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Yorkshire Terriers Care Guide For Newbies

Hey, there newbie! Welcome to the world of love and cuteness! Since you are a new Yorkshire Terrier owner, you are certainly wondering how to take proper care of this special dog breed. No worries! We are here to introduce you to the world of Yorkies, the complex care they need, and the Yorkie’s personality. 

Yorkies care facts

First things first! When you go get your Yorkie, full of excitement and uncontrollable love, apart from cuddling on the way home and bursting from happiness, you want to be sure everything is prepared for your best friend arriving at its new home. If you live in an apartment, without a backyard, that is actually perfect for Yorkies. We talked more in-depth about that in another article on our blog, make sure to check it out.

Since they are a toy size breed, they are fragile and need warmness and safety. Yet, if you have a backyard, just make sure Yorkie is safe and warm. Get your pup a soft bed, map, or a blanket, and put it in a warm place. Find a nook in your home and make it a cozy personal space for Yorkie! Yorkies like to cuddle and they will probably try to get on your lap or on your bed, using those gorgeous twinkling eyes.

You could provide that to your new loved one, by putting a map or a blanket on your couch, but it doesn’t mean you should spoil this already demanding creature! Set rules and boundaries. You can even consider training since this breed is extremely energetic, smart, and fast learning. Do your best to make your Yorkie disciplined, cozy, warm, and safe! 


On your first morning with Yorkie, you will be excited as a little child on Christmas eve. The first thing we relate mornings to is breakfast! Nutrition is the next lesson about Yorkies. If your dog is still a puppy, have in mind its tiny stomach. Actually, have it in mind for the rest of its life, because Yorkies will remain tiny. Yorkie puppies should be fed three times a day. Their portions need to be spread throughout the day evenly. To learn more about Yorkie eating preferences check out our newbie-friendly guide.

When it comes to hydration, puppies should drink about one-half cup of water every couple of hours. Of course, in one moment you will learn how to recognize your dog’s needs, and it will learn where the water bowl is, so you can leave a bowl filled with water. Still, be careful, because Yorkie shouldn’t be drinking too much or too little water. When it comes to choosing the food texture, you should choose dry food more often. This goes for the Yorkies care of all ages. Dry food is good for their teeth because it is cleaning them. Wet food won’t hurt them, they can have it from time to time, but dry food certainly has some great advantages.

Yorkies should eat proper amounts of proteins, fat, carbs, and vitamins. Other animal meats such as chicken, turkey, pork, and fish are great protein sources for dogs! But, the meat should be cooked. Yorkies can eat homemade food but consult with your vet about it because there are different opinions on this topic. Your Yorkie’s meals should be spread throughout the day, having in mind their tiny stomachs, and their nutrient needs. Still, your vet knows the best. Have in mind your dog’s preferences when you get to know it.

Outdoor activity

Well, all that food needs to be burned somehow! Yorkshire Terriers have an incredible amount of energy. They are extremely active – don’t let their size deceive you. You will be surprised when you realize how much they enjoy being outside, running, and playing. Yorkshire Terriers should be taken out two times a day – in the morning and in the evening. But, when you get to know your dog, you will know if it wants to go outside. Yorkie wants to be outside as much as it can, but if it is cold or you are not able to take it outside, you should provide your dog with a toy for playing inside. Have in mind Yorkie’s size and its tiny bladder. You don’t want to spoil your dog, but neither do you want to make it hold it. 

Vet and health

Never make health decisions on your own! Not when it comes to you, and especially not when it comes to your dog. Yorkie can’t tell you if something hurts or if something is wrong. Whatever you read or hear, always check with your vet, especially because each dog is different. You don’t want to be surprised, so you should know that there are many possible health issues. Yorkshire Terriers can easily become hypoglycemic. Hypoglycemia is the most common health problem when it comes to Yorkies, and it means low blood sugar. Always have in mind the level of sugar and nutrients your dog has gotten.

Possible symptoms of this condition are shaking, disorientation, lack of energy, etc. Another thing you should have in mind is that Yorkies don’t have an undercoat. There is only a one-layered, silky coat, which can often make them feel cold. That might be the reason your Yorkie is shaking sometimes, though there are few more reasons, which we talked about in another article. Keeping your Yorkie’s health on a high level means giving it proper nutrition, clean water, visiting the vet on a regular basis, going outside a few times a day, playing together, and of course, giving it love. 


Of course we haven’t forgotten about this specific part of the Yorkies care guide! As we have mentioned, Yorkies don’t have a fluffy undercoat. Only silky, glorious hair, making the most important part of their appearance. Yorkie’s outside are as fragile as their inside. Their hair needs to be brushed often. Other than that, get your dog to the groomer from time to time. Even if you want it to have long hair, it won’t be silky and pretty if you don’t take proper care of it.

Visit the groomer depending on the length of hair you want to achieve with your Yorkie. And last but not least, bathe your dog. The frequency of bathing Yorkie depends on hair length. If Yorkie is short-haired, you can bathe them once in three weeks. If the hair is long, it is necessary to bathe your Yorkshire Terrier once in a week, because of the dirt accumulating on the hair.


Of course… Love, cuddling, a warm lap, and a warm hug after a long day. Be there for your pup when it’s scared, or when it has missed you. Find time to play together, or just to chill on the sofa. Give your Yorkshire Terrier all the love it needs. It is a lot! But you are for sure already filled with an avalanche of love and tenderness, from the moment you have seen your Yorkie for the first time.

Photo credit to: @lea_yorkiee / @austin_the_yorkie_crew

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