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Yorkie Sleeping 101: All You Have to Know

One of the smallest dog breeds there is, the Yorkshire Terriers or popularly Yorkies are also one of the most popular dog breeds today. What started as a rat chaser dog, has become a fashio n dog, owned by numerous celebrities. 

At just 7-8 inches in size, Yorkie terriers are perfect pet dogs for people living in apartments, but also in households with huge backyards, as these cuddly little beasts are extremely feisty, energetic, and domineering. 

They are not just made for cuddling, they can also defend property and are extremely intelligent. However, you won’t get many hours to play with them as Yorkies tend to sleep a lot, both during the day and night.

Don’t worry if you find your puppy Yorkie sleeping more than 16 hours per day. Sometimes, you will have them awake for just two hours during the daily 24 hours. Nevertheless, this is perfectly regular and it includes daily naps and nighttime snoozing.

Yorkie Sleeping Habits

Anywhere between 16 and 22 hours a day is completely normal for a young Yorkie pup. However, they will tend to use every waking moment to explore the area, but also, eat, chew on things, and play with you, if you are around.

Yorkies are extremely routine creatures and will appreciate a daily routine once they are awake. You, the owner, should implement housebreaking at the early stages so the puppy gets used to its bathroom needs. 

yorkie sleeping

Problems may occur, since puppy Yorkies don’t have a sleep schedule and can awake at any time of the day or night, with a desire to play or have a need to eat or drink water. Yorkie puppies can fall asleep anywhere, they don’t need a regular sleeping basket and it is not a problem if they fall asleep next to you in the bed or even under the blanket.

Once awake, you will have to be a servant for your puppy dog, providing food, though only for the first three to four weeks. After this, Yorkies growing process stops and should be a lot more playful and energetic once it has grown to its full size.

Since Yorkies don’t have a sleeping schedule, this might affect your own life, however, there are a few tips and tricks to make sure your puppy Yorkie is on full-time sleep during the night.

Tips to get a Yorkie Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

  1. Yorkie puppies tend to spend every waking moment running around and exploring, use this to play with it, and tire it down before bedtime.
  2. Yorkie puppies shouldn’t be allowed to eat food or drink water at least an hour before bedtime.
  3. Shortly before bedtime take your puppy to the bathroom, since an empty bladder will help add a few more hours of sleeping time before the next bathroom break comes.
  4. Dimmed lights and a peaceful environment will certainly help your Yorkie fall asleep faster.
  5.  Toys should be removed from the crate or playpen where they sleep, though maybe keep a toy that makes Yorkie safe and aids sleep.
  6. Teach your puppy a command that means it’s bedtime, such as, ‘get in your bed’, so they will eventually go to bed at a command. Luckily, they are quite easy to train and remain disciplined.
  7. A blanket with the puppy’s mom’s scent is also helpful if you have received any from the breeder. You should put it into the puppy’s sleeping area.
  8. Yorkie puppies tend to fall asleep in your bed, however, this should be avoided, at least during the housebreaking and training periods. Instead, go for a quality dog bed.

Adult Yorkie Sleeping Habits

As they get older, Yorkies tend to sleep less and less. Adult Yorkies are expected to sleep around 13 to 18 hours a day, including afternoon naps. The time they spent awake depends on many factors, including their age, activity level throughout the day, health, but also home environment.

Once your Yorkie pet reaches four months old it will probably start sleeping through the night normally without waking moments, sleeping anywhere from seven to 10 hours. However, you shouldn’t worry if this doesn’t happen until it is 6 months old. 

You should stop giving them water before bedtime if they don’t get through the nights’ sleep, however, if the awakening persists, you still shouldn’t worry as the bladder muscles are probably still developing.

yorkie sleeping

As the Yorkie becomes older, it will easily become adapted to your own sleeping schedule. However, during the colder months, Yorkies will tend to sleep more as the dogs prefer longer naps during the day in the cold weather. Well, who can blame them, bed is always warmer. The daily naps can last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour, depending on the environment. If there is something going on in the house, Yorkie will certainly awake at a tiny sound, and can sleep for an hour or so.

Adult Yorkies will be trained to your own schedule and will probably awake at the same time as you, or a few moments earlier to check the house before you awaken. Once awake, your pet Yorkie will probably need to go to the bathroom, so you should put off any walks or exercises for half an hour. 

Furthermore, some Yorkies will need some time to adjust to the new day and come to full mind, before they are ready to start the day. Occasionally, they will need another hour or so of sleeping time.

Disturbance in Yorkie Sleeping Habits

Not everything is always perfect as dogs can be under stress or sick. A number of reasons can deteriorate the quality of their sleep and sleeping time, including increasing or decreasing it.

1. Sleep Apnea

One of the most frequent problems that cause disturbance in sleep habits is sleep apnea. Often seen in overweight dogs it also can affect any breed of any size. It causes a short burst of breathing obstructions, which then results in your pet dog waking up a few times during the night. Some medical signs that can point to sleep apnea include loud snoring and extra hours of sleep during the day.

