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Yorkies & Swimming: All You Need to Know

can yorkies swim

In general, most dogs love water. When we say water, we do not mean bathing because it’s stressful for almost every dog, ​​and it’s not fun for them at all. On the other hand, although it doesn’t seem logical to us, dogs love water! They like to swim, chase floating sticks, or run in the shallows. Although we all think of big dogs first, know that small dogs love water equally as big ones. Some breeds don’t have an adequate build to be good swimmers or to have fun. For some of them, too much swimming can provoke health issues like rheumatism. Can Yorkies swim is one of the most common questions we get from dog owners. That’s why we decided to provide you with tips on how to keep them safe during water adventures.

When we talk about Yorkies, the story is entirely different. Considering that they are called little firecrackers because of their personality, it is clear that Yorkies will be thrilled to go swimming. If you take your furry little fellow to enjoy the river or the seaside, fun is guaranteed with younger family members. However, you should be aware of certain precautions that you must pay attention to. That is if you plan to take your Yorkie with you to the family vacation or on a two-day weekend getaway from the city.

Little Yorkie on the Way

Since the Yorkie is a small dog, it’s not a problem taking them wherever with you. So transportation to the water surface where you’ve planned to enjoy a lovely sunny day is easy. Some dogs don’t like being in the transporters, and we can see why. 

But not Yorkies – they adore transporters! It gives them a sense of security, so it’s not surprising when they sneak into them even when you’re at home. They can’t wait for you to put them in their little box and take them on a new adventure! In case you’re searching for a practical solution to take your Yorkie with you on every adventure, then have a look at the following item.

This high-end bag was made with care and attention to detail to make sure your beloved Yorkie is comfortable and safe. The Diordog Bag is made of breathable fabric to make sure that your pet friend is as comfortable as possible when you go out. Its soft and plush interior gives your Yorkie a cozy place to rest, making it a great travel partner for trips to the beach or to go shopping. With its small size and easy-to-use handles, it’s never been easier to take your Yorkie with you wherever you go. During the hot summer months, when hot sand and concrete can hurt your pet’s paws, the Diordog Bag is a safe and stylish way to keep your pet from getting hurt.

Another accessory every Yorkie owner should have during the summer months is the Yorkie Cooling Vest. It’s the best way to beat the summer heat and keep your furry friend cool and comfy. This cooling vest was made with care and is made to give your Yorkie a nice and safe cooling effect. The mesh makes the vest very breathable, and the inner cloth has a cooling touch that will make your pet feel comfortable. You just need to wet the vest before putting it on your Yorkie, and then watch the magic happen! Our Cooling Vest will be your Yorkie’s new best friend, whether you’re taking a walk, having a sunny day at the park, or just relaxing in the backyard.

can yorkies swim

Can Yorkies swim in deep waters?

Yorkies are dogs that are brave and curious, which can sometimes get them into trouble. Don’t be surprised if your dog jumps straight into the water even if it has never swum before. Yorkies are little adventurers who are full of energy. They find satisfaction in everything around them, especially in new things like swimming. They love to swim, and most of them don’t have any problems near the water.

If you want to make sure that your dog will be ready for a vacation, you should do some preparations. Since Yorkie is a small dog, you can try it at home before the first swim. Fill the bathtub with deeper water so the dog paws can’t reach the bottom. Then put Yorkie into the water, still holding them a little. Usually, their instincts work, and they start moving their paws on their own. Not all dogs are born swimmers, and neither are all Yorkies. If your dog is afraid of water or people (if there is a big crowd on the beach), you can try sitting with them on the shore for a while. Soon your little friend will get used to the new environment. When that happens, you won’t be able to catch them! Yorkies are like fish in the sea with their fast short legs. Also, if you notice your Yorkie shaking, be sure to understand what the cause of it can be.

Can Yorkies swim with life swimming jackets?

Absolutely, yes! The best way to keep your Yorkie safe while you’re at the beach is to buy him/her a life jacket. Life jackets for Yorkies are carefully made to keep your pet floating and relaxed during water games. They are made of high-buoyancy fabric and feature floating panels that keep your pet above water.

If you’re searching for a witty life jacket for your dog, then you gotta have a look at the Yorkie Shark Swimming Vest. It is both practical and fin-tastically fun. When your cute Yorkie wears this swim vest with a funny shark fin on the back, people will laugh and drop their mouths.

But don’t let the jokes fool you: this vest is serious about keeping your pet safe in the water. Made with panels that float well, your dog will be able to swim with ease and trust.

can yorkies swim

 Precautions at the beach

If you take a Yorkie with your family to the seaside, be prepared to take special care of them. The dog shouldn’t swallow a lot of salty water, as that can lead to diarrhea. This is especially dangerous at high temperatures because your dog is already losing a lot of water due to the heat, and diarrhea can contribute to dehydration. Ensure you always have enough water since Yorkie is a small dog, which means that he is more sensitive.

The next thing to pay attention to is your dog’s ears. When your Yorkie swims in saltwater, there are particular ways to maintain their ears healthy. There are breeds whose ears are particularly weak organs and which are susceptible to various diseases. Yorkies don’t belong to that breed, but every dog ​​requires special care after swimming in salty water. The ears should be rinsed with plain water so that salt doesn’t stay in the ear canals. You can also consult a veterinarian about which solution would be adequate for rinsing your dog’s ears. Ensure that Yorkies’ ears are rinsed and dried after swimming, and there won’t be any problems.

Can Yorkies swim in the pool?

Yes, Yorkies can swim in the pool but you always have to keep an eye on your pet while he/she is in the water. These pooches have small lungs and airways, so water inhaling can turn out to be fatal. Therefore, make sure you always put a life swimming vest on your Yorkie.

To keep your pet cool during the summer, consider setting up a kiddy pool in your yard. Some dogs may initially feel afraid of water, so we recommend playing near the pool and allowing your dog to get acquainted with it first. This gradual introduction can help them feel more comfortable and confident around the water.

In case you want to allow your Yorkie to swim in a deeper pool, then you can take a look at our Yorkshire Terrier Life Swimming Vest. It comes in 11 colors and designs and features a practical handle on the top so you can grab your pooch quickly.

can yorkies swim

Can Yorkies swim? Wrapping up

You should also be aware of the temperature of the sea, ocean, lake, pool, or any other water surface where your little Yorkie will enjoy water adventures. Yorkie is very sensitive to low water temperatures as well. If the water seems cold to you, surely enough, your Yorkie feels even colder. Therefore, don’t let your dog stay in the water for too long, because it can catch a cold. Some of the first symptoms may be vomiting or diarrhea. Therefore, dry it immediately after getting out of water. Let them stay in the sunshine while drying. Your little friend will be warm and happy.

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