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Yorkies Gifts That Both Dog & Owners Will Love

Because of their nature, Yorkies get excited when you bring something new. It can be a squishy toy or even a pillow. When it comes to purchasing a perfect gift, we should also consider what will suit our dog best and if we will like it. In this article, we will cover some of the best gifts that both you and your Yorkie will love. 

What are the best Yorkie gifts?

A Dog Camera

A dog camera can be a great gift for both your dog and you. You can easily monitor your dog and also communicate. Dogs love to hear our voices. Also, if you want to greet your dog, you can remotely dispense your Yorkies favorite treat. Sometimes, this product can be addictive. We won’t stop looking at the camera, constantly watching for our dogs, giving them treats, talking, and etc.

An Anxiety Relieving Toy

This toy can be a perfect gift for Yorkies. They can get really anxious and stressed from many factors. Whether you left the home, strangers knocking on the door, feeling lonely, or even firecrackers and fireworks can trigger stress. This toy will make sure that your dog is busy. This toy can also be used as a snuggle mimic. Your Yorkie will not feel lonely anymore, and if discomfort occurs, your dog will have a companion that will help him get over it. 

Carrot rope toy

A Cozy Sweater

Everyone loves to feel cozy and warm. So as Yorkies. This is a win-win gift because both you and your dog will love it. Your doggy will look super cute with that little cozy sweater, so why not take and post some spontaneous picture on your social media. All of your friends will love it so will your puppy. Your Yorkie will feel much safer and warmer. 

Hearts Play Hoodie

A Treat Toy

This toy is super beneficial for your dogs. Not only that they will get all the needed exercise from playing with a treat toy, but you will also have much more time for yourself. Your Yorkie won’t bother you because of how occupied he is. After he is finished, most certainly will he fall asleep. There are no excuses for not purchasing this toy. It will do all the job for you.

Beer Bottle toy

A Pet Sofa

This type of furniture is most certainly needed in every household. Not only that it is super stylish, but it is also very comfortable for your dog. 

furdi dog luxury bed
Furdi Luxury Bed

Yorkie Dog Candle

Yorkies really love to sniff. They are very curious and adventurous. Many mass-manufactured candles can be very harmful to your Yorkie, but not in this care. This specifically made candle has ingredients that are pet-friendly. Finally, you will have a candle that will make your apartment smell super nice, without worrying about your dog inhaling harmful ingredients. They come in many different shaped forms and colors, so they will most certainly suit your environment. 

Super Cuddly Bed

This donut-shaped bed can be the perfect hideout for your dog. When they are stressed or anxious, this can be their relaxing spot. They can come with or without an attached blanket. We recommend a bed with an attached blanket because nights can get cold so will your Yorkie. It is very compact, so it will fit anywhere. Also, there are many different color combinations, so you can choose which will fit your environment the best. 

yorkshire terrier bed
Yorkies Snuggle Nest Bed

Dog Chew

When they are younger, their teeth are growing. This process is followed by constant itching so they will need something to bite in order to relax their muscles. There are many chew toy options, but something that we recommend are toys with a reinforced rubber center so your Yorkie won’t rip it off by accident. If there is space on the end, you can put treats to make the chewing process even more enjoyable. Many of these chewable dog toys are dishwasher-friendly so cleaning won’t be difficult. 

Yorkie Dog Carrier

A dog carrier can be the perfect gift for your puppy. Yorkies love to be carried around, so why not purchase a dog carrier. If you want to make it fancier there are personalized dog carriers that have the name embroidered on them. 

Small dog Carrier

Celebration Treats

Everyone loves delicious food, so as Yorkies. Treats can be a great way of showing your dog that they did a wonderful job of being loyal and lovable. There are many types of dog treats that your puppy will love, so it is up to you to choose which will fit your Yorkie best.

A Pet Water Fountain

Sometimes, you just forget to fill your dog’s water bowl. Pet water fountain will constantly deliver fresh, right temperature water that your dog will love. You just need to replace the carbon filter once in a while. It automatically delivers water as your Yorkie gets closer to the sensor. It can take a little while to train your doggy on how to use this machine.

iFetch as one of the best Yorkie gifts

The iFetch is an automatic ball dispenser that will make your life so much easier. It is programmed to shoot small, tennis-like, balls that can go up to 30 feet in distance, or up to 10 feet indoor. The only job you have to do is to refill balls after it is emptied out. When finished you can storage it almost anywhere because of its compact size. Now you can finally relax on your couch while your Yorkie is having time of his life.

A Custom Dog Pillow

If you notice that your Yorkie is feeling lonely, a custom dog pillow identical to your dog can be your go-to. Not only that it is super comfortable, but it is also super cute. Now your puppy will have a pillow sibling. 

Yorkie Gifts: Conclusion

Gifts can be a great way of showing appreciation. Dogs see that, which makes them happy. In this article, we covered some of the best gift ideas that both your Yorkie and you will love. 

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