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Yorkie Games: Fun Games to Play With Yorkie

Yorkies are known for being smart and playful. Also, they can sometimes be full of energy. That energy should be used for fun activities. In this article, we will cover some of the best games that your Yorkie will love. To find the most suitable game for your dog, we recommend that you should try all of them and find what your Yorkie will love the most. 

Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is a great game for you to play with your dog. Not only does this game stimulate your dog’s brain, but also builds a positive and friendly relationship with your Yorkie. Also, you can exercise command with your dog and test how he obeys. 

For example, you can test the command “stay” for a starter. Don’t be mad if your Yorkie does not obey at first. This should take some time and practice. After a couple of tries, your dog will pick it up, and then you can start playing. Pick your hiding spot. When you are hidden, say a command that will get your Yorkie going. 

Knowing that Yorkies are smart, it won’t take them a lot of time to find you. If the game goes as you planned, give a positive reaction to your dog, letting him know that he did a great job. A treat can also help! 

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Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is a very special game for Yorkies. It wakes their hunting instinct. Pick your dog’s favorite toy and give it to your Yorkie. Let him play with it for a couple of minutes in order to get playful. Then you can start the game by hiding it behind you. Simple “where” will get your Yorkie going. 

You can also use another command that is familiar to your dog. Surely it won’t take them a lot of time to find it. 

Reward your Yorkie with a delicious treat. He will love it. Now you can complicate the game with more challenging tasks. You can leave your dog in one room, and hide a toy in another room. Also, you can take this game outside for even more challenging tasks. 

Be careful to not lose sight of your Yorkie. Birds or other animals can easily take your dog’s attention. This game can be even fun with your friends. They can distract your dog to make the treasure hunt harder for your Yorkie. This game should be fun for both you and your dog.


Yorkshire Terriers are a very energetic breed. They love to chase things like animals, people, cars, and etc. When in dog parks, chasing other dogs is their favorite. For more asocial Yorkies, family members can be just fine. 

This game should be fun and most importantly healthy for your pet. If you “overplay” with your dogs, they can get a bit tired and angry so you want to avoid that. 15 minutes of play can be just enough to play throughout a day.

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Yorkies also love to chase toys. This is a perfect game for your Yorkie when it comes to exercise. For this game, the round, bouncy ball can be perfect. It can also be a toy but not too big so it can fit into your Yorkies’ mouth. 

The outside environment would be a better option when it comes to fetching your dog’s favorite toy or ball. You do not want to break something in your house. 

These are all fun games to play with your Yorkie. Some are more for exercising, others are more for brain growth. Your Yorkie will love them all, and You will too.

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