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8 Picks of Yorkie Clothes That Your Dog Needs This Summer!

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We all agree that yorkies are one of the cutest Instagram dogs that take the world by storm. With the summer season upon us, it’s crucial to dress these little trendsetters in comfortable, stylish, and protective gear. So, besides making them look cute, we have to think about their safety in warm weather as well. That’s why we made a selection of the top 10 picks of Yorkie clothes that will blow your mind.

Why Dress Your Yorkie in Summer?

Yorkies, with their petite size and unique coat, have specific needs when it comes to protection from the summer heat. Here’s why you should consider dressing your Yorkie during the warmer months:

Protection for Sensitive Skin

Yorkies with rare coat colors have more sensitive skin. Their skin can get pink very quickly and also develop sunburns. Therefore, dressing them in the appropriate clothing can keep them safe from UV rays. 

Protection from Elements

Some Yorkies also tend to react sensitively to different allergens. While some of them are allergic to seasonal pollen, other can get allergic reaction to dust, sirt, insect bites and cleaning chemicals. Due to this, buying Yorkie clothes is not your whim. It’s a must-do task for all Yorkshire terrier owners.

Comfort and Cooling

Not all clothes are created equal, especially when it comes to those designed for heat. Choosing garments made from lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton can help wick away moisture and keep your Yorkie cool even on the hottest days. 

Style and Personality

Dressing up your Yorkie can also be a fun way to show off their unique personality. Whether it’s a vibrant pattern or a chic accessory, each piece of clothing can add to your pet’s charm and make your walks in the park even more enjoyable.

Top 8 Yorkie Clothes for the Summer Season

When it comes to choosing the right summer attire for your Yorkie, the options are both adorable and functional. Here are the top 8 picks:

Light and Airy T-Shirts

Simple yet effective, lightweight t-shirts are a staple. They protect against the sun without causing overheating. Look for ones with fun prints to add a splash of personality. Cotton Dog T-Shirt for Yorkies come in many sizes and patterns and will keep your dog protected from seasonal pollen and insect bites. Besides, its cotton fabric is gentle to the skin, so even Yorkies with sensitive skin can wear it.


How can we imagine a summer season without a shirt inspired by tropical vibes? Well, that’s why we want to introduce you to the  Yorkies Gram® Hawaiian Shirts. They feature tropical details such as leaves, pineapple and flowers and will be a perfect to keep your dog safe from UV rays. 

hawaiian dog shirt

Protective Sun Hats

A tiny sun hat not only looks adorable but also protects your Yorkie’s head and eyes from the sun. Choose hats that come with a strap to ensure they stay on, even during playful moments.

Cooling Vests

Cooling vests are designed with special materials that help keep your Yorkie cool. Simply soak the vest in water, and as the water evaporates, it takes the heat away from your pet’s body, offering relief from the heat. Yorkie Summer Cool Dog Vest is lightweight, made of mesh and features a summer-inspired pattern. To make your dog cool and help him deal with summer hotness, we recommend you soak the vest in cold water before wear.

As your dog walks, the vest will start to dry and you can sprinkle it again with water to prolong the cooling effect.


Our second pick from Yorkie clothes for the summer season is the Yorkie Cooling Vest. It’s made of an UV-resistant fabric and features a heat-resistant filling that doesn’t allow the dog’s body to overheat. Before you dress your Yorkie in this vest, you should soak it in the water and twist it dry.

yorkie summer essentials- yorkie- clothes

Comfortable Yorkie Dresses

Yorkie dresses combine fashion with function. They will not only put your furry princess in the center of attention but also make her stylish. Dresses for Yorkies are perfect for special occasions and can be matched with one of our stylish Yorkie sweaters if your dog’s gonna wear it in colder months.

Life Jacket for your Yorkie

For Yorkies that love to splash around, dog swimming jacket  is a must. These outfits are designed to provide safety during water activities and freedom of movement, making every swim session enjoyable and stylish. Yorkie Shark Swimming Vest is available in two colors and it comes with a hilarious shark fin on the back. Thanks to the high-buoyancy floating panels, your pet will be able to enjoy water activities with you. 

As we all know, Yorkies have small bodies and can get tired very quickly during swimming. That’s when the dog swimming jacket comes into the scene. This piece of Yorkie clothes is a must-have for every pet parent who loves chilling in and by the pool in the summer. Although your Yorkie seems like he knows to swim, it’s always better to provide him with an extra dose of safety.

Trendy Bandanas

Bandanas are an easy way to dress up your Yorkie without the hassle of full outfits. They can be dipped in water to provide a cooling effect on hot days and are available in a myriad of designs to suit any occasion. Our Luxury GG Bandana is not only stylish but can also be soaked in water before wear to give your pooch a pleasant cooling effect in the summer.

Stylish Sandals

Believe it or not, sandals can protect your Yorkie’s paws from hot surfaces like pavements and sand. Opt for breathable materials and soft soles for comfort. 

Functional Backpacks

Small backpacks not only look cute but are practical for carrying essentials like waste bags, treats, and water, especially during long summer walks. The Pawcci Dog Multicolor Backpack is actually a dog harness that features a trendy dog backpack. It’s practical to carry potty bags and some snacks to reward your pooch during walks.


Casual Rompers

Rompers are all-in-one outfits that are easy to wear and provide coverage from the sun while keeping your Yorkie cool and comfortable.

Fancy Party Dresses

Summer is a time for parties, and what better way for your Yorkie to make an entrance than in a fancy party dress? Choose lightweight materials with comfortable linings to keep them cool while they mingle. The Yorkshire Terrier Princess Dress is decorated with pink tulle and can bring a dose of royalty to special occasions.

yorkshire-terrier-princess-dresses- yorkie-clothes

Tips for Choosing the Right Yorkie Clothes For the Summer

Picking the right clothes for your Yorkie involves more than just fashion. Here are some factors to consider:

Material and Fit

Always choose materials that are breathable like cotton or mesh that allow good air circulation and do not retain heat. Ensure the clothing fits well; it should be snug but not tight, allowing your Yorkie to move freely without discomfort.

Ease of Cleaning

Summer means more outdoor activities and, inevitably, more laundry. Opt for clothes that are easy to wash and quick to dry, especially if your Yorkie loves playing outside.

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Picking Yorkie Clothes For the Summer: Wrapping up

Dressing your Yorkie for summer is not just about making them look adorable; it’s also about their comfort and safety. The right clothes can protect them from heat and environmental hazards while enhancing their natural cuteness. Whether you opt for a simple t-shirt or a fancy dress, remember that the best outfit is the one that suits your Yorkie’s needs and personality.

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