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Yorkie Summer Essentials: Tops 10 Picks

yorkie summer essentials

Getting ready for the summer season brings so much joy to everyone’s life. It’s the time when we all can spend plenty of time outside, especially with our dogs. However, taking care of our pooches is especially important when the sun goes up. That’s why we decided to write the list of the top 10 Yorkie summer essentials so you can peacefully enjoy the summertime.

yorkie summer essentials

Things to know about Yorkie temperature tolerance

For Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies), temperatures above 85°F (29.4°C) can start to become uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Yorkies, with their small size and relatively low body mass, are particularly sensitive to heat. High humidity levels can further exacerbate the risk, making it harder for them to cool down through panting.

 It’s crucial to watch for signs of overheating, such as excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, or confusion, especially when the temperature climbs. Always ensure they have access to shade and fresh water, and try to keep them indoors during the hottest parts of the day. 

Therefore, when you take your little Yorkie outside, make sure you put on him a cooling vest or a cooling collar. It’s the best way to give your dog an immediate cooling relief on those hot summer days.

What are the top 10 Yorkie summer essentials?

Although many of you could think that a dog won’t need anything except to drink plenty of water in the summer, you’re wrong. 

Yorkies (and many other dog breeds such as Chihuahuas) need to get the appropriate summer care to stay away from the heat stroke. Our list of the 10 best Yorkie summer essentials will help you keep your pooch cool and relaxed when both indoors and outdoors.

1- Portable Water Bottle/Bowl: 

Keeping your Yorkie hydrated is crucial in preventing heat stroke. A portable water bottle or bowl ensures your dog has access to fresh water during walks or trips.

2- Cooling Vest: 

A cooling vest is one of the most important Yorkie summer essentials to buy. It’s made of a special fabric that retains moisture for a long time. When worn by your Yorkie, it helps in lowering their body temperature during hot days. Our Yorkie Cooling Vest features a special cooling layer inside that helps your dog to regulate the temperature. Before wear, you can also soak it in the water in order to give your Yorkie the best cooling effect. Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can set the size, and your furry friend will definitely enjoy wearing it.

yorkie summer essentials

3- Paw Protectors: 

The hot ground can burn a Yorkie’s sensitive paws. Paw protectors or dog shoes can shield their paws from hot pavements and sands. Besides putting a protective Yorkie footwear on their paws, it’s equally important to hydrate their paw pads with a dog-safe paw balm. Our Natural Yorkie Paw Balm is gentle, features only natural ingredients and will give your dog an additional protective shield.

yorkie summer essentials

4- Shade Canopy/Tent: 

A portable shade canopy or tent provides a safe haven for your Yorkie to relax under when outdoor temperatures soar, preventing overheating. We also recommend you to check our collection of Yorkie beds in case you want to buy one for your pooch.

5- Cooling Mat: 

Perfect for indoor use, a cooling mat provides a cool surface for your Yorkie to lie on, helping reduce their body temperature at normal range. The cooling mats usually feature a cooling gel inside that can help a dog to cool off within a few minutes.We recommend you place them out of a direct sunlight because the gel inside can also become very hot in the sun.

Yorkies Gram® Summer Cooling Mat is easy to fold and features a special heat-resistant fabric and filling. By placing your dog to rest on it, you’ll help him/her stay safe from overheating. There is a breathable mesh on the bottom which improves ventilation and gives your dog a pleasant effect.

cooling mat

6- Sunscreen for Dogs: 

Yes, dogs can get sunburned too, especially those with lighter fur. Dog-specific sunscreen can protect your Yorkie’s ears and nose from harmful UV rays.

7- Ice Cube Treats: 

Freezing treats or making ice cubes with chicken broth can be a refreshing and hydrating snack for your Yorkie during hot days.

You can also reward your pet with cold watermelon (without seeds) and melon. They are high in water and will give your dog a refreshing effect.

8- Indoor Play Toys: 

To encourage indoor activity and minimize exposure to the heat, have a variety of indoor toys to keep your Yorkie entertained and active without overheating. Our Dog Carrot Snuffle Mat is perfect to play ‘’sniff game’’. You can hide under the carrots some tasty snacks, and your pooch should find the spot you hid it.


9- Fan or Air Conditioning: 

For all those people and dogs who can’t stand the summer hotness, air conditioner sounds like the best choice. Keeping your living space cool with fans or air conditioning can provide a comfortable and safe environment for your Yorkie during the peak of summer heat. However, do not overdo it by setting the temperature too low.

Choosing the best Yorkie summer essentials: Wrapping up

Investing in summer essentials for your Yorkie is not just about comfort. It’s a critical aspect of their health and safety during the warmer months. As temperatures rise, the risk of heat stroke and other heat-related complications significantly increases for these small, sensitive pets. 

By equipping yourself with items like portable water bowls, cooling vests, paw protectors, and indoor play toys, you’re taking proactive steps to prevent these risks. Such essentials ensure your Yorkie remains hydrated, cool, and protected from the harsh sun and hot surfaces, allowing them to enjoy the summer safely. Purchasing these summer essentials for your Yorkie underscores a commitment to their well-being, ensuring they not only survive but thrive during the hottest parts of the year.

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