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Why Are Yorkies So Annoying? 10 Things You Need To Know

yorkie annoying

We can all agree that Yorkies are indeed a bundle of joy wrapped in fur, but sometimes their traits can be… let’s say, a tad overwhelming. Why are Yorkies so annoying for many people all around the globe is probably one of the weirdest questions we heard. That’s why we’ll reveal all the drama behind this topic.

why are yorkies so annoying

Why Are Yorkies So Annoying? Why Do People Dislike Them?

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Too Cute

Oh, the struggle! Yorkies are painfully cute. Those tiny faces and big, soulful eyes? Absolutely unbearable. And to be honest, who can resist that adorable selection of Yorkie haircuts? It’s almost like they were specifically designed to manipulate your heart into forgiving every shoe they destroy. How dare they!

The Infinite Energy of a Star Going Supernova

These little dynamos have more energy than most energy drinks. A Yorkie can run laps around your house, jump on your furniture, and still be ready for a walk. It’s almost as if they’re powered by some endless celestial battery. Why rest when you can play, right? Due to this fact, we shouldn’t be surprised when we hear the question ‘’Why are Yorkies so annoying?’’.

Therefore, as an owner of a Yorkie pup, you’ll have to think about how to keep them entertained. That’s why we recommend you to check our wide assortment of Yorkie toys. Interactive dog toys represent a great way to help your pooch lose pent-up energy. Besides, they’ll keep them occupied while you’re out.

The Audacity to Think They’re Guard Dogs

Despite being small enough to fit in a handbag, Yorkies possess the bravery of a lion. They will bark at anything from a leaf blowing across the yard to the mailman. Their ferocious bark in such a tiny body? Hilariously mismatched and yet, weirdly admirable.

Well, this side of a Yorkie’s personality can be annoying. They can bark to anyone in your environment so we recommend you to train your dog from its early puppyhood. Teach your dog what is unwanted barking and when he/she is not allowed to do that. If your Yorkie barks due to boredom, then it’s the ultimate time to take him/her on longer strolls.

why are yorkies so annoying

The Sass of a Teenager in a Tiny Dog Body

Well, this fact doesn’t surprise us why are Yorkies so annoying. If attitude were measured by size, Yorkies would rule the world. They have an opinion about everything, from the brand of their food to the route you take on their walk. And if you’re not up to par? Expect some side-eye and disappointed sniffs. And, that’s not all! These adorable pets can behave very stubborn from time to time. To avoid this behavior, it’s important to show them who’s the leader of the pack. It’s the only way to live with an obedient pet and share mutual respect.. 

Their Selective Hearing

Yorkies seem to have perfected the art of selective hearing. Commands like “Come” or “Stay”? Vaguely familiar to them, but apparently optional. Yet, rustle a treat bag and watch their ears perk up like radar dishes. Food is the best motivational tool when training a Yorkie. However, make sure you not spoil your pet or overfeed him/her. Giving your dog extra calories can lead to obesity and certain health issues.

The Mysterious Shedding of Hair That Doesn’t Exist

For dogs that supposedly don’t shed much, Yorkies sure leave behind a remarkable amount of hair. How can such small animals create such baffling, hairy conundrums on your clothes and furniture? 

It’s one of life’s great mysteries. In fact, these little pooches don’t have a hair like most other dogs. They actually have hair like humans and shed just like us. To keep your house clean and their hair free of knots, we recommend you to read the blog post about the best brushes for Yorkies.

Choosing the right shampoo is equally important, and our 2-in-1 Yorkie Shampoo and Conditioner will help you in keeping their hair smooth and shiny.

yorkie shampoo

Their Possessive Love

A Yorkie’s love is overwhelming. Maybe that’s why yorkies are so annoying. They must sit on your lap, follow you to the bathroom, and guard you while you sleep. It’s like living with a fluffy stalker who loves you intensely. But honestly, being this loved can be so tiresome, right? To help your furry friend become independent, you have to practice leaving him/her alone. This should be done gradually because Yorkies are unfortunately prone to separation anxiety. This condition can grow into a huge problem if you leave it untreated. Therefore, make sure you talk to a dog behavior specialist as soon as you notice any symptom of anxiety.

The Drama! Oh, the Drama!

The theatrical level of drama a Yorkie can display when the slightest thing goes wrong is Oscar-worthy. Didn’t share that last bite of your sandwich? Prepare for the most soul-crushing, pitiful look a creature can muster.

That Tiny Bladder

Yes, Yorkies are small, which means tiny bladders, and yes, that means lots of trips outside. So, do we need to give you more answers to the question ‘’Why are Yorkies so annoying?’’ They just can’t seem to hold it for long, and who really has time for all those bathroom breaks? Luckily, most Yorkies can fit into your bag or a carrier, 

The Expense of Grooming

Their luxurious coat requires regular grooming, which can be as demanding as maintaining celebrity hairdos. And let’s not start on the wardrobe they seemingly need to maintain their high societal status among the canine elite. Owners of these pooches will need to spend  a lot of money on their haircuts. Well, except in case you want to do it yourself at home.

Why Are Yorkies So Annoying? Conclusion

So there you have it, a list of reasons why Yorkies are just so “annoying.” From their over-the-top cuteness to their boundless energy, it’s a wonder how these tiny tyrants manage to wrap us around their little paws. Really, what did we do to deserve such adorably infuriating little creatures?

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