2. Health Issues

Various diseases cause different problems in sleep habits, interrupting the routine when it comes to sleeping. Your dog will tend to sleep more if the body tries to fend off various diseases, saving energy for an internal fight. However, Yorkie can also sleep less due to the discomfort the disease provides. 

Some diseases that can affect your dearest pet can range from worms to issues with the liver and even heart problems. Nevertheless, whatever is happening and you notice an issue, it is of utmost importance to take the Yorkie to a veterinarian’s office. If not taken to the vet, your pet could lose all the sleep time and start crying at night, waking you up, depriving you of the highly needed rest.

3. Too Much Activity Right Before Bed Time

It is not that smart to take your dog out for a walk just moments before bedtime. Also, it is not smart to expose it to any activities that will make it hard for them to settle down after it. Tend to take your dog out for a walk and playtime at least two hours before bedtime. That way Yorkie can get into a sleeping routine and it will have enough time to relax and unwind before it’s time to bark goodnight to you.

4. Age-Related Issues

Older Yorkies can develop a number of health problems, including arthritis which can affect sleep time. At times, it will become even difficult to fall asleep and find the right position. Nevertheless, medications and supplements can improve health status, while an orthopedic bed is also a plus.

5. Comfort

Consider getting a quality bed or crate for your pet dog as it will help in a great way to delete the chances of sleep disturbance. If you notice that the old one got worn out and the support damaged, consider buying a new bed for your pet Yorkie.

Where Do Yorkies Like to Sleep?

In addition to eating and playing, Yorkies love to sleep, which has become obvious to you so far. But where do they love to sleep and what do you need to provide for them so their sleep will be undisturbed.

Yorkies tend to fall asleep snuggled up next to you wherever you are, on a dining chair, bed, or a sofa in the living room. That is not a problem. Also, don’t be surprised if you find your pet under the blankets with you in the morning or on top of you. It is a privilege, not a curse. However, Yorkies have a few favorite locations:

  1. Warm corners
  2. Under low-lying furniture
  3. Under the covers of your bed
  4. Snuggled up against other pets
  5. On the favorite cushion, couch, or a blanket (check out our luxury yorkie couch)

How Does Separation Anxiety Affect Sleep Time in Yorkies?

Separation anxiety can affect Yorkie in many ways, creating numerous symptoms, which at worst can cause depression and even Yorkies eating their own poop. 

Yorkies are quite prone to developing separation anxiety and even leaving them anywhere between two to four hours can cause the symptoms. This includes excessive barking, less bladder control, and destructive behavior, and scratching. All of this affects Yorkies sleeping time.

Prevention is the first thing to do and you should take small steps. At first, try leaving it for a few minutes and then start increasing the time period that you are not present in the house. 

Once you have successfully completed this kind of training, for your pet’s sake do not return to the house to hug it and kiss it one more time once it starts barking. Ignoring your dog is the best way. Make sure that your dog has completed potty business while you were around and also ate in your presence. 

Keep the essential toys near the dog so it can be something to be amused by while you are not around, and remove all other toys. In case your Yorkie still doesn’t have a favorite toy, you just might get him one right now

Furthermore, leave enough food and water in the pet’s area of reach in the house. Comfort and safety are the main ingredients.

Yorkies that sleep next to their owners tend to develop separation anxiety rather faster with stronger symptoms. Nevertheless, this can also be resolved. If you have fallen for their cuddly nature, you can start slowly moving them away, first from your bed and then from your room. Small steps are all that matter. 

Once you have resolved issues of separation anxiety and your dog feels safe when you are not around you can let spend a few nights with you, but don’t let it get used to it. The problems can reoccur.

How to Calm a Pet Yorkie?

Yorkies can develop different forms of anxiety due to their clingy personality and a vast quantity of energy. Nevertheless, there are a few ways to calm them down on a daily basis and avoid bigger problems.

1. Calming Supplements

There are a few medications that work on a neurochemical level and some solutions are hemp extracts and essential oils.

2. Tire them Out

Another way to avoid anxiety is to play with your dogs every minute you can. If you notice your dog full of nervous energy running out with no goal, you can turn that negativity into fun playtime. There are a few games that you can play with them and also provide them with numerous toys ideal for small dogs.

3. Full Attention

In order to calm your dog, you will need to give them your full attention. If they feel a lack of attention, it can then trigger anxiety attacks. In some cases, you can also put the crate in your room. But just on some occasions.

4. Safety and Comfort

As we mentioned, safety and comfort are the main keys to preventing your dog from developing any form of anxiety. Favorite toys, blankets, and other interesting things should be available at all times, so they feel safe and occupied. At some points, all they need is a bed or a cushion in the favorite corner of the room.

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