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Here’s How Fast a Yorkie Can Run

Yorkies are small balls of energy – they are ready for some action at any time. Therefore, their owners need to keep them active. It’s easier when you have kids. They love running around with their little friend. 

There are so many benefits that Yorkies are getting from an active life – it’s a critical condition to keep your dog happy and healthy. If you`ve ever wondered how fast your Yorkie can run, keep reading. We’re sure that you think it runs 50 miles per hour (they seem so fast, right?!), but here are some interesting facts about how quickly those tiny paws can run.

How fast a Yorkie can run? Things to know

Every breed of dog needs an active life. If you have a yard or you live in the countryside, it is much easier to maintain a daily dose of activity for your dog. However, if you live in an apartment – you can only take your dog to the park or for a long walk around the neighborhood. 

How Fast a Yorkie Can Run

Yorkies are small, so they don’t need a lot of space for daily running and activity. Most dogs love to run, mainly if you enrich that activity with some of their favorite toys. Bring their favorite ball or stick to the park, and your dog will be overjoyed! Like every other dog, Yorkie also needs running to be healthy and in shape. Small dogs gain weight way more quickly than large ones, so it is vital to maintain an optimal daily dose of activity. 

If your dog gets overweight, it can develop numerous health issues such as diabetes, problems with joints, fat liver, blindness, etc. An active life is the only option for a long and happy life – and that’s what we all want for our beloved family members.

Running is Like Mediation for Yorkies

Yorkies need running for another particular reason – it helps them to stay calm. With all that excess energy, Yorkies can quickly become restless. It’s vital to train them adequately on time while they are puppies. Then it would be easier for them to control their energy and personality when they are all grown. 

Otherwise, Yorkies can have anxiety problems and bark all day long, just on purpose. So, running helps them stay calm and get rid of all that excess energy they have. Even if you can’t take them for a run, a nice walk will do the job. Around 15 to 25 minutes should be enough to help your dog feel relaxed. When they have less energy, anxious episodes are less likely to occur. 

People often think of small dogs like little noisemakers who get hysterical when they don’t get what they want. That would be the case only if your dog is spoiled. Therefore, training and running are essential for Yorkie puppies, so you can enjoy their personality at it’s best.

Yorkie the Runner

Small dogs don’t have physical characteristics like the big ones. Their legs are shorter, their bodies smaller, so they have less strength and ability to run fast. Although Yorkies belong to small dog breeds with high energy, a cute Yorkie can only run about 10 kilometers per hour. This is relatively slow compared to the other larger dogs. They can run between 15 to 20 kilometers per hour. Due to their short legs, Yorkies can’t develop great speed, but that won’t stop them. They think and act like big dogs, and so they run like ones!

Always Keep an Eye on Them

Yorkies think of any activity like it’s a big adventure, so they easily get carried away. When they are at their high energy level during the day, they often forget to be careful.  If you have the opportunity to let your Yorkie run free, without the leash, in a large open space – you can be carefree and let your little friend have the time of its life. However, if you aren’t sure that the environment is safe due to the road being near, it’s better to keep your dog on a leash. Because Yorkies are tiny, big dogs can also be threatening to them, even if they only want to play or run with their small buddy. So you should be aware of all circumstances that can go wrong.

how fast a yorkie can run

Training a Yorkie is a Must

Yorkies are like little jumping balls when they are in a super-high-energy mood, and the owners must pay special attention to their safety. You must also teach them, from an early age, to listen to your commands. Especially when they are running, they must obey you when to stop. Regardless of their playfulness, they need to hear your command and have to do so. Put effort into it in time, so that your Yorkie will be an obedient dog when he grows up. That will contribute to its safety and will make your life a lot easier with this firecracker dog.

To sum up, even though Yorkies can’t run so fast, it doesn’t seem so to their owners. When these little furry cuties start jumping around, it feels like you can hardly see them! Running and walking contribute to Yorkies’ health and calmness, which are critical to your dog’s happiness. And although your pup needs a good run, make sure to take proper care of your Yorkie. Enjoy their playful personality with them, and we’re sure that you won’t resist their contagious energy. We know we can’t!

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