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Should You Shave Your Yorkie?

Yorkies are one of the cutest small dog breeds in the world. Not only do they have sweet dark eyes and tiny muzzles, but their fur is also bringing the extra cuteness. Many owners of these adorable furry balls of energy are unsure what to do when shaving their pets. One of the most demanding features of Yorkies is the maintenance of their fur.  To make your Yorkie shaved correctly, we decided to provide you with the best tips on how to do it.

That’s one of the reasons why some owners decide it’s easier to shave their Yorkie and keep them trimmed all the time. But, there’s a catch – you should always think about how that will affect your dogs health. Therefore, we present to you all you need to know about shaving your Yorkie:

Can shaving be a good idea?

The first info you need to be familiar with is that Yorkies don’t have typical dog fur. Their coat is more similar to human hair. Therefore it’s correct to say Yorkies hair. They need to be combed and cleaned daily, making them high maintenance dogs when it comes to grooming. Otherwise, their hair could easily get tangled, dull, and dirty. 

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The only time of the year when you can consider shaving your dog is in the summer. It could be easier to have your dog shaved during the heat because their silky and thin hair will be much more annoying. If you decide to shave your tiny friend, be very careful and extremely patient. 

Shaving takes precision because the last thing you want is to hurt them. Even though shaving seems like an easy solution for shortening the brushing time, it comes with many precautions that need to be taken care of.

What’s the safest way to shave your Yorkie?

Following these easy steps will make shaving more comfortable for you and your dog. Of course, you need to be very patient because the dog won’t be still, and you will have to act quickly. Practice makes perfect, but here’s how you can ease the process: 

First of all, you need to provide a calming and pleasant surrounding for your dog. Have their favorite toys and treats on the reach of a hand, so you can show them they have nothing to be afraid of. 

The next step would be to show your Yorkie the trimming machine or the clippers or whatever you’re going to use. They would sniff the object and become more relaxed. The shaving process should start from the neck, and you can smoothly go all the way to the tail. If you’re having a problem holding and shaving your dog simultaneously, you can buy those professional leashes used in pet grooming salons. 

After you’ve finished, take your Yorkie for a bath to get rid of excess hair.

How can shaving be bad for Yorkies?

Owners who think about shaving always say that it would help their Yorkies during the summer months. But, by doing that you can have negative impacts – by shaving your Yorkie, you can quickly put them in danger. The fact is that Yorkis have very gentle and sensitive skin, even more than humans. That’s why their hair protects from any external impacts that could damage their skin. 

When you shave a Yorkie, you remove their natural protection, and your dog can easily suffer from sunstroke and dehydration. You need to be extra careful if you tend to spend a summer on the beach with your shaved Yorkie. Ensure they don’t get exposed to the sun for a long time and always bring fresh drinking water for them. We won’t even mention how dangerous it would be to shave your dog during the winter because it’s already well-known Yorkies are extremely sensitive to cold. It would be irresponsible and wrong.

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To sum up, patience and practice are the keys to shaving your dog. Keep in mind Yorkies are a sensitive breed, and you could allow yourself a luxury of only a month or two per year to keep their hair that short. Dogs’ health must always come first, and maintaining Yorkies’ long fur is part of their regular care. 

If you’re not sure how to make your Yorkie shaved, you could always bring them to a grooming salon. There, your dog will get the required care, and you can ask for some advice for home maintenance.

And if you are not sure what else you should look out for, here’s a guide on taking proper care of Yorkies.

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