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Yorkie Care: Are You Taking Care of Your Yorkshire Terrier the Right Way?

Not all dogs are the same, but Yorkies are particularly unique. Their high energy, small posture, and big personalities make them perfect apartment guard dogs and companions. But what is there to know about taking care of them? If you’re thinking about getting a new best friend, there are a few things you should know about Yorkie care. Keep reading to find out how to take care of your Yorkie the right way.

yorkie care

Grooming Needs

Although Yorkies don’t shed a lot, they still require regular grooming. Since their hair is long, they need daily brushing. Make sure you use a dog-friendly conditioner spray before brushing to avoid hair breakage. Also, keep your Yorkie’s hair out of their eyes by tying it or clipping it. 

Weekly or bi-weekly baths are also recommended, as well as nail trimming after each bath. That will help them not to get caught on things and prevent them from tearing up their toys. If you don’t feel confident cutting their nails , leave it to professionals.

How often do you brush your Yorkie’s teeth? Daily brushing is recommended for proper Yorkie care as they tend to develop tartar on their teeth. That can lead to teeth loss with age.

Yorkie Diet 

Whether you’re taking care of a Yorkie puppy or an adult, you need to invest in high-quality food. First-class kibble keeps their hair strong and benefits their health.

If your Yorkshire terrier is still a puppy, three to four feedings a day are enough to keep them full. Make sure you don’t overfeed them, as obesity can be fatal for small dogs. Once they reach adulthood, around 18 months, reduce the number of meals to two a day. The portions should not be larger than ½ or ¾ cups. 

Naturally, you can build different feeding habits based on their age, metabolism, size, build, and activity level. However, the measures that we mentioned above should be enough to keep them healthy and fit.

Pro tip — Avoid feeding your Yorkie table scraps. They are prone to obesity and health problems, so you should implement this rule from the beginning.

Training Is Key

Although Yorkies are brilliant dogs, they are also quite stubborn and snappy. That means you might experience issues with house training, but that depends on your dog’s personality as well. 

Training a dog is never easy, and it’s even more difficult with Yorkies due to their size. Many owners avoid being firm with them due to their petite posture, but that is the wrong approach.

If you’re potty training your Yorkshire terrier, start with a few pads around the house. Reduce the pads to one as they grow older and learn how to use them. Pads are useful as you should avoid taking your Yorkie outside in extreme heat.

When it comes to obedience and learning tricks, you need to be patient, creative, and energetic. Yorkies crave attention, and they are highly active, so you will need to think of new and imaginative ways to keep them engaged in the training process. Since they love showing off, they will probably catch on quickly.

Health Concerns

Since Yorkies are prone to health issues, make sure you take them for regular veterinary check-ups. Yorkie care is critical when it comes to their health problems. Some of the most common issues include weakened collapsing trachea, hypothyroidism, kneecaps popping out of place, low blood pressure, and dental issues.

They can also develop mental problems when left alone for too long. For that reason, avoid leaving them for extended periods as it will cause separation anxiety in Yorkies. Similarly, stay away from stressful situations that might cause them added stress.

yorkie care

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If you have to be out of the house often, consider getting two dogs to keep each other company.

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