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7 Best Yorkie Winter Jackets (Winter Coats)

To protect our Yorkies from cold weather, we need to find a winter jacket that will not only provide our puppy with a warm and cozy feeling but also with protection from snow, wind, and rain. In this article, we will cover the 7 best Yorkie winter jackets. 

Does a Yorkie Need a Winter Coat?

Yes, Yorkshire Terriers (Yorkies) need winter coats during the cold winter months. It’s even recommended to dress them as early as mid-autumn. This is because they don’t develop winter fur like most dogs do. Unlike Yorkies, most dogs have an undercoat that is covered by warm fur. 

Best Yorkie Winter Jackets 

Not only will they keep your yorkie warm during the winter, they will also make them cosy and stylish. That’s a win-win with yorkie winter jackets! 

That’s why we made a list of the best Yorkie winter jackets available on the market. List also includes two of our best selling models for a special discounted price!

Luxury Yorkie Jacket


This fashionable piece of clothing available for small dog breeds that weigh up to 25 lbs will make your furry friend look dashing. It is made from 100% cotton which makes this jacket a high-quality product. 

It is available in 3 sizes, so you do not have to worry whether this jacket will fit your puppy or not. You can easily put it on and take it off with no trouble. 

If you are having any questions, 24/7 customer support will be there to answer all the questions you have. 

Yorkie Windbreaker

This windbreaker comes in a camouflage colorway which adds a more fashionable touch to your dog’s style. Not only will it keep your Yorkie warm, it’s guaranteed to keep him dry as well. It’s made from waterproof material so you do not have to worry if it is raining or snowing. 

Perfect for outdoor adventures such as getting out in the woods or climbing rocky terrains. If you’re a fan of rainy-day walks this windbreaker jacket is also a perfect choice.

An additional feature that this windbreaker has is a leash opening for easy attachment. Often this convenience is a deal breaker!

B.A.T.N. Dog Windbreaker

B.A.T.N. Dog Windbreaker is specially made for smaller dogs such as Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Maltese, and Pomeranian. 

This jacket is made from wind-resistant outer fabric with soft cotton padded lining, which adds more comfort for your puppy. When you want to put the jacket on your puppy, simple to use snap-on buttons will make this process easier. 

When it comes to size, you need to be careful when measuring your pet because you do not want to buy too tight or too loose. 

Luxury Jacket & Leash Set

This modern-looking winter coat is perfect for smaller dog breeds. It is made from high-quality materials with soft and thick warm fleece fabric that covers every part. 

It comes in many different colorways so you can combine it with a leash and dog collar. When it comes to putting this jacket on your dog, this jacket features easy-on and easy-off technology with button closure and an elastic waist. If you are feeling unsatisfied, you have a 100% quality guarantee which allows you to replace or refund.

Hearts Play Hoodie

This winter hoody is a perfect choice when it comes to warm and cozy dog winter clothing. It is filled with polyester filler for extra warmth. It will keep your puppy warm during cold and unpleasant weather. 

The exterior design is specially made for dog’s ears and heads so it will constantly keep them covered from rain and snow. This winter hoody is perfectly made for smaller dogs such as Bichon, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, and Cesky Terrier. 

Get a Jacket and Keep Your Yorkie Warm

We made sure to include something for everyone’s taste on our list. Besides that, we’re offering our exclusive models for a special price only for readers of this article. You can navigate above and get your Yorkie our exclusive models for a special price.

If you’re still not convinced you can check out the full Yorkie wear collection on our website. Lots of trendy and stylish Yorkie wear items following all the latest trends. You’re guaranteed to find something for your beloved pet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Yorkies like snow?

Yes, Yorkies like snow but they can’t be exposed to cold for a long period of time. Even though it’s fun for both the Yorkie and the owner, playtime in snow shouldn’t last longer than 20 minutes. It’s also strongly recommended that your Yorkie wears a jacket while playing in the snow.

How cold is too cold for my Yorkie?

The best way to see if your Yorkie is cold is to watch his reaction when you take him outside. It’s generally not recommended to take your Yorkie outside if the temperature is 5 C (40 F) or below. At this temperature, Yorkies find it difficult to regulate their body temperature. 

How can I keep my Yorkie warm outside?

The best way to keep your Yorkie warm outside is to make him wear a jacket. Not only that it will keep him warm, but it will also make him look fashionable! Besides a jacket, you can also use a blanket, hoodie, tiny-tiny Yorkie shoes, or a vest.

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