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Do Yorkies Love to Wear Clothes?

Owners of small dogs usually love to buy a lot of clothes and accessories for their pets. One of the main reasons is that all small breeds look even cuter when you put a tiny bow on their head or buy them a little sweater for cold days. It seems like the clothing choice for smaller dogs is endless, so it happens that you can`t stop buying more and more accessories. So, do yorkies like to wear clothes? If your think that your dog feels

We all have to agree that Yorkies look like they are made for styling and putting on cute pet accessories! The choice is too big, and there is almost no Yorkie owner who does not have at least one piece of clothing for his pet. He will be so cute in the sweater that you will not resist buying him a few more. But, do you ever wonder how your furry family member feels about that?

Don’t Overdo it

Many small dog owners, especially women, of course, sometimes get carried away when it comes to dressing and accessorizing their dogs. Usually, it can be noticed that the dog itself does not feel comfortable and happy with too much stuff put on. That might be the case if clothes restrict their movement or make them less agile. Some owners go even further, and they paint their dog’s nails or color their fur. But also, some people are against dog clothes. They usually say that pet owners treat their dogs like human babies, and that dressing them up is unnecessary and excessive.

However, the fact is that your Yorkie must be warmed up for walks in cold weather. This breed can develop health issues if they are not warmed up properly. Therefore, a coat or warm sweater has to be part of the standard Yorkie equipment. It is also important to say that if your dog can’t be carefree in their clothes, it’s not the right choice.  Ensure that the Yorkie’s clothes are warm and functional and that your pet can be unbothered during its daily activities. Who would resist them when they are so cute in their little sweaters? No wonder people sometimes get carried away!

Dressed Yorkie is a Stylish Yorkie

Because of its long, lean fur, Yorkies have to be brushed daily. Maintaining its coat is one of the most critical routines to make your dog look well-groomed and healthy. Accessories like bows and clips aren’t useful just for aesthetic effect – they help your dog look nice. Clothes are also necessary when it comes to maintaining your Yorkies fur because they will be protected from rain and snow.

What’s even more important, clothes are necessary for walks on cold days. Yorkies are small dogs who are sensitive to cold – they prefer being in a warm environment and can’t be exposed to cold weather for too long. If you don’t have a sweater or jacket for your little friend, it can start shivering. You don’t have to panic if that happens, but that’s a clear sign that your dog is not comfortable being outside anymore. Even if the temperature doesn’t seem so low to you, Yorkies may feel very differently. They can easily catch a cold, so make sure that your dog is always warmed up when the weather gets colder. Yorkies enjoy being comfortable and warm, so you may see that your dog loves to wear their cold-weather outfits.

Cute clothes for these little fellows are not only a fashion detail. There are many choices, but you have to stay focused and consider warm and not just fashionable clothes. That’s how you’ll make sure that your dog is safe and healthy. Clothes are a must if you are a proud Yorkie owner!

do yorkies like to wear clothes

Is Fashion in Yorkies Blood?

For many years now, Yorkies have been small dogs that were considered as “accessories dogs.“ That means that they were carried in their owner’s arms, cuddled and cared for. We can say that this breed got used to all that comfortable life through the years.

As we’ve said, Yorkies love to wear clothes primarily because they don’t like the cold. Long walks in autumn and winter will always be more pleasant for them when they are all dressed up. On the other hand, they are little hedonists. Yorkies are dogs who, regardless of their big-dog-in-a-small-body spirit, love to enjoy all the benefits that a small dog’s life can bring. That means that a Yorkie can always be close to its owner – who can carry them everywhere due to its size. It is also easier to buy clothes for small dogs, which means there are many outfits to choose for your little fashionista.

Nice cute clothes also bring up attention – and Yorkies love that, especially if it comes from their human family. They like being noticed, so your dog will be happy when you all go crazy about “how cute he is in his little striped sweater”! Oh, we get it!

Do Yorkies Like To Wear Clothes? Wrapping up

In the end, you know what’s best for your Yorkie. Even though we talk about some main characteristics of this breed, every dog has its ways. Maybe your Yorkie can’t stand having a clip on its head or is trying to get off that annoying sweater. Each dog has a different personality, and we have to find our ways to make them happy. 

Because Yorkies are so sensitive to cold, you should try to find some clothes that would be comfortable for your dog. They will need a sweater or two when it gets chilly outside.

It is more likely that your furry little friend loves to wear clothes. They have a bubbly and energetic personality, so not many things can ruin their day. Yorkies will enjoy being your small models, especially their attention, when they are nicely dressed, tidy, and groomed.

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