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Yorkies & Their Cute Ears: All You Need to Know

Yorkies are one of the cutest dog breeds ever, and their ears play a significant role. Yorkies puppies are born with floppy ears, and it takes time for their ear muscles to develop. When that happens, their ears stand up, and that’s how they remain in their grown life. These pointy cute ears are so characteristic of Yorkies, and they give them a special and the cutest facial frame ever. 

Even though Yorkies are generally a healthy dog breed, they are sensitive to many things. That’s the case with their ears as well. Therefore, you need to be informed about what to do to prevent their ear diseases, which can be pretty aggressive. We will also tell you what you can do to help your Yorkie if the disease develops at any time. These are the basics about their small pair of ears:

What should Yorkie ears look like?

Let’s start with the looks of Yorkie’s ears. As we said, it’s normal for their ears to be floppy on their birth and while they are puppies. After that, ears should slowly stand up, and that’s a sign they are typically developed as your pup grows. But, many people are not sure about the distinctive look of their Yorkies’ ears because it happens that their cute ears stay floppy. The owners don’t see that is a problem. They usually think it’s just how their dog is.

It’s good to know that the dog’s ears’ exact position can depend on their parents. That means they can inherit slightly lower ears, which are not that straight as usual. The next reason why Yorkies ears can remain floppy for a while is the teething process. When puppies are changing their teeth, it can happen that their ears are not as straight up as they should be. They usually come back up when all the grown dog teeth are in their position.

Another cause of floppy Yorkie ears is the breakage of ear cartilage. If you play with Yorkie puppy’s ears and fold them, you can accidentally break their cartilage tissue. Therefore, you should avoid doing that, especially while they are puppies. In that period, ear cartilage is fragile and soft, so you can damage them even without noticing. It’s also essential to explain to your children why they need to be careful with your puppy’s ears. Floppy Yorkie ears won’t cause any severe problems like weakened hearing or pain. However, you should let your Yorkies’ ears develop as naturally as possible.

How to clean your Yorkies ears?

Like any other dog, Yorkies require their ears to be properly kept clean. You should clean their ears more often than bathing. Begin with washing their outer ears using warm water and a small amount of gentle shampoo. After rinsing, it’s time for the central part – the interior of your Yorkies ears. You can use a cotton pad or ear stick. You should be very careful because it can quickly happen to cause even more damage. The goal is to remove the dirt and the wax that dogs ears provide.

It’s always recommended to remove that only from the visible part of the ear. If you dig too deep, you can push the cerumen even deeper. If that happens, your dog’s ears won’t be adequately cleaned, so the dirt and wax will pile up and provide a very unpleasant smell. Not only that, the buildup of this material in dog’s ears can lead to infections and hearing problems. 

Suppose you’re unsure how the cleaning process should look or how often you need to do that. In that case, it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian.

Infections of Yorkie ears– how to recognize them and what to do?

No matter how much you take care of your little furry family member, ear infections can quickly happen. Even though you’re cleaning Yorkies ears regularly and you keep them adequately groomed, the disease can come suddenly out of nowhere. Therefore, you must know how to recognize them and help your dog until you bring them to the veterinarian. 

We’ve already mentioned the danger of cleaning your dog’s ears too profoundly or leaving them wet after bathing. But ear infection can be caused not only by these omissions but also by foreign objects stuck in your dog’s ears. The scenario is the same as when ears get plugged by the excess of ear wax and dirt. Another thing that can lead to infection is ear mites. These little pests are a story of their own, but for now, you need to know they can also endanger your dog’s ears.

Now when you know what lead to ear infection, here are the signs which can help you recognize this disease: unpleasant smell coming from dogs ears; when you touch their ears, they will become nervous and whining because of the pain; present leaking discharge; your dog will continuously shake their head, rubbing it against the furniture and scratch their ears. Don’t ignore those signs because when an ear infection is left untreated, your Yorkie can have dizziness, hearing problems, and vomiting.

The only option you have is to bring your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible. You can’t help them by trying to clean their ears on your own. Only a vet can provide professional cleaning that’s needed, and you will be given proper medications. Your own obligation will be to go along with the prescribed therapy. Following the instructions, an ear infection should be the past for about a week.

What to do with Yorkie ears after swimming?

One of the main precautions when you’re on the beach, lake or the swimming pool with your Yorkie is considering their ears. If your dog swims in saltwater, there are particular ways to maintain their ears healthy. You can find more information on Yorkies and swimming in this article.

There are breeds whose ears are particularly weak organs and which are susceptible to various diseases. Yorkies don’t belong to that breed, but every dog requires special care after swimming in salty water.

Their ears should always be rinsed with plain water so that salt doesn’t stay in the ear canals. The problem with water of any kind is the temperature. Yorkies are sensitive to low temperatures, so cold water can provoke the cold and the pain in their ears. You also need to make sure the ear canals don’t stay wet for too long because this can lead to an ear infection. It is also recommended to consult a veterinarian about which solution would be adequate for rinsing your dog’s ears. Ensure that Yorkies’ ears are rinsed and dried after swimming, and there shouldn’t be any problems. Drying your Yorkie’s ears are also necessary after bathing them at home, not only after swimming outside on sunny days.

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As you can see, those pointy cute ears need proper and regular maintenance. But, nothing should be tiring for making our dog healthy. Your little Yorkie can only be happy and energetic when it’s completely healthy and not in pain. Their ears can be tricky, but after reading this, we’re sure that you’ll handle them with no problem. Don’t forget to always consult them when having any doubts.

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