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15 Reasons Why Yorkies (Yorkshire Terrier) Are the Best Dog Breed as a Pet

If you’re thinking about introducing a new furry member to your family, you’ve probably been researching the best dog breeds for months. Although it might be difficult to decide, this article might persuade you to go for a Yorkshire terrier. Yorkies are considered to be very affectionate, adaptable, and devoted dogs that thrive with human companionship. Sounds tempting? Here are 15 reasons why Yorkies are the best dog breed.

1. Their Size Is an Advantage

Although Yorkies are considered problematic due to their fragility, their small stature makes them ideal pets. They don’t need a lot of room, so they’re perfect for people living in apartments. Also, a Yorkshire terrier is an ideal small-size pet for people working from home.

2. Devoted Companions

Yorkies are known as loving companions, devoted to their humans. Most Yorkshire terriers crave attention, but they also reciprocate it. They are extremely attached to their owners, physically and emotionally, so they make great pets for families and senior citizens.

3. Highly Intelligent

Yorkies were originally bred as working dogs (catching mice in factories), meaning they’re highly intelligent and easily trained. They also quickly pick up on commands. Any dog owner will tell you that having a pet that’s easy to teach is a huge advantage.

4. No Need for Exercise

Although all dogs require some form of physical exercise, Yorkies are on the low end of the spectrum. A short stroll and daily activities inside the house are enough to keep this dog breed stimulated. This is another reason why Yorkies are considered one of the best dog breeds for the elderly.

5. Good Watch Dogs

These dogs might not be able to defend you physically, but they will consistently alarm you if there’s any trouble. Their incessant barking will alert owners of stranger danger. Thanks to their devotedness, they make excellent watchdogs.

6. Great Therapy Dogs

Due to their friendly nature, Yorkies have proven to be great therapy dogs. They help people cope with depression and anxiety, as well as high blood pressure, agitation, and social withdrawal.

7. Hypoallergenic Dogs 

In the US, three out of ten people suffer from pet allergies. If you’re one of them, opt for a hypoallergenic dog such as a Yorkshire terrier. The possibility of allergic reactions is extremely low with this dog breed as a Yorkie’s fur is low on irritating substances.

8. They Don’t Need Much Food

Yorkies have small stomachs, meaning they don’t need to be fed large portions. An adult Yorkshire terrier weighs four to eight pounds. Due to their eating habits, they’re generally considered to be budget-friendly dogs.

9. Shedding Is Minimal

Although Yorkies shed hair, they do so much less than other small dogs. Their hair is silky and smooth and can grow long, so it doesn’t shed often. You’ll end up with a cleaner house and less frequent visits to the groomer.

10. They Are Kid-Friendly

If you’re a family person, a Yorkshire terrier is one of the best dog breeds you can go for. These dogs are peaceful and patient, so they’re great with children. They can also keep up with energetic kids due to their petite size.

11. Clean Dogs 

You’ll notice that Yorkies are extremely clean as they don’t compulsively dig holes, chew toys until the point of unrecognition, or drool uncontrollably. Owning a Yorkshire terrier is a pleasure.

12. Inquisitive Dogs

It’s doubtful you’ll ever have a dull moment with a Yorkshire terrier. They are curious dogs that love to explore, always looking for an opportunity to perform and play. 

13. They Are Adaptable 

Since Yorkies are quite adaptable, they’re perfect pets for people always on the go. If you’re constantly traveling or you move a lot, a Yorkshire terrier is the best dog breed for you. They can adapt to any surroundings and any situation, and they’re easily transportable.

14. Easy Clean-Up

As Yorkies are easy and quick to train, you shouldn’t run into any unpleasant surprises on the rug. When potty trained, they will stick to the pee pad inside the house and keep to grass surfaces outside.

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15. Exotic Coat

Unlike many other dogs, Yorkies stand out thanks to their exotic and silky coats. Their colorful and exotic fur is a showstopper, so you’ll be proud to walk a Yorkshire terrier down the street.

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