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Why Does my Yorkie Snort Like a Pig?

Does your Yorkie sometimes sound like a piglet? Don’t worry; there’s no reason to freak out. Snorting Yorkie is a funny and cute sight, and it’s usually just a consequence of too much excitement. Even though this snorting can be harmless, you need to know where this piggy behavior comes from. Snorting can be a sign of some health problems. 

What is Snorting Anyways?

Loud or strange breathing in dogs with the appearance of altered, unusual sounds can happen for several reasons. What we define as snorting, veterinarians explain as a process that occurs when air passes through the nostrils, pharynx and vocal cords, and the trachea. If any of these regions change, some unexpected sounds can happen when the air passes through. 

The change can be located in the nasal cavities, at the transition from the nose to the pharynx, changes in the soft palate, when air enters the larynx, and passing through the vocal cords, or when air flows through the trachea. That’s why your Yorkie may sometimes sound like a pig. These sounds can be present while the dog is inhaling or exhaling and can occur when air flows through tissue or while some liquid your dog is drinking at the moment is found in some of these air paths.

It’s More Common for Small Dog Breeds

Snorting is more likely to happen to a small dog. That’s why Yorkies can produce these kinds of “breathing sounds.” Tiny dogs have shorter breathing paths, which means they can have some problems while inhaling air. It can also happen that some parts of the breathing system gets clogged because there’s not much space due to a dog’s size. Even though Yorkie is not a breed that has a wrinkled face or flattened muzzle, its small face can produce some piggy noise if breathing is aggravated.

Excited Yorkie is Piggy Yorkie

The so-called “reverse sneezing can also cause snorting piglet sounds.” “Reverse sneezing” is the name for a phenomenon in which, at the same time, there is a narrowing of the trachea and rapid inhalation of air. At that moment, a dog produces a funny sound that reminds us of snorting. Like any dog, Yorkie can suffer from this form of breathing in some stressful situations due to irritation from inhaled allergens. Also, in cases when your Yorkie gets too excited or extremely happy, they can sound pig-like. People usually say that happens before a walk, or when your dog sees you after a few hours. It is generally more common in smaller breeds, and it should pass spontaneously. If this condition occasionally occurs without any suffering for a dog, it is not a concern.

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why does my yorkie snort like a pig

Health Issues in Yorkies

There’s also an option of health problems that can cause Yorkie to make funny breathing sounds. If some organ of the breathing area is affected by an inflammatory process (that can be local or systemic), it may cause piggy sounds. You can also check your Yorkie by yourself by trying to see if there are any foreign bodies, toys, snacks stuck in their breathing paths. 

Breathing problems can also be caused by severe health problems like mucosal edema, tumors, paralysis of breathing organs because of some infection, etc. In addition to these changes in the breathing system’s organs, sometimes such changes can occur alongside the dysfunction of other organs or organ systems, such as the cardiovascular system. Causes are many, so consulting a professional is a must.No matter what causes this snorting sound, we strongly recommend that you take your Yorkie to a vet as soon as you hear these piggy noises. Only a veterinarian can tell you precisely what’s the cause and how to proceed with this phenomenon. It’s usually nothing serious, but your dog’s health should always come first. Healthy Yorkie is happy Yorkie, so make sure that your little piglet gets the care it deserves.

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