scent should be mild and not bothersome.

2- When the Scent Becomes Fishy

A fishy odor can indicate several issues ranging from diet to health conditions. It’s crucial to observe when the smell intensifies, such as after your Yorkie has been outside or engaged in activity, as it can help pinpoint the cause. When a Yorkie smells like fish, it’s essential to remember when it starts to get stronger.

3- Diet’s Role in Your Yorkie’s Scent

What your Yorkie eats significantly affects how it smells. Foods rich in fish oils, while beneficial for their coat and skin, can sometimes contribute to a fishy odor. It’s important to balance their diet with these considerations in mind. Many studies have shown the positive effect of raw diets for Yorkies. 

Dogs who eat homemade meals or raw diet will have shinier coats, and better skin and their glands won’t release bad scent. Note that dry kibble food is often rich in artificial colors and flavors which often cause your Yorkie to smell like fish.

4- The Significance of Oral Hygiene in Odor Control

Yorkies are prone to dental issues, and poor oral health can lead to unpleasant smells. Regular teeth cleaning, both at home and professionally, can prevent the buildup of bacteria that causes odor.

5- Anal Glands: A Common Culprit of Fishy Odors

Anal glands, when functioning correctly, shouldn’t cause a strong odor. However, if they become impacted or infected, they can emit a potent fishy smell. Regular checks and expression of these glands, usually during grooming, can prevent problems.

6- Grooming: More Than Just Coat Care

While Yorkies don’t shed much, their long hair requires regular grooming. Bathing with the right products can help eliminate odors. Be wary of overbathing, though, as it can dry out their skin and lead to more odor issues. 

When choosing a shampoo for your Yorkie,  make sure you don’t use shampoos for humans. Dogs have different pH level of the skin, so bathing them with baby shampoos can cause them to feel itchy. 

yorkie smells like fish

7- Ear Health: Preventing Infections and Their Associated Smells

The shape of Yorkie ears can make them prone to infections, which can produce a foul odor. Regular cleaning and monitoring for signs of infection can keep their ears healthy. 

If you notice any unusual or fishy smell coming from your Yorkie’s ears, it’s high time to visit a vet. It means that your furry friend probably developed an infection that requires antibiotic treatment.

8- The Impact of Skin Conditions on Your Yorkie’s Odor

Skin conditions, such as allergies or yeast infections, can cause a fishy smell. If you notice any unusual coloring between your pet’s toes or your pooch constantly licks its paws, then it probably suffers from yeast infection.

Yeast infection requires antifungal medication and including oral supplements into your Yorkie’s food.

9- The Influence of the Environment on Your Yorkie’s Smell

Your home environment, including where your Yorkie sleeps and plays, can affect your Yorkie’s smell. However, if your Yorkie smells like fish even if you regularly clean their beds,  then you gotta discover the underlying reason.

 The Importance of Regular Veterinary Checkups

Annual checkups are vital for maintaining your Yorkie’s health and identifying issues that may cause odors. A vet can offer specific advice and treatments for odor-related concerns.

 Home and Over-the-Counter Remedies

There are numerous home remedies and over-the-counter products that can address mild odor issues. From specially formulated wipes to dietary supplements, these solutions can be effective for minor concerns.

yorkie smells like fish

How to get rid of the fishy smell in your Yorkie?

1- Use dental chew treats

In case your Yorkie is not a fan of toothbrushing, then you can try it with dental treats. They’re tasty but still feature an adequate dose of breath fresheners. 

2- Use dental water for dogs

You can add dental water to your dog’s water bowl to freshen your dog’s breath. Besides, it will protect their teeth from the accumulation of tartar and plaque.

3- Groom your Yorkie’s coat with apple cider vinegar and water solution

How to make it?

You should mix 70% of water with 30% of apple cider vinegar and spray your Yorkie’s coat before brushing. Leave it for 10 min and then start brushing your dog’s coat to remove dead hair. The apple cider vinegar protects from bacteria, and neutralizes bad odors.

4- Use Dry Shampoo in your Yorkie smells like fish

Many dry shampoos are specially formulated to protect the dog’s skin barrier. Besides, they will make your Yorkie to smell great between baths.

5- Clean your Yorkie’s ears with ear cleaning solution

Since Yorkies have sensitive ears, we recommend you take a look at the 2-in-1 Yorkie Shampoo and Conditioner. It detangles their hair and leaves a fresh scent after every bath. Besides, it features coconut oil which is known as one of the best ingredients that fights bacteria.

6- Clean your Yorkie’s tail pocket 

Even though Yorkies are not like English bulldogs who have tail pockets, they still need a tail cleaning. Feces and debris hidden under the tail can lead to an infection, so it’s always better to clean that spot after every potty. You can use baby wet wipes for cleaning or damp paper tissue.

7- Reward your Yorkie with celery sticks

It might sound silly, but celery sticks can prevent your Yorkie from smelling like fish. You can use them during training lessons and showing obedient behavior. In the end, they’re a healthy option for your pooch.

Seeking Professional Help for Persistent Problems

If home remedies aren’t resolving the odor, professional help may be necessary. This could include a visit to a groomer for a thorough cleaning or to a vet for a health evaluation.

Sometimes the reason for the fishy smell can be as simple as what they rolled in outside, or as complex as a health condition. Sharing personal experiences and solutions can be beneficial for other Yorkie owners facing similar issues. If your Yorkie smells like fish for more than a month, it’s a clear sign that something is going on.

yorkie smells like fish

My Yorkie Smells Like Fish: Can a change in diet help?

If your little Yorkie buddy is wafting a not-so-pleasant sea breeze your way, it might be time to play detective with their dinner bowl. You see, Yorkies can be as fancy with their diets as they are with their hairstyles. First off, check out the protein source in their food. Fish-based kibbles are a common cause for that eau de ocean vibe, so switching to a chicken or beef formula could nip that in the bud. But hey, don’t just grab any ol’ bag off the shelf; look for high-quality, easily digestible proteins because Yorkies have sensitive tummies.

Then there’s the matter of treats – those little nibbles can be sneaky culprits too. If they’re fish-flavored, consider swapping them for something less… aquatic. Also, adding in some dental chews can help. Bad breath from plaque buildup can give off a fishy odor, and those chews work like a charm to clean those pearly whites.

Let’s talk about fats for a sec. Omega fatty acids are great for a shiny coat, but too much can lead to a fishy smell. So, if you’re pouring fish oil over their food like it’s a gourmet sauce, you might want to ease up a bit. Balance is key.

And don’t forget about probiotics! Adding a sprinkle of these gut-friendly powders can aid in digestion and help keep any smelly issues under control. Plus, a happy gut often means a less stinky pup.

Lastly, always keep fresh water on tap for your furball. Hydration is super important and can help flush out any nasties that might be causing a stink. So, there you have it, some simple tweaks to your Yorkie’s diet that might just make your next cuddle session a breath of fresh air.

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